Consider: Is this the right time for us, are we ready, and is this it, the big dream at last? What do you think?

asked 28 Jan '11, 07:11

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes, I am starting to play consciously and start TELLING it FREELY to EVERYONE!

Find a connection with Me, my Personality, because if we all have met before at one time or the other it's time to start re-membering ourselves and make it as much fun as possible!


answered 28 Jan '11, 09:28

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But what about their choice to not wanting to wake up? aren't you infringing on that?

(28 Jan '11, 15:06) daniele

You made a choice to "wake up" already, but you can play an asshole and waiting for someone else to show you "the ropes" of how to integrate ALL of your past experiences in a very containted space of time.. we didn't "get" here alone, but WE REFUSE to re-member by ourselves. We would like more for our teachers to come from the level that they are all on right now and MAKE US re-member, but it is YOU that has to raise UP to their level. What excuses you choose to NOT DO IT NOW is up to You and You can not blame anyone else but You if You fail to do it!

(28 Jan '11, 22:26) wildlife

@ Wildlife: I welcomed honesty, and open mindedness! Thank you.

(29 Jan '11, 06:43) Inactive User ♦♦
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Well yes and no. Many of these teachings are thousands of years old. Perhaps there are cycles of higher consciousness. Also location makes a difference.


answered 30 Jan '11, 09:16

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Yes, I guess location could make a difference, good point. Thank you.

(01 Feb '11, 06:10) Inactive User ♦♦

WOW B2B! "cycles of higher consciousness"! Couldn't agree more!

(10 Feb '11, 09:56) daniele

The subject of this thread caught my eye - dreaming is amazing, and I honestly believe more and more people are daring to dream for their own lives. I feel there is a great momentum shift happening all over the world. There are more people willing to give, willing to benefit the greater good, and willing to grow.

The reason this subject caught my eye is because our chairman gave a talk on this very recently, daring to dream! I would encourage you to watch it if you want to learn more about creating a magnificent vision for life, with others...

Thank you so much for asking the question. Absolutely fantastic.



answered 30 Jan '11, 12:47

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Sukh Singh

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thank you for the link. I am inspired. I see that you have the same last name as my grandfather, “Singh” interesting!

(01 Feb '11, 06:24) Inactive User ♦♦

I have yet to meet another that is aware of his/her own power to attract and create let alone owning up to it (outside of cyberspace that is.) I work with prayers and am quite isolated in a tiny village in the woodlands.......... If by "are we ready" you mean humanity waking up, then I sure hope so :)

Thank you, namaste


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Who said you have to go out of your house to do it? Isn't it more fun letting all of those You want to come just telling All of them to come in a straight forward manner, like you already know that what You say creates your reality and you are srubborn enough with others until they snap and have to start re-membering the times in r life that You have both already met and discussed the roles you were assying eachother in a straight way. And that's how this Heaven on Earth will manifest -- by TALKING and ACTING like there is NO OTHER WAY FOR THIS TO WORK! Namaste

(28 Jan '11, 10:13) wildlife

@Wildlife I agree with what you're trying to say as far as me using my creative powers to manifest whom I want into my life. However, as far as forcing others to come into terms with their pre-incarnative contracts (I believe that's what you're saying) I think that it is a bit pushy and not my place, it is something that has to come from within. I am grateful for your comment because it made me realize how comfortable I am with the way things are in my life!

(28 Jan '11, 15:15) daniele

There areou NO PAST LIFE! And You can't "make" anyone meet you. Gratefulness is an asshole way saying "Thank You, but FUCK YOU! I'm not going to do what you're saying because I'm afraid and will find a way to pin it on You, to make it seem as if You are "the bad guy", who wants me to "do things against my will". Screw that! I have my onw life and I'm pretty happy about it. I have integrated All of my life experiences into my consciousness which took four days of intensive emotionality.. yet the work is just starting. Now I have to re-member what was BEFORE before I can be FREE..

(28 Jan '11, 22:30) wildlife

@ Daniele: I can appreciate where you are coming from, and thank you for your answer!

(29 Jan '11, 06:44) Inactive User ♦♦
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