I was just trying to get to sleep a moment ago, and I had a thought that went something along the lines of "Is the realisation that there is value in experiencing limitation, the entire point of experiencing limitation in the first place?"

This got me thinking, have I awakened to spirituality too soon? Because I understand we're here to a certain degree to explore and experience limitation, but now I realise that, it feels as if I will never be able to find myself in a really dark place again. Which is okay but the thing about that is I never really found myself in a really truly dark place ever in my 19 years here... The worst was probably just before I woke up when I had a brief 3 month bout of depression (which was horrible I admit). But now I simply can not imagine ever feeling that dark again, knowing I'm the one in charge of my reality.

I guess my question is, is it ever too soon to explore these ideas?* I'm not worried per say that I've missed out on the perspective I would have gained from experiencing more serious limitation before I woke up, but at the same time it makes me wonder what I'm going to get out of the rest of my life if I can never again experience in the same way what I came here too experience? (Apart from enjoyment of course! :))

*Please forgive my somewhat callow phrasing, I always find it difficult to express what I want to say over words!

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Nice question.

I first started consciously becoming involved with spiritual subjects and methods/techniques around the age of 13. Hasn't stopped me experiencing plenty of limitation since then :)

I think something to bear in mind is that the nature of "The Game" is changing. We're transforming as a whole from experiencing limitation to the realization of un-limitation.

So you may not have "come here" to play that limitation game but to experience the transition away from it. Only the Inner You can say for sure, but I'm sure if you really want some limitation to play with, you'll find a way to draw it into your life :)


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Do not fret, RF! Life will present you with many challenges over the years...think of it...education...marriage...babies...house payments...a career...and before you know it, you will be looking in the mirror, and asking yourself, "Who is that old person standing there wearing my pajamas???" (A quote from Miss Congeniality)

There will be many ups and downs along the way; twists and turns that you never dreamed would come your way. For example, I just got home from a lot of expensive tests, including lying in a closed MRI tube for hours, to see if I have Multiple Sclerosis...I did not plan for this eventuality, I hope it is not true, but my eyes are doing this buggy thing, and also my body...You see? You CAN control your reaction to life, but you cannot always control life itself.

I hope and pray that the wisdom you have gained from your insights gained over the last few months will carry you a long way. I myself have had to deal with depressive bouts on and off for years...Major Depression is a pain in the acetabulum, but I have also learned about how strong I am and also how resourceful I can be when I put my mind to it.

So do not worry. Life happens....:o)




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i tell you the truth do not worry. you came here to experience. and more test will come but now that you are wiser you should be able to make better decision and enjoy it more. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

In my opinion, there is no such thing as awakening to spirituality too soon. I started to get involved with spiritual subjects when I was 20 years old. When I started out, I had little knowledge but I had always, since a very young age, felt drawn to these subjects.

From your question, it seems that because you are still only 19, you have not really been thrown into those situations where you would experience strong limitation. Most people of your age would not have been in such situations as yet and start to experience those limitations much later.

From my personal experience, I did not start to experience strong limiting situations until I was in my final years of university (21 or 22 years old) and I would still say that was early but my circumstances were such.

I would say for most people, the subjects that make them start to experience strong limitation are subjects like having to go to a work place they do not like or just having to go to work because they find it too hard to get up early or they would rather spend their days doing something else, unsupportive parents, getting a good paying job that does not involve long hours and long commutes, meet your life partner and make decisions about your life together, living with your life partner and experiencing the day to day differences in opinion, having a family and raising kids, buying a family house, buying a family car, saving for your retirement.

You probably have been through only a couple of the above situations at the most but with time, you will. So, really, when you think about it this way, then the earlier you awaken to spirituality, the better. Because then, you will not only have the knowledge but you will also have had the experience of using the various spiritual techniques of coping with these limitating situations and therefore will be in a better position to create the reality that you really want to experience as you become older.


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Pink Diamond

When I was a kid, I was very connected spiritually. I loved collecting quartz rocks that I found while wandering for hours in the hills. I had a good sense of direction. I would just start walking in the direction I wanted to go and would end up where I wanted to be. I was very powerful, but didn't have any guidance or instruction, so I didn't know what was happening. I talked to many different adults about different spiritual matters, but didn't have a specific teacher. I don't remember very many details of those conversations.

As I look back though, I can see how what other people said afected me, my beliefs and my behavior. I got teased a lot in school. I had a teenage friend that said it was because they were jealous. I had nothing to be jealous of so I was very confused. I learned through the reaction of others, to not say what I thought I could do, but the opposite, while believing in my mind what I could do. For example, when we were in line to bat in PE for the first time, I thought I could hit it over the fence, but I had learned to say the opposite because of other people's reactions, so I said, "I couldn't hit the ball if the bat was a foot wide," and my friend came back with, "I couldn't hit the ball if the bat was a yard wide," to which I one upped her with, "I couldn't hit the ball if the bat was a mile wide!" So I hit the ball over the fence. Then we laughed. So I learned to say the opposite, but then I started believing what I was saying instead of holding the opposite belief in my mind. That is how I lost my power when I was a kid.

Then when I was a teenager, I went to Job Corps where I was able to be myself again. I made some like minded friends that supported the powerful me. I found myself and my power once again. But then when I graduated and moved on, and went out into the world, I didn't have training or support, and being in the city and not in nature, once again, I forgot about my power, who I am.

I always wanted children. I wanted to be a great mom. When I was a kid, I was called to change the world, and I never knew exactly how, but that my son would be a part of it. So when I had my son, I realized once again that I needed to find out who I was so that I could raise my son right. I had forgotten about my power, my destiny to change the world, I was in like a sleep cycle. I began waking up and exploring Christianity to find answers.

I found that some of my 'darkest' time were during times of exploring the limits of reality and were followed by finding light at the end of the tunnel. The light seems extra bright relative to the darkness.

In the last few years, I really started waking up, even to the fact that the Christian Church is asleep for the most part. It seems that this awakening has taken the longest, but hopefully it will stick this time because now I know about the Law of Attraction and how I create my reality with my beliefs. So unless we naturally go into spiritual sleep cycles whether we choose to or not, I believe I won't forget this time. And in not forgetting, but remembering, I can continue to grow spiritually instead of spending so much time remembering.

There are many 'limitations' left to explore once we discover there are only the limits we impose. Those limits are what keeps us asking these questions. So if we stay awake this time, we can explore those limits, or no limits. We can explore those realms, realities where we can fly without machines. Crystals maybe? If there are 'limits' on this world, we can explore them while we are awake.

Also, if we are awake, what about those around us? Where does our responsibility lie in helping those around us by being an example and showing them the limitlessness of the universe. The more people believe, the higher the frequency of the planet as a whole which includes and is us.

However, if you choose to go to a dark place to experience it or coming out of it, or whatever, then you will attract it. So to answer your question, no I don't think you can awaken too soon. You either will continue to grow in new ways, or you will have a sleep cycle, or some other possibility.


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Fairy Princess

the object of your purpose in Creation
is to know who your are, and
it is when your soul/spirit lives
within material form that it develops

from the unconscious spark of its
inception to the fully self-aware
spiritual human being that
releases you from the cycle

unless you choose to return to assist
those along their journey who are lost
you move on to your next step


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