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It is very mysterious how I reach to 'IQ' sometime ago. In the beginning it is very good, I was enjoyed Q&A here in the 'IQ' honestly.

I read many answers, upvoted many of them and commented to many of those wonderful concerns or questions. All @ once it was a wonderful journey honestly once again.

I was missing this group since long time and I am missing some of the members as well in the group, I could tell their name like @Stingray, @cory and others I able to say they hold the part of my heart for sure.

But before I go any further I would like to let you know that I become a 'published author' and my books are available 'Amazon Kindle'.

WOW!!! IT'S AMAZING RIGHT and on behalf of this 'Amazing Moments'I would like to 'Thank IQ' from the bottom of my heart because it played a very important role in my life mentioning to be specific so that sure everybody must understand that 'IQ' will really bring the change in life and that happened with me. Again it's Wow! Feeling right.

Yes it is definitely for sure.

What further to say I don't know but hey! wait I forgot to mention the names of my books lol! The names of my books are 'BE COURAGEOUS: Never Give-up' and my another book name is '100+ New Innovation !deas: for Creative Minds' and my name Naagraj.

So please don't forget to check this out. Thank you guys all and also remember if hurt someone 'I really feel sorry from the bottom of my heart'.

Once again thank you 'Inward Quest'and I thank you all.

Like I always say 'don't be cheerful' lol!


asked 10 May '21, 13:41

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"I am missing some of the members as well in the group, I could tell their name like @Cory, @myself @Jaianniah and @Stanley" - Yes, I totally agree... and the contributions from @Stanley especially have really helped me as well. His good friend @Stanray has a very big mouth though and needs to post less ;)

(11 May '21, 04:52) Stingray

Hi @Stingray :)

(12 May '21, 01:48) jaz

(13 May '21, 00:00) PERFECT GOOD

Good stuff. Glad to hear.

(08 Jul '21, 20:13) Nikulas

Hi :) visiting after a long time...

(26 Jul '21, 08:19) myself

I sometimes forget about IQ, but in moments of need when I am not sure where to go next, I suddenly remember IQ! It never fails in helping me to feel better and to believe I have a way of moving forward.

(28 Jul '21, 04:13) Inner Beauty

Oh dear, and here I thought you came back to plug your book ;p


(08 Aug '21, 18:21) ele
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