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Do you ever feel like the longer you study the ideas underlying various deliberate creation teachings, the more you go back to the very beginning in your understanding? I keep thinking that surely now I understand something, only to circle back and realize that some extremely basic aspect of these ideas is not what I thought. Then I second-guess myself endlessly.

I want to ask you guys about the importance of feeling better, and if it matters how you achieve the feeling better.

As Abraham says, there's two ways to know what you're vibrating: one, how you feel. Two, what's going on in your life. You can lie to yourself about feeling great but it's harder to lie about what's going on in physical, I guess? I have realized that I am really good and practiced at lying to myself about how I feel. I think studying LOA stuff really exacerbated my tendencies there. I wouldn't want to admit that I felt "doubt" rather than "hope" because "doubt" means that you're pretty far from your desire. You know what I mean? I can talk a great game about being positive about things I don't actually feel positive about, I guess.

Right now, in my life, there are a number of things I don't prefer. Things are okay, but I don't like how various aspects feel. For instance, I dislike where I live and want to live in a very different physical environment with more nature. As I have stopped faking feeling okay with what-is (while, I promise, also doing my best to hold that contrast really lightly, and stay focused on the emerging ideas of what I would like better), it has felt like things have gotten worse. Maybe the faking felt better in some ways than ripping off the sticker and seeing what was underneath? I feel, in this example, like I REALLY notice my discomfort with where I live in a way that faking it allowed me to gloss over quite a bit more.

It feels like the more I focus on what I do want, and also try to be honest-but-light with myself about how I currently feel, like I am feeling worse and worse! Which obviously doesn't feel good, and which sends me down some ridiculous paths where I worry that by admitting that I don't feel good, I will LOA some monsters into my life. (Rather than realizing that if I always felt this way, I was always vibrating this, it's just that now I'm not pretending to feel something else? I guess? HELP ME, people who are smarter than I am! I would love to let go of this particular fear, that by being honest about where I currently am, I am going to manifest Bad, Scary Stuff.)

Another teaching common to a lot of deliberate creation methods is that all that matters is that you feel better. It doesn't matter why or how or even on what topic, it just matters that you feel better, because how you feel is an indicator of your vibration.

I think I am almost ready to REALLY believe this, but I'm still wrestling a little bit. Is it, for instance, REALLY productive to, instead of trying to talk myself into better thoughts when I'm feeling gloomy about where I live and my seeming inability to make headway on living somewhere else, just stop interacting with those thoughts and emotions, and instead to watch silly dog videos on Youtube until I'm laughing? I have been noticing that I am really attached to the idea of effort and maybe suffering, so I am having a difficult time releasing my feelings of skepticism and "that's too easy" or "that's lazy and will just make it worse".

Can you help? I want to believe! I really really really want to feel better and at this point don't really care about ulterior motives. I just want to feel better, today. But I have a lingering anxiety that I am being irresponsible/flaky/unsafe by detaching from "my problems" or "my emotional pain" and instead just focusing on how I can improve my mood in the next 30 minutes.

Edit: I see in retrospect that my question had some confusing phrasing. I'm not asking "if I just focus on feeling good, will I get what I want?" - instead I mean to be asking "Is it really safe to JUST focus on feeling better, and leave manifestation out of it totally? Will other shoes come crashing down on me?"

Manifesting and stuff aside, I really just want to feel more okay right here and now. I think I'm realizing that I'm so used to managing my life in action ways - even just "controlling my thoughts" - that only focusing on feeling better feels simultaneously freeing and great and also nervewracking to me. And it seems to me that to feel more okay, I might have to start by being real about where I am, emotionally. I want to believe that it's safe to be honest about how I feel and then focus only on improving how I feel, focusing on whatever causes me to feel better, topic unimportant. But as you can see I have residual anxiety about it!

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Check out the video, "Fierce Grace." [https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_4_12?url=search-alias%3Dprime-instant-video&field-keywords=fierce+grace&sprefix=Fierce+Grace%2Cinstant-video%2C173&crid=27N31C1E3KU0K.] Ram Dass had a stroke, and he really nails the importance of living in the moment... Irregardless of why he had the stroke, he makes lemonade out of lemons.I Hope the video will help you! Great question, btw...:)

(25 Jun '17, 19:56) Jaianniah

At some point in my life, I felt and thought as you describe, so I understand a bit where you are now. I am not going to write much about techniques, because all over IQ you will find the same (true) information. I am going to talk about my own experience.

Ask yourself this question: do I think that if I manifest what I want I'll be happier?

If your answer is "yes", you still didn't get it.

If the lack of anything you dream of or want causes you to feel unhappy, anxious, etc, you vibrate lack and that's all you get.

So, I would not say that feeling better is all that matters, but it is surely a start.

If you really want a quantum leap, give up all your dreams and desires for a while - sincerely! -, expect nothing to happen anymore, and find reasons to be the happiest person in the world in the situation you are right now.

In the beginning, you will feel bad, because dreaming of manifestations is like an addiction, and giving up on your dreams is like depriving yourself of the only thing that is good in your life.

But the moment you give up, you release resistance, and after a while you really feel a lot better.

When you feel better, try to think like this: I gave up this thing, but would't it be great to just dream of it even if I don't ever get it?

When you get satisfied just with your dream of it, feeling good even knowing you may never see the manifestation of it, you start to get into the Vortex, because you start to release these feelings of resistance, lack, anxiety, etc.

You will know the Vortex when you feel sincerely that none of these things matter anymore, because you feel so great! You actually prefer the Vortex than anything else, any manifestation of anything - which means that you prefer feeling good than to get out of the Vortex because of desiring something whose absence makes you suffer.

The next step is to pretend you are living the life you want with the "material" you have.

Now let me give you an example of my own life. I used to hate my country and everything in it. After going through the process I described to you, I realized that I can produce inside myself all the feelings that I ever needed, that I really don't need the manifestations of my fantasies to feel happy. So I now don't blame my coutry for everything that I wanted and don't have; I just pretend I have every thing I need to be happy right here! But I don't feel that lack anymore, you see. This is the most important thing: stop believing that manifestations will bring you happiness; be happy, truly happy, with what you already have, and then... Well, just observe your life improve.

Things did happen to show me that I was in the right track, and in three months my life went from "zero" to "ten". A lot of small things manifested, changed my life for the better, but then I was already happy without them! But since they manifested, I make a point of feeling the feelings I wanted to feel - not to feel "better", but creating the exactly feelings I want to feel. Example: I have found a city in my own country in which I really would like to live. I cannot go now, but I find any excuse to pretend that I am living there already; I kind of "fake" the feeling; if I am walking in my neighborhood, I take some different street I never walked in before, and that being a different landscape, I ask myself how would I feel if I were walking on the street in that other city, and I make a point of feeling that exactly feeling.

Now, you may say, it's just a fantasy! You are not really there! If you think like that, that's why you don't create your reality. The reality must be created with feelings... Before it comes to fruition. I am not there yet, and I don't care if I ever will be there, that's the difference between where I am today and where I was before. I just know it will manifest in the right time, but I don't care, because I feel happy with the dream of it and the feelings I can produce inside myself out of my dreams.

Hope it helps :)


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Thank you! Great advice. I now see that my question is phrased in a confusing way, so I will edit to be more clear.

(23 Jun '17, 00:51) corduroypower

This is so touching to read. Yes, I advocate this in my method acting answer. Literally fake it and pretend it to such intensity that physical reality begins to bend. But the true master (actor) doesn't care if reality bends or not, and that is the trick and the empowerment.

(27 Jul '18, 01:34) Nikulas

Is it really safe to JUST focus on feeling better, and leave manifestation out of it totally?

You have to give it a try and let the belief "something bad will happen when I stop worrying" go in order to prove it. When it comes to this type of metaphysical stuff, there is some bad news and some good news.

The bad news is that only you can prove to yourself that this stuff either works or it doesn't. So others can't make you believe it.

The good news is that only you can prove to yourself that this stuff works so you don't need anyone to convince you that this stuff either works or it doesn't.

I notice that many people who start to learn this stuff really do get that their thoughts create their reality. At least they get it intellectually. But when it comes to practice, many people lack awareness of their thoughts.

Usually, emotions provide awareness by making one feel bad or good. But the problem with this is that many people get numbed when it comes to thoughts that they have been holding on to for a long time.

Thus even if they think that they do feel good and are aware of what they think consciously all day... they really aren't. So proving that "feeling good really does work" fails because they lack awareness.

So I think the most important aspect of manifesting is becoming more aware of your thoughts all day every day.


Since some of your thoughts and emotions probably feel rather numb or "normal" to you and you don't notice them, your emotions will not be as reliable right now. But I found that there is another way of really becoming aware of what you think all day every day. Here it is:

Ask yourself "What am I manifesting right now?" ALL DAY! Yes, I really mean ALL DAY.

Because, as we know, thoughts become manifestations. So if you ask yourself "*What am I manifesting right now?" you become very aware of what you will manifest in your future.

Try the following game and I'm sure you will be very surprised. You should preferrably do this on a day off when you have time just for yourself.

  1. Drop all manifesting techniques and tools for now. You are not trying to feel better now.
  2. Your only goal is to become aware of what you are manifesting in your future.
  3. Wake up (preferrably on your day off) and immediately become aware of your first thought by asking "What am I manifesting right now?". If your first thought is "I don't know" just notice that this is your first thought.
  4. Next ask yourself "Is this thought something wanted? Do I want to manifest stuff relating to this thought and its emotion?" If the answer is "Yes!", let it go and ask yourself what you are manifesting again for another thought that comes up. If it isn't something wanted, ask yourself what you want to manifest instead right now.
  5. Keep repeating this all day, even during times you do things like eating, walking or talking. Keep asking yourself "What am I manifesting right now?" again and again and again and again... Really try not to miss even a 30 second period on this day without asking this question. And if it's something unwanted, ask yourself what you would like to manifest instead.

If you want to become even more surprised and fascinated by trying this experiment, carry a notebook or two with you all day. And write down every answer to your primary question "What am I manifesting right now?". Because this way you will have written proof of your manifestations. And if for some weird reason someone asks you "How have you been manifesting your current life up until now?", you can just give them your notebook with your everyday thoughts in it so they can manifest the same if they like to :).

I think you will be extremely surprised by the results and you will get many, many aha-moments. And you will really get that you are the creator of your own reality and that what you have been manifesting until now is what you still keep thinking today.

Reading your question, I think that you will become aware of many thoughts like

  • "What am I manifesting right now?" - "I'm still wrestling a little bit". "Is this something wanted?" - "No". "What do I want to manifest instead?" "I want to get this 100% instead. I want to be the one who has already learned and mastered this, not someone who is trying to learn or wrestle with this"-
  • "What am I manifesting right now?" - "I keep thinking that surely now I understand something, only to circle back and realize that some extremely basic aspect of these ideas is not what I thought. Then I second-guess myself endlessly.". "Is this something wanted?" - "No". "What do I want to manifest instead?" - "I want to be someone who is confident and someone who is done with all of this and gets this stuff 100%".
  • "What am I manifesting right now?" - "I have a lingering anxiety that I am being irresponsible/flaky/unsafe by doing this silly game today". "Is this something wanted?" - "No.". "What do I want to manifest instead?" - "I want to know that everything is working out. I don't want to talk about it or learn it or think that I'm almost getting it. I want to know it 100% within my own being."
  • "What am I manifesting right now?" -...
  • ...

Have fun!:)


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I hope you read the responses above very carefully because there is great wisdom there. I just want to add that one way I have been able to quickly and assuredly step into "feeling good" is to ask myself, "What does my Source think/feel about this condition right now?" Source always has a "positive" feeling about what is going on, even if I don't really like it. For example, if I were feeling stressed about where I am living, and I ask how my Source feels about it, the answer is always something like, "You are such a great manifester that you have created - this advantage and this advantage - in living here. When I begin to feel appreciation for any aspect of my current situation, I begin to feel better - because I am more in alignment with my Source. Then my Source might tell me something like, "even the experience of not liking something is sacred and special." As soon as I relax and allow myself to not resist not liking, I feel better because I am more aligned with my Source.

We don't have to manufacture good feelings, we just need to step into the perspective of our Source, which always wants what we want and always sees the incredible magic of what we have created, even when we cannot see things that way. Being aligned with Source is what feels good, not being aligned with Earth conditions. That kind of feeling good is always temporary because it inspires more desire in us, which can lead us to feeling the lack of what we now desire.

Your Source always feels good and you can learn to switch into its perspective. That is when the miracles begin.


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