Why are people living to 80-90 years old or even over 100 years old nowadays ?

Compared to 30-40 years ago where the life expectancy was maybe around 50-70 years old.

I know that medical advancement might be a contributing factor, but it feels to me that is not the only factor.

What other factors like spiritual and others that have raised the life expectancy of us now by so much ? On a spiritual level, it seems like when we have less resistance in our lives, then we tend to live longer.

As mentioned in this answer : https://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6539/is-it-possible-to-live-forever-by-manifesting-that-thought

We live longer if we constantly launch a steady stream of desires and then consciously release it. But the elderly nowadays don't see to have much desires anymore and they just sit or walk around all day trying to pass their lives, yet they are still alive and not leaving the Earth plane.

So what other reasons might there be to cause people to live much longer nowadays than decades ago?

asked 20 Nov '21, 21:26

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What is your source? Thanks....

(23 Nov '21, 19:11) ele

Thirty years ago was 1991. Is that around the time of your birth?

(24 Nov '21, 01:30) ele

No, but my grandparents and I believe most of our grandparents probably passed away around 50-60+ years of age 30-40 years ago, dying peacefully in their sleep and not because of any medical conditions. But nowadays people seem to be living much longer, seemingly healthy even past 70-80 years of age, but yet most people don't see to die peacefully nowadays in their sleep, but rather because of some medical conditions.

(28 Nov '21, 06:02) kakaboo

Better nutrition (access to a variety of different foods, for example), better hygiene, better living conditions (housing, for example), easy access to medicine, healthier lifestyle (for example, the percentage of people who smoke cigarettes has been steadily falling for decades now), etc., are all factors that contributed to longer lifespans.

(28 Nov '21, 06:37) Marin

If you google "population growth over time" and study the graph everything will be clearer. Notice when the population started exponentially growing - around the time when material human life in general started to get better and better.

(28 Nov '21, 06:39) Marin

I'm not interested in debating this. I don't agree at all with your conclusions. As for passing away peacefully in their sleep, in their own beds, back in the eighties or nineties, at 50 or 60 --- heart attacks are the likely cause and a heart attack is anything but pleasant. Just because no one observed their passing,doesn't mean it was pleasant.

(28 Nov '21, 11:44) ele

if you're not "interested in debating this", you wouldn't have even replied.

(28 Nov '21, 18:23) kakaboo

Happy Holidays boo !!!

(28 Nov '21, 21:57) ele
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perhaps people are seeing
their task as a human is
to use creative life force
without wasting it


answered 22 Nov '21, 12:33

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Thanks to those little blu pills ?

(23 Nov '21, 19:52) ele

@ele lol :)

(23 Nov '21, 23:52) jaz

Yup, Reverence for Life :)

(24 Nov '21, 01:21) ele
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Great question! I think the will to live is strong in most ppl and knowing we can live longer gives us a stronger focus. We have that momentum of seeing it all around us. I also have a strong desire to see how everything turns out for me and the world ,curiosity. [ETA] I too think a reverence for life itself is a driving force.]


answered 29 Nov '21, 18:17

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edited 29 Nov '21, 18:20

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