Consider: And would this Air be available to us for as long as we need it?

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In essence what would happen, if there were to be a shortage of air in our universe, and where would we go if we were in danger of a lack of air, does our society have a back up plan to serve the needs of everyone, if there were not sufficient air in our atmosphere for everyone to breathe in, and out? Would we all fall down and die, because there is a lack of air in our universe, and what would happen to all other living things, Mother Nature, matter, energy, vibration, and motion?

The answer that I am looking for is: Is the lack of air in our atmosphere sufficient to kill all living things in our universe, are we prepared for a shortage of air anytime soon, are such preparations ready to rescue us in the time of need, and does our society has the Science and Technology to deal with such a catastrophe now, and in the future, or would this mean the end of the world?

All answers are appreciated on this subject matter, thank you!

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it depends on the air on the planet? we don't have air in space, only a vacuum. the other planets sometimes have "air" but its not the air we would be able to breathe necessarily. as long as we have trees the air cycle is QUITE safe here on this planet. well unless there is a catastrophe. if any super apocalyptic thing would befall us, but i guess if it did we wouldn't need the air in the 1st place. lol i started answering this question because it seemed very easy to answer but in reality, there are WAY to many variables to answer it well, i suppose its a lottery, lol if the planets earths soul wishes to sustain life here, she will, there that's pretty good way to give a definite answer, whewww you had me sweating for a min. lol love n light, rob


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Yes, there are indeed many variables to answer it, but I like your answer, thank you!

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thank you agian vee :-) love n light to you!

(02 Apr '11, 17:53) TReb Bor yit-NE

Once you've realized that there're absolutely NO guarantees in your life, period, and you accept that; you'll always have all the air you could possibly want, forever :)


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good. i like that

(31 Mar '11, 21:17) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Eddie:That is a great possibility! Thank you.

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Breathes in deep, well there is plenty of air right NOW. and forever is right enjoy and don't forget to breathe and laugh too


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Very wise words, thank you!

(02 Apr '11, 05:42) Inactive User ♦♦

Soo funny -- wise advice... love it!

(24 Jun '13, 18:25) ele

not sure if there are any guarantees, in our ignorance we may find a way to deplete the Air that now sustains our material form


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or. in our brilliance find a way to enrich it...

(31 Mar '11, 11:11) ursixx

@fred:I do not expect any guarantees, but we can pray that we will always have air in our life time! Thank you.

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One active volcano puts out more pollution than ALL the countries of mans history. The Earth is way more powerful than man. We will not get to a point of effecting the earth like our media outlets would like us to believe so they can tax us for nature. We have natural obstacles to prevent this. Nature. Yellowstone is sitting on a super volcano so large, that it will spew for 20+YEARS throwing us into an ice age. This will wipe us out. Magnetic north is on the move. In 1979 it was in Canada, now it is Russia someplace. This causes earthquakes (Japan).This happens every 14 thousand years and causes a magnetic flip of the poles as the sun flips in ITS magnetic pole. Ice samples have confirmed this. Our governments knows this also, and are trying to get money off of natural occurrences. Universities have no choice but to be in line because they are funded by the very same people. Don't worry, we will never be able to ruin this planet because it has a built in removal system. We need to find out how to produce our own oxygen, and get off of this planet.


answered 30 Mar '11, 13:46

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The Knights Alchemy

yes, yes, and ummm...yes

(30 Mar '11, 15:49) you

Unfortunately we will be eliminated before that would happen. I am a realist. I don't sugar coat anything. I want you to know what you are up against, and know what the truth is. I love everybody, but I must tell what I know.

(30 Mar '11, 21:08) The Knights Alchemy

@ The Knights ALchemy: We do need to produce our own oxygen, to get off of this planet, if needed, thank you!

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Gaia hypothesis? If all matter is but energy at a slower vibration. Then our involvment (focusing of our energy into this material form) in this planet which is just a larger collection of matter/energy and maybe even grander in scope than we. could be that gaia considers us as just be an unuseful behaviour trait or pattern to gaia to be changed because it no longer serves gaia's evolution or what it chooses to be, just as we forever do to our patterens that oculude and nolonger serve our evolution?


answered 31 Mar '11, 12:38

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Interesting observation! Thank you.

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Everything is energy. You can't destroy energy.

"Air" doesn't exist. Different gases which our particular forms of life process in order to survive get absorbed and utilized, but they don't "disappear", they get converted into another compound and released so that other forms of life who survive off of the resulting compound and in turn produce something new of their own, etc, etc.

In each of these steps energy is used to produce a result without it really being expended. The only time you have any issues of shortages or the idea you can ever 'run out' of anything is when you have an imbalance between processes, a storage of energy somewhere which needs to be converted into another shape to keep it moving.


answered 24 Jun '13, 18:40

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@Snow Really well said. Shortage is just a transformation period. That's why the world cannot ever run out of electricity even if all fossil energy sources are exhausted. There will always be a transition to something better and probably more powerful. But most people tend to have a limiting-consciousness. "I believe in the horse. The automobile is only a passing phenomenon." -- Germany's Emporer Wilhelm II in 1905.

(24 Jun '13, 19:17) releaser99

is this even worth discussing?? lol... who cares... i dont give rats a**.. lol ... we wont be there to find out so we can say whatever we want..... :-) i guess its monday i had to release my long days work stress...

(24 Jun '13, 19:51) abrahamloa

@abrahamla May I suggest taking a deep breath of air in, pause & release it slowly & repeat - then watch the video @ursixx posted in his answer above...

(24 Jun '13, 21:19) ele
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This is what our atmosphere (our "air") consists of:

alt text

As you can see, most of what we breathe is actually N2- Nitrogen gas. Oxygen, what we rely on to sustain our lives, is only a 20% fraction of the gas in our atmosphere.

Most of this O2 (oxygen gas) is produced by photosynthesis of plants. This fact should make one think. If we destroy all the plants on Earth, our supply of O2 would fall, and we would die.

It makes you think. The destruction of the rain forests is moving along at a brisk pace- and so is the expansion of The Sahara Desert....Hmmm...A connection? Perhaps. The vast changes brought about by man over the last 5000 years have greatly increased the size of the Sahara. Go here if you do not believe me...

Deserts grow very few plants. Therefore, we should look to the future and try to keep deserts from growing. This will ensure plenty of O2 for us to breathe. But the Earth, as has been mentioned, is a very powerful and mighty planet. She will fight back against us if we push her too far.

I am very passionate about this because I went through Katrina, and saw what kind of nastiness the Earth can and will inflict on us if we do not respect the Earth. Biloxi was utterly destroyed by the 200 mph winds and looked like a nuclear blast hit it. I worked there as a volunteer after the hurricane, and it really made me think to be on Ground Zero of that storm. Most of you will blow all of this off. But I cannot "blow it off". Katrina was nasty because the ocean was too warm. Why? Deforestation of the Tropics and the growth of the Sahara (producing more heat by way of heat reflection and storage...Among other things.)

I'm ranting. Just don't say Fossil Fuels around me. I tend to snarl. :)



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No need to snarl dear - read @releaser99 's very astute comment to @Snow 's answer..

(25 Jun '13, 23:59) ele

@Jai I'm not saying we shouldn't do our part for mother earth & take appropriate actions when necessary. I applaud your passion.

(26 Jun '13, 00:15) ele

I don't believe so really. I believe we could make more air. Water is H2-O two parts hydrogen and one part oxigen. If we split this onto separate components we make more air (oxigen) from water.

We would need huge vats to boil all the sea water maybe the size of three football fields. I believe in the human ingenuity and that we could achieve this if we have big enough coils. It would probably be miles of copper coils to break down the water.

This used to be a class room popular scientific experiment years ago.


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I believe that whatever we need, we'll manifest. The same is true for air. As long as our classroom on this planet is needed, it will be so. This includes not just us humans, but the whole living planet. If, through mismanagement of Air resources all living die off the planet. We can make another start on another planet to finish our "schooling." After all, dying is just stepping out of the physical.

thank you, namaste


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Your last sentence holds truth, thank you!

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