This website talks of manifestation and apparently anything can be achieved via manifestation.

So is it possible to live for ever, by manifesting that thought?

To date, I do not know of a single plant or animal that lived for ever. I think putting too much faith in manifestation is taking it to the extreme. It has to have its limitations. One cannot transcend the physical laws of this universe, or general philosophical rules, just because you will so.

This is like the story of Muhammed and the mountain. Mohammed didn't do the miracle stating unconvincing reasons and it makes one always wonder about the validity.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

yes it is possible to live for ever,for the light not for the dust. it is said in the bible the dust will return to dust. but i am telling you the light will return to the light. Jesus said, "Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Do you not realize that he who made the inside is the same one who made the outside?"

(07 Aug '12, 20:47) white tiger


I've been waiting for a while for someone to ask this question, and this is probably going to be one of my more mind-stretching postings - so you have been warned :)

Here's my one line answer to your question, just so you know where I'm going with this.

Yes, it is possible to live indefinitely in this physical body by manifesting that thought.

Back in the 90s, while I was still intensively searching for answers, I was involved in the running of a large spiritual/mystical organization. Working there brought me in touch with many interesting spiritual people who have contributed much in many ways to my current view of Life, The Universe and Everything.

One time, I had the good fortune to meet a long-standing member of that organization in his 40-50's, or so I thought, who just happened to be visiting one day. He seemed to take an instant liking to me for some reason and we got to talking about various things.

After a while, for some reason, he asked me suddenly how old I thought he was. I can't remember exactly what I said but I think I didn't want to be impolite suggesting he was in his 40-50's if it turned out he was actually much younger, so I probably managed to avoid answering the question. :)

Anyway, he told me...he was actually in his 90's!

Even today, I remember my belief system turning inside-out and upside-down trying to comprehend something like this.

Anthony Robbins has an interesting demonstration of how people's belief systems have been conditioned regarding age. He asks the audience to imagine in their minds someone in their sixties. Most people imagine a frail old person, perhaps with a walking stick hobbling across the stage. A few minutes later, he brings onto the stage...a bodybuilder in his sixties.

Robbins' point with this is that you are heading towards the image you have in your mind. If you believe that it is normal to be frail and hobbling in your sixties, that's the image that is going to manifest for you.

Abraham have said that in today's society, you really need to step out of the age game because there are so many who are going to judge and pigeon-hole you depending on that number and you can subtly condition yourself that way as well.

They talk about becoming ageless as a way to do that...just pick an age you like and become that age. Just decide that's what you are going to be (if your belief system allows it) and don't tell anyone else the truth. For me, late 20's has been working pretty well for some years now. As I've mentioned before, many people think that's how old I actually am from the way I physically appear.

But the key to achieving that physical age shift and extending your physical life indefinitely is from another Abraham idea I came across some years ago.

Abraham have implied a number of times - it's there if you listen closely - that it is possible to live indefinitely within the same physical body if you can manage to do two things...

  1. Launch a constant stream of new desires

  2. Consciously release resistance

The combination of those two factors will draw an on-going stream of life energy through you forever energizing you and keep you youthful.

For me, a constant stream of new desire is something I don't have to work at much. :) I've always got many projects going on in vastly different subject areas. And I always enjoy trying out new experiences and knowledge. Once you develop that feeling of invincibility, you really have no reason not to get involved in everything in life that you possibly's always going to end up being fun, or else you'll learn something new about yourself and your life...either way, it will be worth it.

The Consciously Release Resistance requirement is something that has taken a few years to figure out. I reasoned that I needed some systematic way to release the resistance that accumulates on a daily basis, because if there is no resistance to the energy-flow that is generated from the new desires, there can be no age-related bodily decline. I needed a method that would deal simultaneously with many issues but still be something that I could easily integrate into everyday life. But I needed a systematic method that would work in any life circumstances and one that would be easy and fun to continue using for many, many years.

The systematic resistance-releasing method for daily use that I eventually came up with is what I've posted on this website under the name of Focus Blocks. So there's the truth, Focus Blocks is not a manifesting method at all in my own life (though it does that too as a by-product), I use it as a resistance-releasing method to satisfy the second requirement for agelessness :)

It might also become clearer why I've invested the time and effort in implementing the method as a powerful, automated spreadsheet system that does all the handling/choosing/creating of the Focus Blocks instantaneously. It means I sit down at my computer and mold a large number of thoughts extremely quickly...yes, I really do this daily...when I get time in-between all those projects :)

I figured that if my resistance-releasing method was not quick and easy to use on a daily basis, I would eventually give up using it. I've been working with Focus Blocks for about 5 years now (through many different life situations) and I still love the feeling of resistance relief it brings me whenever I use it, so I must be doing something right...and the on-going stream of manifesting miracles that happen in my own life are not bad either :)

So, let's sum up what I'm suggesting to you, for physical immortality...

  • Get involved in life as much as you can. Stir it up. Enjoy it. Experience it...and keep on doing it.

  • Use Focus Blocks (or any similar method) to systematically release resistance daily to anything uncomfortable that arises

  • Watch how your attitude to life (and your physical body) responds to having all this unrestricted life energy flooding through you

  • Step outside of the age-conditioning prison we like to put each other into. I personally just lie about my age to anyone that insists on knowing. I have no moral qualms about doing this because it's really none of their business anyway. In fact, I would have to think for a few moments right now to even figure out how old I actually am :)

The question that might arise in your mind now from all this stuff is that surely I can't be the first who has this approach to life and, if this is true, there must be many seemingly immortal people wandering this planet?

Well, yes there are.

...if Bashar is to be believed.

I came across one recording recently where someone had asked Bashar if there were human-beings currently living (and raised) on this planet who were in excess of 200 years old.

Here is what Bashar said.

At this time, on this planet...

  • There is one (only one at present) human being who is in excess of 1,000 years old

  • There are a number between 300 years-old and 500 years-old.

  • There are many more between 100 years-old and 300 years-old

  • There are quite a few between 100 years-old and 200 years-old

He also stated that they tend to live in remote locations and/or small villages though occasionally some may visit city populations.

If I'm still posting on this website in 500 years, you'll know I was on the right track about all of this :)


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"They talk about becoming ageless as a way to do that...just pick an age you like and become that age. Just decide that's what you are going to be (if your belief system allows it) and don't tell anyone else the truth." - Perhaps that is one of the secrets to women tending to live longer than men. :P

(23 Jun '10, 03:38) Liam

Its funny how someone always posts a question with which I am currently struggling with and Stingray O Wise One you always seem to point me in the right direction:-) I'm in my late 40's but look like someone in their 30's untill a few years ago I looked much younger, but when I hit my mid 40's and started thinking oh my God I'm in my 40's that age started to catch up with its back to my original thinking and working on my resistance.

(23 Jun '10, 08:28) I Think Therefore I Am

Stingray ever thought of selling the vibrational spreadsheet software for technologically challenged people like me?

(23 Jun '10, 08:41) I Think Therefore I Am

@I Think: It's just way too complicated and personalized to me to be understandable to most people, otherwise I would have already given it away for free by now - I have tried it out on computer-literate friends and they still can't figure it out. :) I would end up spending my days trying to explain it all to confused people. Instead, I have a desire that one day an adaptation of it will appear as a web-based tool but I've just been too immersed in other things to progress that idea. I'm sure some vibrational matches will turn up sooner or later :)

(23 Jun '10, 10:27) Stingray

Hi Stingray. Considering that the time between childhood and adulthood is a short span of only 18years there is obviously and internal change that continues on through one's life as the year's go bye. Are you saying that the aging process just stops and maintains a position of eternal youth within the right circumstances? Or are you stretching the aging process over a much longer window of, lets say 500years. At the end of 500years if you die from old age isn't that about 75-100 years of experiencing all the things that happen when you grow old?

(02 Jul '10, 21:32) The Traveller

If my observation is correct Would you really want to experience the same body for 500years while your friends get to re-incarnate 5 different times & experience the joy of childhood, teen-age years (oh god..If only I could return to being 16 again), mid life, and "gulp.." old age 5 different times in different circumstances?

(02 Jul '10, 21:37) The Traveller

@Traveller - I can't give you definitive answers yet since I'm not even over 100 years old yet, never mind nearly 500 :) According to Abraham, the body still ages (because it exists on the physical plane) however the decline that comes with age is purely resistance-related. Regarding reincarnation, I don't know of any information sources that suggest that reincarnation is always immediate as you are suggesting. In any case, the point of a new life is to experience new perspectives and my theory is that you can do that within your existing perspective if you choose to live that way.

(03 Jul '10, 05:16) Stingray

@Traveller - I was listening to some Bashar the other day and he/it suggested that many on Earth right now will not choose to incarnate on Earth again anyway after this lifetime. The implication was that this current period of awakening (the changes that are happening, and are going to happen over the next few years) is the climax to a long period of self-rediscovery for humanity and that many have incarnated only to participate in get a seat at The Main Event, you could say.

(03 Jul '10, 05:23) Stingray

Stingray, I'm glad you mentioned the "This is your last chance" situation. I have accepted this to be true myself. And from what I have stumbled upon so far, the only way out of this last chance is to be centered within the self and not within the per-determined program. I still don't get it completely, but I think when one is centered within and in control, death will still come, but you are still in control after death & can choose within a choice of your determination. So far we have been at the mercy of God (outside of us)

(03 Jul '10, 12:29) The Traveller

Hi Stingray. I think this is important enough that I should share this as well. From what I know, this is our last chance to shift from this subject (all the stuff we discuss here) being a mere intellectual self-pleasure to a living practical realization that we are the one in charge of what happens to us and "them". If you need your own island, for example, and get it through the law of attraction, the natives ,(the "them"), on this island are at the mercy of your attraction. with power comes responsibility. To be centered takes that into consideration (or so I've heard)

(04 Jul '10, 05:08) The Traveller

"There is one (only one at present) human being who is in excess of 1,000 years old." The only one that arises in my mind is Babaji, the immortal Yogi residing in Himalayas.

(28 Jun '11, 10:54) Asklepios

a mindblowing post Stingray ! I love it... ss

(18 Dec '11, 17:13) streetsanto

@Stingray - Just came across this thread, but a topic that has interested me for some time. BOY, what I wouldn't give to meet one of those ancient people hundreds of years old. I hope that one day I will! A few years ago I met an extraordinary yogi, 123 years old, named Swami Bua in NYC. He has since passed away, but there are Youtube videos of him teaching around 110, 115 years of age, and he moves like he's in his 60s. Swami Lokenath supposedly reached 160 years, and Trailinga Swami about 280.

(08 Jul '12, 17:13) lozenge123

@Stingray - There was also a Chinese herbalist and nei gung practitioner named Li Ching-Yuen who, according to Chinese historical records, lived to 256. Most of these long-lived individuals were themselves mystics and clearly deeply in touch with the spiritual aspect of things. It makes me wonder how many of them are still around today. If they are, evidently they keep low-profiles. Swami Bua certainly did...he never advertised, had a website, etc.. Not sure why that would be, but it seems true.

(08 Jul '12, 17:19) lozenge123

@lozenge123 - Thanks for sharing the information. Yes, those sound like the kinds of characters that Bashar might be referring to. I'd love to meet at least one of those people also, if only to get some validation about what Bashar says

(09 Jul '12, 04:35) Stingray

@lozenge123- No joke, I was just about to post that EXACT same thing, yes I've heard of that Chinese Herbalist as well. His secret to life was "quiet of mind." and to "sleep like a dog."

(10 Jul '12, 07:53) Nikulas

@Stingray- A bodybuilder in their 60s? I was watching one of those comic Japanese game shows, and it showed a 63 year old man perform a perfect standing back sault.

(10 Jul '12, 07:54) Nikulas

@Stingray- I'd be interested in meeting them not only for the validation, but in learning from them...I can only assume that they must know some amazing stuff.

@Nikulas - You were just going to post it...definitely not a coincidence! :)

For more on "old" bodybuilders, check out a guy named Bernarr McFadden who stayed fit and virile way into his 80s.

(11 Jul '12, 15:23) lozenge123

Adding to this discussion, be sure to check out the world's current oldest female bodybuilder, 75-year-old Ernestine Shepherd:

(11 Jul '12, 16:13) Stingray

Not to re-start this thread, but the following article just appeared in the NY Times, and I of course thought of this discussion. I think it reinforces in a big way a lot of the ideas that have been mentioned here.

(25 Oct '12, 22:25) lozenge123

@lozenge123, loved the link. Thank you. Now I'm craving wine and hummus... :)

(27 Oct '12, 22:21) Grace

one more bump for this question In treb answer video he also talks of humans with long lives

(29 Oct '12, 03:04) ursixx

@Stingray - I've inferred from you elsewhere on the site that you've greatly reduced your use of Focus Blocks to release resistance in favor of "Reach For The Emotion" style techniques--if that's true, how is that fairing with eternal life? I can viscerally feel the presence of physical immortality with regular FB->PA->RA alignments, whereas generating specific emotions is a different experience (even though it still releases resistance in its own way).

(05 Jan '18, 07:06) WeRadiateBeauty

Addendum: I guess Vibrational World Exploration gives me a vortexy + physically immortal feeling too :) I'd still be curious to hear your, and others', thoughts on this.

(05 Jan '18, 07:09) WeRadiateBeauty

@WeRadiateBeauty - For the immortality effect, I'd say it's more important to look to the other side of the equation. In other words, you need to keep finding reasons to deliberately launch new desires (and accompanying new perspectives) i.e. get more involved in physical life, stay out of comfort zone ruts, burn bridges, stir everything up, and let that energy rip :)

With that kind of energy flow, you don't need any alignment thrills (using, say, VWE), just neutral attitudes are enough.

(06 Jan '18, 07:25) Stingray

@WeRadiateBeauty - "reduced your use of Focus Blocks" - Yes, that's correct. Focus Blocks (as compared with "Reach For The Emotion") carries with it the risk of resistance activation. This risk is mitigated if you only clear up what your Inner Being presents to you...instead of attempting whole-life clean-ups. But I've seen enough people fall into this trap (I even fell into it myself once) to push the risk-free RFTE instead.

(06 Jan '18, 07:32) Stingray

@Stingray, please could you elaborate on the deliberate launching of new desires? Are desires not born automatically all the time? How and why would one launch even more desires deliberately?

Also, I didn't quite understand your comment about accompanying new perspectives.

(06 Jan '18, 13:20) cod2

@cod2 - "How and why would one launch even more desires deliberately?" - Think of the typical person who understands little about reality creation - and so doesn't understand what resistance is or how to stay free of it. As they age, they naturally accumulate resistance (to automatically launched desires) so a tendency builds up to squelch desire in order to maintain an acceptable desire/resistance balance. Those who don't squelch suffer heart attacks, strokes, cancer...or whatever.

(07 Jan '18, 12:27) Stingray

@cod2 - The squelchers avoid situations that generate fresh new desires - sticking to ruts, routines, comfort zones etc. Obviously, they can't squelch all desire (because physical reality is set up to do the opposite) but they can still do a pretty effective job :) They might be able to squelch desire enough to keep in balance with their accumulated resistance but it comes at the price of reduced life-energy flow which eventually (over years) saps the life force enough that they "die".

(07 Jan '18, 12:29) Stingray

@cod2 - I'm just suggesting to consciously keep away from the tendency to squelch - deliberately pushing your own limits, trying out new and interesting ideas/activities, regardless of what general society thinks you should be doing at your (physical) age. The words, "it's time to settle down" are basically a self-imposed death sentence :) All of this anti-squelch behavior is to keep you in tune with the exhilarating feeling of launching fresh new desires, that you felt when you were a child.

(07 Jan '18, 12:30) Stingray

@cod2 - "accompanying new perspectives" - Say someone defines themselves as one who stamps invoices in a corporate accounting department. They do that several hours a day, year after year. Eventually, their entire life revolves around invoice stamping. Sure, they might have the potential to become an astronaut, rock star, whatever, but they've limited their perspective to decisions over using red or black ink, when they could instead be feeling the rush of training for a moon landing :)

(07 Jan '18, 12:31) Stingray

@Stingray, got it. Thanks.

(07 Jan '18, 13:30) cod2
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Not sure how I missed this interesting question. Great answer Stingray and in general I agree with you. Once again I see how we've reached similar conclusions from different perspectives. I’m writing this to illustrate my slightly different perspective, as someone may benefit from it.

Is it possible to live for ever, by manifesting that thought?

The question is slightly flawed because even if someone stated that they’ve lived forever in the same physical body, forever being eternity, who’d be able to confirm one way or another?

I've not really desired to or considered living forever in my current physical form, as there's so much more in the Universe beyond physicality in this particular reality.

However, around my 40th birthday I decided that there’s no need for my body to age anymore while I’m here. And unless I disbelieve this and hence, become psychologically stressed out (resistant to the natural flow of life) and thereby create time and wear and tear on my body through disharmony that will always remain true.

I look at time like this:

  • Chronological Time – time passing by the clock or calendar as physical years
  • Psychological Time – how you perceive time
  • Biological Time – the actual physical age of your body

If you’re constantly in conflict or at war with yourself and life psychologically, it doesn’t matter how much chronological time has passed; a 35 year old person can look 42 biological years old. If you’re psychologically living in harmony and in tune with nature and the flow of life, a 35 year old person can look 28 years old.

Even scientifically, through new science Bruce Lipton and others estimate that all of the 50 trillion cells in our body are completely renewed every 7 years. So in effect each of us is a completely new physical being every 7 years anyway.

To maintain my young biological age and appearance I used to avoid questions about my actual chronological age or when asked would lie about it. However, I have another belief system running which serves me in other ways: Nothing to hide – Nothing to fear – Nothing to fear – Nothing to hide,
so I felt uncomfortable lying.

These days when I meet new people, if they ask I normally tell them I’m 40 and no one disbelieves me and many say I look around 38. Later, when I know them better I tell them I’m 48 years old and I see their disbelief and have to explain how it’s possible.

Because other’s thoughts and beliefs cannot affect my beliefs, unless I take those thoughts onboard and allow them to affect me psychologically, I don’t need to lie. I’ve realized that as long as I’m true to my belief and follow my own realization regarding age, I’m able to be honest about my actual age if I so choose, without it affecting my youthful appearance 8-)

And finally here’s a quote which helps to remind me of my belief:

'Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force: they feel no wear, they feel no tear, they need no mending, no repair.' Lao-Tzu - Unknown, 6th–4th centuries BC


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Brilliant answer Eddie! :)

(03 Jun '12, 11:19) MagicalUniverse

In order for the manifestation to take place, we have to believe that it's possible and I really don't think that anyone would hold the thought that it's possible to live forever in this physical body.

However this does not deter from the belief that we are eternal spiritual beings, here, having a human or physical experience. Everything physical is impermanent and eventually passes away or makes the transition to another state. Birth is a transition from spiritual to human form and Death is a transition from human or physical form back to spiritual form - just two different sides of the same coin.


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Great answer Michaela!

(01 Jul '10, 17:59) The Traveller

Thanks Traveller :-)

(01 Jul '10, 23:31) Michaela

I had come across this thread some time ago, but just read a passage in a battered, antique book that confirms a major point that many people have touched upon in this thread.

The book is "Great Masters of the Himalayas: Their Lives and Temple Teaching" by Rishi Singh Gherwal. Gherwal, an Indian immigrant who taught yoga with his wife in southern California, penned the book in 1927, detailing his experiences traveling among the reclusive spiritual men of the Himalayas.

It is a fascinating account, if it is to be believed. Gherwal encountered numerous men who could levitate, teleport themselves, and perform all sorts of "supernatural" feats. Several of the masters he studied with were said to be hundreds of years old.

What really perked my interest was a quote on page 39. When asking his master about his reportedly 200+ year lifespan, the master responded:

"You can make me as old as you like, son...but don't try to keep in mind how old you are. Forget your age, always feel young and you can keep your present body that much longer. Don't say to yourself, I am fifty-one years old. Think youth and you will be young."

Sounds very familiar. :)

On another note, the original author of this question says they "do not know of a single plant or animal that lived for ever."

There is, actually, at least one species of animal currently on this Earth which is biologically immortal (see EDIT below).

While, aside from this instance, I know of no other organism that has lived "forever," this 9,550 year old Norway Spruce tree is pretty impressive:

And this guy's not too shabby either:

Plenty of animal species have also made it past the 200 year mark. The Japanese domesticated Koi carp live past 200; a Galapagos tortoise has lived to 255; and bowhead whales have been found alive and well with 200+ year-old spearheads embedded in their bodies. Here are some links about these and some other 1,000+ year-old species:

alt text

Of course, none of these includes a human, but when you think about the fundamentals, are we REALLY so radically biologically different than a bowhead whale? We're both mammals with a heart, lungs, brain, skull, spine, ribcage, blood, veins, nerves, etc.. If you believe in evolution, then you might accept the scientific conclusion that we had a common ancestor 60 million years ago. Modern geneticists would also agree:

The more you look at the evidence, the more it doesn't seem like a big stretch to live past the 200 year mark...even if you disregard the spiritual/metaphysical side, and look at it from a purely scientific-biological point of view.

I've always wondered about those people in the Old Testament who lived 800+ years...seems like it was no big deal back then.

One more thing, if you'll indulge me...the questioner writes:

"It has to have its limitations. One cannot transcend the physical laws of this universe, or general philosophical rules, just because you will so."

The thing is, just what are those physical laws of the Universe, or rules?

Back in the 1600s, one of those "laws" was the law of gravity, in which all things were pulled "downwards" by a mysterious force.

Then, as our knowledge of the universe and the planets grew, the law "changed" into one in which mass attracted mass, planets attracted planets, and thus the law of gravity was not just a universal "downward" force, but a force which existed between all bodies of mass.

Then, in the last century, Einstein came along and upended all of this with his theory of relativity, which said that mass curves space, and that the "force" of gravity was merely a function of the curvature of space!

And then, only this last month, Einstein's theory was rendered obsolete when physicists at CERN discovered the Higgs-Boson particle. Before this discovery, scientists overwhelmingly believed (per Einstein's theory) that traveling at light speed was impossible. However, they now believe that it may very well be possible, as one could "switch off" the mass of a person or ship utilizing Higgs-Boson, thereby removing the "m" (mass) from the "E=Mc2" equation.

Which all goes to prove the adage that "it is the customary fate of new truths to begin as heresies and to end as superstitions."

I have no doubt that the future holds for us countless new discoveries and wonders which will render obsolete much of what people hold fast to as "Universal Laws" today.

Knowing that the so-called "Universal Laws" currently put forth by science will certainly be upended again and again and again, it doesn't make sense for us to place such importance on them to the degree that it limits our beliefs, does it?

If we do, we'll just end up kicking ourselves decades later when it all turns out to be wrong!

EDIT 8/17/2012

When I first posted this answer, I knew of no organism on this earth which was effectively immortal.

It turns out, however, that there is at least one -- the jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula.

This jellyfish is able to undergo a rejuvenating or regenerating process in which it reverts to a younger, immature physical state. Growth/aging then continues as normal, until the regenerating process kicks in once again. In this manner it is able to live on long as it is not killed, and continues to regenerate, it will live...forever.

What's even more interesting, is that the jellyfish do not appear to have always been this way...they have only developed this ability recently:

So it is a fact that physical immortality is not only possible, but is occurring right now on our planet.

alt text


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@loznge123 - Excellent points. I love having limits blasted off my thinking like that! My unrecognized belief of biological limitations had just been identified and disinegrated - thank you. Sounds like a facinating book. This subject, and the word teleportation caught my if I could live forever and go wherever I please... :) If you have more to share on that sometime, I'd sure like to hear about it.

(06 Aug '12, 23:57) Grace

@Grace - Sure thing! Teleportation was one of the many attainable "siddhis" (powers) described in the Bhagavata Purana, as well as in Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, an ancient yogic text. In addition to Gherwal's book, there are 20th century accounts of teleportation in Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi." The power was called "manaḥ-javah" or "vayu gaman". I don't know too much about it other than it supposedly takes years of spiritual development, after which practitioners are...

(07 Aug '12, 02:30) lozenge123

@Grace - to "collapse" themselves into a light-like essence, or particles, and are then able to transport themselves through channels in the "akasha" (ether) instantaneously and anywhere according to their will. If you want to read more, these links have some good info: and Also, there are several translations of Patanjali online if you try Google.

(07 Aug '12, 02:36) lozenge123

@Grace - Just found this link with a Bashar video, in which he explains how to teleport: Maybe now we can give this a try. :)

(07 Aug '12, 03:17) lozenge123

@lozenge123 - Great answer

(07 Aug '12, 04:20) Stingray

One thing's for sure...You don't hear of 200+ year old turtles eating french fries. Lozenge your knowledge is awesome

(07 Aug '12, 07:30) Nikulas

@lozenge123 - Thank you! Terrific clip. Bashar makes everything so clear it seems simple. I never have considered the location of an object be one of its properties, but maybe that's just my lack of education. But given that, teleportation makes perfect sense... A to Z, just don't bother with everything in between.

(07 Aug '12, 09:48) Grace

@Stingray - Thanks! @Nikulas - Thanks for the kind words...and yes, eating lots of junk food does not seem to encourage long life...but then again, the psychic/vibrational aspect also seems key. This recent study found a "positive attitude" made all the difference, although predictably, the scientists attempted to tie this to "genetically-based personality traits" rather than conscious choice:

(07 Aug '12, 19:11) lozenge123

@Grace - Glad you enjoyed it...I never would have found the Bashar video if I had not been looking stuff up to respond to thank you! For @Nikulas and others interested in the dietary approach, here is an article written by a yogi I met who lived to 123 years (he unfortunately passed only 2 months after I met him, or I would be training with him now). He discusses his strict diet, and other helpful hints:

(07 Aug '12, 19:18) lozenge123

@Grace - Thought you might like to know that I came across this clip of Bashar from the 1980s wherein he discusses how to teleport. The information he provides here is much more "technical" and in greater detail than the other clip I posted. It also reminded me of the movie "Somewhere in Time", with Christopher Reeve, whose character uses a similar technique to travel in time (rather than place).

(14 Feb '13, 22:22) lozenge123

from Newton's 'universal gravitation' to Einstein's 'relativity' and then on to 'quantum mechanics', science presents itself to be a belief system invented to fit into our perception of the universe :)

(15 Feb '13, 04:29) ru bis

@lozenge123 - Thank you, that is facinating. One more element just snapped into place for me: There is no need to "go" anywhere, you're actually allowing your scenery to change. :) While I was listening to the clip, it was reminding me of a book I'd read years ago, so I went searching on Amazon... It was Time And Again, by Jack Finney. It's a bit dated, but you might enjoy it. :)

(16 Feb '13, 02:12) Grace

@Grace - Thanks so much for the suggestion. I just picked it up from the library...and looking forward to reading it. All best. :)

(18 Feb '13, 16:16) lozenge123
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I am more of a creative type of person, not having much scientific knowledge, so please forgive my "grade school explanation", but from what I understand, so much progress is being made the past few years with genetic research, that most if not all diseases will be curable, organs will be replaceable and etc in the near future. And of course, we are always making strides in nutrition and health care. If man can keep from poisoning himself and his world, living forever could happen one day or at the least a much longer, healthier lifespan. If this is something many people wish for and work towards, it could manifest. Why not?


answered 22 Jun '10, 23:29

LeeAnn%201's gravatar image

LeeAnn 1

If your question is, "Can you maintain this physical existence forever?" then I would say the answer is no.

But this life is really just a projection of your true self, and when your physical body goes, you will transcend to your original, eternal form.

See also


answered 23 Jun '10, 00:04

Vesuvius's gravatar image


I believe that we do live forever. Our sour is eternal. Whether we can live in this physical realm forever? I believe that the answer is yes. However you maybe assuming that the this physical manifestation is the only kind of manifestation that exist. Because of our physical limitations we do not know what else is out there in the universe to experience. If we knew the answer to that one then maybe the question would be: Why would you want to live here forever here? Its like aperson who grows up in a small town and never left town as compared to someone who has travelled all over the world. Its a matter of choice.


answered 24 Jun '10, 17:16

Drham's gravatar image


Exactly what I was going to say! Would a newborn baby want to stay forever in the womb and not experience this life?

(18 Sep '14, 15:27) Inner Beauty

I believe we can attract this by having enough thought world wide on immortality, this world wide thought and talk will take effect to influence those in position to work on such concepts. These people in position being our geneticist and clone research, biological immortality is one of the most important achievements to save humanity and the most important for serious space exploration and planet colonization.


answered 24 Jun '10, 19:28

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

A bit of levity, comedian Steven Write said...

"I plan to live forever.... So far so good...."

(18 Feb '13, 18:05) Wade Casaldi

I believe that the human vessel was designed to exist for about 350 years. However I am not afraid to graduate long before that. It is possible that as we fix our physical & spiritual mess here through this current transition, we may evolve to live much longer.


answered 01 Jul '10, 18:10

The%20Traveller's gravatar image

The Traveller

here is one version of living forever ;-)



answered 02 Jul '10, 22:30

ursixx's gravatar image


Biological entropy is part of the human system and all the living organisms.

I would love to see a body builder in his 90s that would be an defying the odds.

Human body has is in built limits to its age. Over a period of time all the parts of your body, automatically start to get weaker. You come to a state where anything can break - if something important breaks then you're dead. simple as that.

Merely thinking has never been proven to have any positive co-relation with impact on reality.

You get old cause you get old - you don't get old cause you think you get old. A 5 year old believing all he wants will not be able to become and change his body to a 75 year old - just does not happen.

You only get to live once and a certain age does not come back. You can however toy with the idea of fooling yourself, but that's a different story altogether.

Bonus kids story of the day :
I know about a pebble and a well, and how its directly related to the pacific ocean. If you throw the pebble in the well then there will be a tsunami in the pacific ocean -- Its a secret and if other some person sees this thing happen then the magic will go away. So I can't show you this.

Moral of the story : Don't believe everything you read and everything you think. If it relates to facts and perceivable reality only then its true. Keep questioning your beliefs that's how you will get rid of the self-delusions.


answered 24 Jun '10, 07:29

xyz's gravatar image


One Body Builder in his 90s for you to love to see,

(24 Jun '10, 07:46) Wade Casaldi

lolz! love this guy - "I cannot afford to die, it will ruin my image."

(24 Jun '10, 09:35) xyz

Yes he is in his nineties and I could just imagine someone trying to mug him and he beating the guys up, I'll beat he could too! lol

(24 Jun '10, 19:31) Wade Casaldi

Thinking does have an impact upon the human factor within reality. But it is easier to discover that it is so through personal experiments than by studying volumes of scientific journals for such evidence.

(03 Jul '10, 14:20) The Traveller

Agreed, that it may not be easy to get current specific information easily especially about the mind and behavior. I still feel if a third party that does not have emotional attachment to the outcome of the result or fear of loss of ego should be involved in judging the success of the experiment -- or you should have your goals written very clearly such that even a 5 year old kid could definitively say weather they were met or not. Cause its very easy to fool oneself and believe whatever one desires to believe.

(04 Jul '10, 10:23) xyz
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there are laws of creations
that cover the universe
dream what you will but
material form is finite

you wish so hard to believe
that your intellect can
manifest whatever is
desired, wait and see


answered 07 Aug '12, 18:24

fred's gravatar image


human awareness intellect 5% to 10% of the conscient mind capability. you can believe what you want it does not necessarely make it so. it is better to have faith in the truth. with a good heart. be light and not darkness. This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

(07 Aug '12, 21:01) white tiger

Science is starting to make it possible- or at least extend it. But the bigger question is would you want to phyically live for a long time? there are ethical and moral implications that start to play into post-humanism, or even extending to something like antinatalism... It starts to get tricky and It starts to be alot to bear for the soul I think. Its good to start with a clean slate now and then... ( ie.e reincarnation?)

Kurzowski (I think?) Is currently doing research on little nano robots that repair cells constantly in your body so that your cells rejuvenate and do not degrade- meaning life spans of possibly 700 or plus years...

Do a google search!


answered 28 Oct '12, 16:00

Kanda's gravatar image


@Kanda - A very good question.

There seems to be a lot of literature and fiction out there, from the story of Gilgamesh, to Melmoth the Wanderer, to Tuck Everlasting, which warn us of the perils and "curses" that extraordinarily long life brings.

Understandably, this has cast longevity in a bad sort of light. I am reminded of the scene from the movie Highlander, whereupon discovering that Connor McLeod has miraculously survived his grievous wound, his lover...

(28 Oct '12, 17:49) lozenge123

...whispers in horror, "You've the devil in you," and subsequently joins a mob in beating him to a bloody pulp.

On the other hand, we have ancient accounts such as the Bible (Genesis), as well as Taoist legends (The Eight Immortals), which regard a 900 year lifespan as "no big deal"--if not desirable, certainly not undesirable.

Thomas Troward, a metaphysical "mystic" Christian of sorts, wrote during the early 1900s:

(28 Oct '12, 17:50) lozenge123

"in Job xxxiii, 23, etc., there is promise of return to youth, a promise which is repeated in Psalm ciii, 5. Again in Isaiah lxi, 20, etc., there is the promise of immensely extended physical life, death at the age of one hundred being counted so premature as to resemble that of an infant, and the normal standard of age being compared to a tree which lives for centuries...The Psalms are full of such promises, and they are scattered throughout the Bible."

(28 Oct '12, 17:51) lozenge123

For my own part, I agree with the following statement by Swami Bua as to the benefits gleaned from longer-lived human beings:

"Wisdom is the result of intelligence and practical experience in life. Therefore, the longer the life span, the greater the wisdom, which is beneficial, if shared with others, for the serving of humanity...However, if one decides to accomplish this purpose in a shorter period, then one doesn't have to have a life span of a hundred years and can leave the body at will."

(28 Oct '12, 17:54) lozenge123

@lozenge, you really are one of a kind. So well read. You are amazing, and we are all so fortunate to count you as an IQer. Thank you.

(28 Oct '12, 23:29) Grace

@Grace - Thanks, that's nice of you to say, Grace.

(30 Oct '12, 10:55) lozenge123
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Y'all need to read the Sci-Fi Book called, "Time Enough for Love", by Robert Heinlein.

It opens with our hero, Lazarus Long, age 2-or3,000 something-years old, trying to die in a flop house. Why? Because he'd done it all. Seen it all. He just wanted to be done with living, because living no longer has any attraction for him. He's bored. He's done it all... Of course, he is tracked down, shot into a Rejuv Clinic, and into forced Rejuv, and he's furious.

It's a classic tale, half Scheherazade, half Sci-Fi adventure. Buy it. And when you do, think about it: Would you really want to live 3,000 years?



answered 18 Feb '13, 17:05

Jaianniah's gravatar image


edited 18 Feb '13, 17:07

My prevailing 5 cents...

I would say it is impossible to think your way into immortality by virtue of the fact that you will eventually want to die. When you think about death, your emotional guidance system triggers a negative emotion, and you know your thoughts aren't right on the subject. Perhaps it is telling you that you're already immortal; it is disagreeing with your assumption that you are going to die. And when you think about immortality, it sort of feels good. If we are to believe much of what Abraham teaches, that we are immortal in a sense that the larger part of us is non-physical, but every physical body will experience death.

Abraham says that we ourselves have placed ourselves into this reality, which means this planet with its laws and planets spinning and our physical reality as we are living it. I don't see myself having had any conscious choices about our universe, nor the body that I chose. Some asteroid hitting earth, I don't know if that's in your vibrational control - it's heading for your planet! Since you didn't make the planets spin as they are, nor can you control an asteroid hitting earth and killing you.

You haven't created your body consciously, and it was growing ... and that can't be put to any sort of conditioning, it was programmed to grow; okay, at some point it's not growing but ageing, but it's still part of a natural sort of course, because with ageing, other things tend to happen that you could consider as growing... there are many forces at work here, like women's menopauses. Crazy biological stuff in there. I think stress and joyless life will contribute to aging, sure, and could well believe that we bring on ourselves many diseases, and pretty much that we create our own reality, but to what extent do you think you can consciously govern it? You barely have to think anything- for if it all is as simple as it appears to currently be, which is 'feeling good = higher and faster vibration = everything that matches that higher and faster vibe will manifest and it will feel good = happy days' (your thoughts play a part too, but they are almost implied if you just look for things to feel good)... then you will see that we don't really think much about our reality either because it all seems to just come to us. And you could say that thoughts also come based on your vibratoinal frequency, so thoughts could also flow from the Vortex. So you see, you're in a sort of virtual world, working from within the consciousness, but you're trying to modify its parameters, which is... impossible.

So you can not accelerate it, and perhaps you can even slow it down...aging that is.

I had stopped and paused to think for quite a while when wondering if to put immortality into a box using @Stingray's 'Manifesting Experiment 1'. Would I want to? Damn that's a huge committment :) IF you think life is all there is, then your answer would be 'hell yeah', but is it? Point is, can you ever know? Not if you choose immortality. My answer was, 'yes, until I know better and can change my mind' - yes, I want to be able to opt-out of immortality if I had the option. I suppose if I ever come to a realisation that I want to die, I wonder what my purpose would be? Would it mean that I will know of another place that I might be heading for, in which case, it's not dying, it's just deliberately moving into another realm. Can you ever know though? No! You can't know what you'll be.

Immortality in this physical life (the only life we know of as yet), is like locking yourself in a prison of a vibrational frequency. By staying here, you wlil never be able to experience other types of existence. Will you even evolve? I guess it doesn't matter, but how will you grow, how will your mind grow, what sort of consciousness would you be in after a while? What if reincarnation was true (and I think it is, vibrationally we are what we are minus the current conscious awareness perspective...if there is Source, then it's what grew me out of a sperm, and I, I am just a tiny awareness of it and my body and everything else and who I am...I am mind...and since evolution happens on this planet, then Source must expand and evolve, since everything comes from Source), then you would evolve organically, your brain will adapt to contain more information and expand, and have a more evolved perspective; you will never be stuck with a perspective of your physical limits. Your perspective either by staying or evolving organically will most certainly be very different; it's your universe, you pick, I guess!

So yeah, in summary, one advantage to death is possibility of experiencing lives/realities that are unimaginable to you... Annoying thing is that life then isn't as deliberate as you think if you were not to know what reality you're heading next; but I guess you could trust your inner-being which is hopefully telling you everything will be alright; but that inner being, I guess, has their own inner being, because something, at some point, will be on a level of not giving you a nice feedback of feelings, because it itself would not know where you're going next... so perhaps you're aimlessly hopping realities. But I'd like to think that we are growing...and evolving, and reincarnating and evolving this physical space. But another type of exsistence? What can be attributed to non-physical? Self-awareness as you know it? We'll never know because we'll always reincarnate as human. Our consciousness as we know it can never be attributed to non-physical, so we'll never know trully who we are; but perhaps it would make sense there. I'd like to think that the Source expands. I'd like to think that we are growing, and enjoying it, and exploring in different consciousnesses this vast eternal all that is in the present moment.

Or we could just die. Just die. Maybe we're stuck in a loop of getting sent here by our inner being. Maybe one day we'd want to break out of a loop that inner being is in, or is inner being all that is, is there a level beyond it? Which way are we evolving and growing? Pushing our physical evolution or moving into the direction of the divine source (false way of looking at it?), and since we're told Source expands (I guess in this case I mean our own Source), then it's an open-ended expansion, here in the physical and on the source; are we exploring more of the infinite from both directions? Or there is just one consciousness, that is you, and the expansion is always on the Source, and then it is projected outwards... and your Source is your consciousness expanding and exploring all-that-is, and as Source perceives more of all that expands on all dimensions, and in this one as well. Could be that source is the same and we are as human beings just exploring it; and it never expands, but stays still, but only our width of perspective has grown. Or it's your consciousness perceiving it all; identified the 'Source' and its emotional guidance system, but they're all just components of your own mind; you think you're going up the divine ladder, but all you're doing is understanding that you're vibrational and that your solar plexus when it vibrates on different frequencies will give off a positive or negative feeling...

Went on a tangent here...

The answer to your question, let's just say 'Not exactly'.


answered 01 Sep '14, 19:16

einsof's gravatar image


edited 01 Sep '14, 19:33

at some point it's not growing but ageing,Our consciousness as we know it can never be attributed to non-physical,Immortality in this physical life (the only life we know of as yet), is like locking yourself in a prison of a vibrational frequency. Is that so? again I tell you the flesh is flesh and the spirit is spirit.

(02 Sep '14, 02:50) white tiger

"My answer was, 'yes, until I know better and can change my mind' - yes, I want to be able to opt-out of immortality if I had the option." Classic!

(02 Sep '14, 09:09) ursixx

The LAW of entropy makes the eternity of your physical body impossible, unless I'm wrong. At this point, even the known universe will come to an end.

HOWEVER, when you look at your body, do remember that only 5% of matter is visible to us. Those atoms that form cells that form organs that form your body are the tinest part of your existence. Your existence IS eternal because it is not physical. It is energy, and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can be transmuted, but not destroyed. Your mind holds your memories - not the cells.

Another way to look at it is that there comes a time when you have learned all that you want to learn from a given frame of reference. I'm convinced that this is my last human life experience. I have no interest in another continuing after my current project is over. The current global system is inconsistent with my values, thus my potentials. It now prevents the kind of progress I am beginning to formulate. This world no longer serves me, which is why I am spending my last years in service to it, intent on doing my part to repair it before I leave.


answered 26 Sep '14, 08:53

Gail's gravatar image


Stop believing that you're going to die, release this belief completely and see for yourself. I for one don't wan't myself to live forever or how would I come back upgraded with all the knowledge of this lifetime ingrained in my DNA? :D


answered 28 Sep '14, 08:21

Pankaj%20Pal's gravatar image

Pankaj Pal

People will never live for ever. That is a truth which physics and reality defines. But the thoughts of a person can live forever. Remeber Shakespher, Sir Isac Newton, Keates, And so many more that whose thoughts live forever. Be it a tale of two cities to catcher in the rye. So ever smart alec question can be answered in two parts. A cynical question can be answered as a cynical answer or it can be expounded upon for enlightment. And whom knows this life which is eternal even after we leave continues. So as the thoughts of a person lives on so perhaps the spirit of those thoughts live on. Remember Give me Life Or give me Death. If we Give life to thoughts Those Thoughts live regardless if the person that birthed those thoughts passes into the new neither world of eternal enlightment.


answered 28 Sep '14, 18:28

deonclintmoore's gravatar image


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