I have come across some information that is interesting to manifesting our reality. Some thoughts from Francis Bacon.

That the process of manifestation is:

  1. Desire
  2. Thought
  3. Action


  • the highest Desire is Love
  • the highest Thought is Understanding and
  • the highest Action is Service

Any comments?

asked 23 Oct '09, 11:28

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I agree - to keep it short and simple :)

(14 Jun '12, 05:41) ZDCobran
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Toshiro makes a good point in his final paragraph. We may speak in different terms, but the principles that are effective are universally the same, and they are based on the law of attraction. We may emphasize different aspects of the thought process, attitude and behavior, but manifestation works nevertheless, if we are following the basic principles.

I agree that we must have a desire and ask. Believing is just one way of saying that you "feel like you already have it." (Rani)

"Taking action" (Rebecca and Toshiro) to "work for them [our dreams]" (Vesuvius) is a natural outgrowth of believing (feeling like you already have it). So action is a part of sincere belief.

The story is told of a hospitalized man who was dying of cancer. Elders from the church came, saying, "Brother, we have come to lay hands on you so you will be healed." The sick man replied, "If you believe that, why haven't you brought my clothes, so I can go home?" As the Bible says, "Faith without works is dead."

Here's another way of expressing Bacon's thoughts: Love creates a desire to manifest a change for the better. Understanding enables us to think of what to manifest. Service presents us with the opportunity to multiply that which is becoming manifest, as we take action based on our belief, acting "as if" it were fully realized even if we don't see it.

It seems apparent to me, that love is the creative energy that flows through all of the process.


answered 24 Oct '09, 09:21

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I agree with the first step of Francis Bacon's process for manifestation as you have to have a desire for it to manifest...seems logical.

Now, the steps after that is not the way I see it. I think the process is (more similar to Toshiro's):

  1. Ask or desire
  2. The Universe hands it to you on a silver plate
  3. Allow it to manifest

The first step of asking, we all do all the time, seeing an Aston Martin on the road for example (btw I think this is the nicest car ever) and just thinking how nice it would be to have one.

The second step is when the universe creates the thing for you in your non-physical world. You see the universe always gives you whatever you want, no exception. It's like there is a secret place in the non-physical universe which has all the stuff you have ever asked for or desired.

And now, all you have to do is the third step which is allowing the thing created by the universe to manifest in your physical reality which is the hardest out of the 3 steps as the other steps happen almost automatically without much effort. There are a number of processes to allow the things you have desired to manifest in your reality. It's all about how you feel. If you can feel like you already have it and you do not doubt it, then it has to manifest in your physical reality.


answered 23 Oct '09, 17:46

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Pink Diamond

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Thanks Rani, seems like the allowing step is the hardest for most people. We think so logically that certain circumstances have to occur and that might not be the way the universe wants it to happen.

(24 Oct '09, 09:26) RPuls

What Francis Bacon says is interesting. I especially like the the idea that the highest action is service. I see the process in a slightly different way though.

1.though/desire - decide what you really want
2.emotion - the energy that attracts the desire to you
3.guidance - allow the universe to handle the details and be aware of any signs it is sending you
4.action/receiving - take inspired action to realize your desire

Maybe I should also add patience throughout steps 3 and 4 Strong belief that what we desire is already on it's way is also very, very important but I guess we can say that it's part of the second step. Even though belief is not normally considered as an emotion, I feel that when it comes to manifesting, firm belief is the highest emotion available to us. When we are convinced we can attain something, then nothing can stop us. Recreating the same reality over and over again is another evidence of the power of conviction - we've accepted this reality as the only truth and thus we are constantly attracting it.

I think everyone has a slightly different approach to manifesting but it's usually a variation of what the Secret teaches:

[EDIT] How could I forget?! **slaps himself on forehead :) Gratitude!

Gratitude is another essential component. Throughout the manifestation process it's easy to get discouraged. The best way to raise your vibration is by expressing gratitude for whatever is already in your life. No matter how grim the circumstances, we can always come up with something we are grateful for. Also, be thankful for any evidence of the unfolding of your desire, no matter how small it may seem.

Little by little strive to make gratefulness your normal state of being. Something that I learned from Wayne Dier's movie 'The Shift' is saying "Thank you" first thing when I wake up in the morning. Thank you for this new day, thank you for all the miracles it will bring to me...It's a very empowering practice.


answered 23 Oct '09, 13:20

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Thanks Toshiro, sounds like that the patience step is more like faith that your desire is on it's way.

(24 Oct '09, 09:21) RPuls

Yeah, belief, faith, patience...I guess you can use them interchangeably. I edited my post and added anther important component - gratitude!

(25 Oct '09, 12:48) Toshiro

Thanks for adding the part about gratitude for you are so right this is so very important and we must learn to put this into practice everyday of lives. Being thankful to God for what he has done for us and what he will do for us and others each day is so very important. Like you said reguardless of our circumstances we must find something to be thankful for. Including what we expect to happen good today. Yes, the power of gratitude is great.

(20 Nov '09, 10:31) flowingwater
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While what you put is correct and is the basis of what Jesus said, "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." The word left out of this is believing . It is our intent and expectation that is important, as is also our degree of excitement attached. The higher up the emotional scale that this request comes from the easier it is to manifest your desires.

Dream big, get excited and happy and believe - it's yours. Don't look for the hows, just take action when your intuition tells you the right things are there.






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You are very correct Rebecca it is believing is very important and important fact left out of the equation of receiving from God. I like you saying dream big, get excited and happy and believe it is yours. Don't look for the hows just take action when your intuiton tells you the right things are there. This is great it makes you feel better already and it helps you to push doubt completely out of the way.

(20 Nov '09, 10:25) flowingwater

I agree entirely with Francis Bacon.

I think we sometimes get our relationship with God backwards; we think of Him as a concierge or butler who will fulfill our desires if we ask earnestly enough, when in fact it is we who are the servants.

God will not hand our dreams to us on a silver platter, but he will arrange circumstances and place things and people in our path that will help us achieve our dreams, if we are willing to work for them.


answered 23 Oct '09, 16:29

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Like they say. "God helps those who help themselves"

(24 Oct '09, 09:23) RPuls

God has the power to help you without you lifting an finger it is according to your faith and your alinement with God. He has many avenues to direct what you have ask for, Yes you can ask and you have to work to receive it, but you also can recieve it without working for it, or once you forget about it it may come to you through something else you have not thought of in a way you have not thought of. God will bless you with your manifestations through many ways. He is an awesome and powerful and loveing God. The more you believe and have no doubt the more you will receive it.

(20 Nov '09, 10:21) flowingwater
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