Then you are assuming it is possible to get good grades only by thinking of getting them, without any learning? Law of Attraction only compliments your physical actions. – Asklepios 4 hours ago

(Thanks Asklepios for this answer)

My questions is: Is both needed? LOA is usually advertised as thought only...I'm confused.

Should I just focus on thought or both when trying to manifest....?

asked 28 Jul '10, 16:39

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That is not the case in my opinion. You need to distinguish LoA from physical action. It is not like LoA itself won't work if physical action isn't engaged. But your mind and actions should be cohesive, otherwise you might contradict yourself.

(28 Jul '10, 16:48) Asklepios

@Asklepios: I agree with this, however, I have been advised otherwise. I am interested to see what type of answers we get! Again, thanks for inspiring this, it will be very helpful in how I manifest.

(28 Jul '10, 17:02) Back2Basics

Thought inspires actions, actions provokes thought. And so on forever.

LOA is about getting into another vibrational state than you are currently at by thinking, so you can physically move there through appropriate actions inspired by those thoughts.

(20 Jul '12, 01:59) CalonLan
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The Law of Attraction is about being inspired about what you do.

Think about it. What's the best kind of motivation there is? It it the motivation that comes out of a person who loves what he or she does. It is inspirational action. It is work that does not feel like work, because you love to do it.

I believe that you usually if not always have to take action of some sort, but that your action isn't effort
if it comes from your heart.

That's the key difference.

People run marathons, lift weights, climb mountains, write books, travel on horseback, jump out of planes, make hundreds of sales calls a day, and much more.

It's all action.

But if they do it because they want to do it, because it bubbles out of their passion to do it,
then it's not effort.

See also


answered 31 Jul '10, 23:36

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I think inspired action, which usually comes about when we change our thoughts to a higher vibration, is what reaps the results of success.

Although things do seem to land in our lap unexpectedly when we begin to change our thinking, I have personally found that when I take action from an inspired place of thought, that action becomes infused with an energy from a higher power and real lasting results take place.

However, when we take action from an ego point of view it feels more like striving or becomes an effort, and the results are not nearly as successful or lasting.


answered 28 Jul '10, 19:20

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@Michaela: excellent point, you just inspired another topic for me. I do feel your experience here is very close to mine.

(28 Jul '10, 22:56) Back2Basics

@Don V's lovely lady story (elsewhere in this thread) reminds me of how I met my lovely wife. Both of us were attracted to each other when we first saw each other but neither of us did anything about it. But, differently than the story here, life circumstances kept manufacturing "coincidence" after "coincidence" where we kept meeting up - and we still didn't do anything about it :)

After some months of this, an even more dramatic coincidence happened that finally "pushed" us together - was almost an unstoppable force.

It wasn't until years later that we were talking about how we were before we met and, to our amazement, we realized our paths had actually crossed some months earlier as well even before we met for the first time but it didn't consciously register for either of us at the time :)

As I keep saying, even if you don't take physical action, the universe still has backup plan after backup plan.

How you feel is far, far more important than anything you could physically do

And just to clarify why neither of us did anything about getting was because both of us were happy people before we met. Neither of us needed a relationship to make us any happier. So, paradoxically, we were in the perfect vibrational state to attract the perfect relationship.

You simply cannot hide from the physical manifestations of your own vibration, whether "bad" or, in this case, "good" :)


answered 20 Jul '12, 05:09

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@Stingray- (wiping egoistic tears of happiness, like in a wedding)....GOOD FOR YOU!! I know it may be no "big deal" for you, but good for you man!!

Hahaha, my higher conciousness is giving me ideas about this dramatic coindidence. I love a good Stingray story, Ill add to my fairy tale collection, thanks for the share ^.^

(20 Jul '12, 05:17) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Hmmm. It's probably not what you are thinking :) It was actually a bizarre event (looking back at it, it now seems totally impossible but it still happened) that just made it blindingly obvious that there was something powerful going on between us. Yet even after that, we both still tried to fight it for weeks afterwards because we were simply happy as we were. But that event was definitely the turning point. I don't usually share personal stories but there's one for you:)

(20 Jul '12, 05:27) Stingray

@Nikulas, actually,it's far away from a fairytale.It's as Stingray says,in other words, when you like being with yourself more than being with someone else. You'll get into a relationship very easily and it will be a great relationship. Same goes for anything. Money, health, status. When you like what you have more than anything you would want but don't have yet, you can have anything easily. Just saying, cuz you saying it's a fairytale sounds like you'd wish for it, but don't see it realistic.

(20 Jul '12, 05:30) CalonLan

@CalonLan - "When you like what you have more than anything you would want but don't have yet, you can have anything easily" - Nicely said :)

(20 Jul '12, 05:39) Stingray

@Stingray this is a lovely story, and a familiar one. I found that I had been bumping into someone I would love for years before we ever sat down and talked. In diverse areas, too - miles and miles apart, doing very different things. There was just no getting away from him. :) Nice of you to share, thank you.

(20 Jul '12, 11:17) Grace

The part I always dont get about this is what if your fear is greater than your feeling of being inspired? For instance, you might be inspired one day to call this girl you like very much to ask her out on a date, but when you get to the phone, some fear starts to creep in and you start thinking otherwise and all the negative things that might happen to you instead..

(21 Jul '12, 10:51) kakaboo

@kakaboo - "some fear starts to creep in"... the fear can't come by itself. Fear has to come in response to a thought, more likely a belief (habitual thought). So if you feel inspired to do it, just do it without thinking and you won't have the problem. I think this is why many success gurus suggest acting the moment you have the inspiration to do something. If you delay too much, those established negative belief patterns have a chance to kick in.

(21 Jul '12, 11:09) Stingray

@kakaboo - One of the "tricks" I would use myself if faced with this kind of situation would be to give myself no option but to go through with it. It's called "burning your bridges". Having to deal with a present moment crisis, even if manufactured, can focus you in such a way that your negative beliefs become irrelevant. For example, setting the girl's number to a hot-key on your phone and pushing it the second you have the inspiration so it dials, and she answers, before you stop yourself

(21 Jul '12, 11:16) Stingray

@Stingray - so you agree that inspired actions can still turn to naught sometimes if not acted on fast enough actually? As for "burning my bridges", thats something which is easy to say but quite difficult to do sometimes :) especially when you have an inspired action in a situation that you have never experienced before

(21 Jul '12, 11:25) kakaboo

@kakaboo - The validity of an inspired action only lasts while it feels inspired. That is the window of opportunity. That inspiration can last seconds or much longer. I've had clear inspirations that have lasted many months. Regarding the call, it's only a self-imposed fear of rejection...all guys have that at the start :) I promise you that if she had a timebomb in her home about to explode and you needed to let her know to save her life, you would have no problem at all calling :)

(21 Jul '12, 11:33) Stingray

@kakaboo - I was just thinking about what I used to do (obviously I'm not dating any more). I think I used to reframe the whole dating thing and make it my goal, not to get dates, but to simply leave any woman I interacted with feeling better than before she talked to me. That was it. It was like a public service :) It was not to do anything sneaky get dates. I just went with the attitude that I would make her day a bit brighter for having interacted with me, whether she said yes or no.

(21 Jul '12, 11:52) Stingray

@kakaboo - And, from what I remember, I started attracting much nicer women than before holding that attitude.

(21 Jul '12, 11:55) Stingray

@Stingray - that was just an example, I dont really have any girls I would like to call now :) Just that for a 20+ year old guy like me you would probably agree that was the easiest example I could think of at that moment :)

(21 Jul '12, 11:56) kakaboo

@kakaboo - Okay, got it :)

(21 Jul '12, 12:01) Stingray

@Stingray and @kakaboo- Your conversation becomes my dating manual.

(22 Jul '12, 06:19) Nikulas

"As I keep saying, even if you don't take physical action, the universe still has backup plan after backup plan.

How you feel is far, far more important than anything you could physically do"

Awesome man! great! I'm sure that if it isn't the whole truth, the truth is backing those words in many ways! and I definetely wish you the best.

(15 Oct '13, 20:36) Justice_and_Truth
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In my own life, LOA attracts circumstances, but also inspires me to correct and helpful actions. I am not saying I have never attracted anything without action, because I have. But at times action on my part is necessary to get the desired result. I say both are not always needed, but sometimes action is called for.


answered 28 Jul '10, 17:05

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LeeAnn 1

My answer to the question asked by Back2Basics. I will make this as short as I can. (Just the Basics) A man Is attracted to a lovely lady,but she is unaware of it.This lovely lady is in turn attracted to him,and he is unaware of it.They both fail to show their true feelings by taking any physical action probably out of fear of rejection.They both go their separate ways.Years later they meet again and in the course of conversation each reveal what might have changed the course of their lives. A man is starveing.He has food placed before him,but he believes only in positive thoughts so he wills the food into his body but takes no physical action.Will he live or die?I think you know the answer.As long as we who are spiritual beings, dwelling in a physical universe, in a physical body it may require physical action to make the manafestation complete according to the creators plan.I think that it is stated that we should go forth and prove(to ourselves) that he is who he says he is,and can do what he says he can do.According to thy faith shall it be done unto you. Positive desire leads to positive thoughts,leads to positive feeling,leads to positive expectations,leads to positive action.I hope this at the very least inspires you to work out your own plan of action(or inaction)as you feel needed DonV


answered 31 Jul '10, 21:16

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Don V

Thank You Don V , the lovely lady story has helped me enormously :-)

(19 Jul '12, 22:59) Starlight

Inspired action

This means action that is so easy you almost don't realize when you're doing it... most of us get confused about hard work because we were told hard work was what brought results.

But vibration is what brings results... physical action itself is easy. Think about it, how hard is it to lift your arm? How hard is it to walk or move?

What makes things hard is our emotions... it doesn't matter what you're physically doing it matters how you feel about it.

I see it as an invisible flow of energy that moves us... think about how everything that's happened only happened because you got there at that specific time. For example, the other day I left work 5 min late... but on my way home I found a lost puppy that walked to the edge of a busy road as soon as I turned down. I stopped, took the dog and found where it lived and took it home...

How was it that I came upon this situation at that precise moment? How do we come upon any situation at exactly the right time?

The flow of energy guides us to it. It makes us "late" and "early". It runs us into an old friend. It encourages us to pick up the phone. It guides us places.


answered 19 Jul '12, 23:54

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Lapis Lazuli- Does this mean you are connected with universal mind?

(20 Jul '12, 02:12) Zee

@Zee - We're all connected to it, even though we create the illusion that we aren't. It's always moving us somewhere... but it depends on our vibrations whether that's a 'good' or 'bad' somewhere. Physical action is just another way we enjoy reality. If I sit down and look around... nothing stops because I physically did. The world still spins, the wind blows... it's a constant flow of energy

(20 Jul '12, 09:23) LapisLazuli

It is my understanding that your thoughts must match your actions. So if you're thinking positive thoughts, then you are ACTING in a positive way. Your personality and overall experience in and with the world is the ACTION that you're putting forth in accordance with LOA (your thinking).

All the best!!


answered 28 Jul '10, 17:12

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Abraham states only take Inspired action, don't dismiss thought as it is an action in and of itself (creates vibration) and that pure sustained thought of... 17secs = 2000 34 sec = 20,000 51 secs = 200,000 68 secs = 2,000,000 Is the equivilant of man action hours

"The images we create electromagnetically with our thoughts are literally made of matter! The matter is more fine and can usually not be seen with our physical eyes. However, it is real. The matter can be called incipient or beginning matter. Any structure made of this fine matter will try to reproduce itself in physical form, or denser matter. The incipient matter image will seek to manifest in the physical world. This is how all creation works."

Thanks to Christopher Westra of I Create Reality for this information


answered 19 Jul '12, 23:21

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always let your Higher Self provide you the answers. That is if you want to have good grade, then meditate for 20 mins quielty taking all noise out of the way of fears, judgements , expectations etc... then in that silence you will get the answers. That answer can be that you need to do phsyical action or not that much action but you get clarity about reading certain chapters for the book for example...

but bottomline you follow answers coming from that place... then the action is more clear and smooth etc... if you skip coming from the clear silent place then you may in your nervousness study somethign and may not have focus in which case your action could be wasted. Or having unmanaged expectations could have unnecessary drain on yoru mind which means you accomplish less.

And for your confusion the answer is that at the Source of any action is also thought. So thought is where everything originated. If you were to decide to study 6 straight hours, your first thought in your mind and then the action happened.

LOA stressed on thought because if your thought is obstructed with noises of negativity, judgements then your quality of action suffers. In that instance more action can only be counterproductive. thats why its more important that you first correct your way of thinking, then the following action will be beautiful, amazing and powerful.

There are tools to correct your thinking: one huge tool is to do meditations everyday for even as less as 15-20 mins. This gets you in touch with your higher self which will guide you.


answered 15 Oct '13, 20:56

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