Or does it...? Is there an opportunity here...?

After all, if someone enjoys their spiritual growth process -- why complicate things by dealing with all the nasty problems of the real world...?

asked 15 Jan '11, 13:56

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The Prophet

For me Neil, the more spiritual development I get , the less career development I care about.

I only need to have enough to have shelter, food and friendship. and one of those is free.

Nice question.

Michael Wondering.


answered 15 Jan '11, 14:08

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jim 10

Nice answer Dude... I'd have to say that your career IS in Spiritual Development... I can relate to that.

(15 Jan '11, 14:37) The Prophet

Neil I really NOW appreciate our relationship. You have helped teach me bout myself and I thank you very very much for that. Much love!!

(16 Jan '11, 14:37) jim 10

Hi Neil,

If I can offer my two cents...great question first of all

For me (and this is just my take) - dealing with all the problems of the world IS spiritual growth. If someone is developing their life force and potential, and we are all connected through that, then surely that will effect your life and your life situation?

To borrow the thoughts of M. Scott Peck (I'm paraphrasing) pain and risk are steps toward growing. You can't truly grow without experiencing some level of pain.

If you are growing at a rapid clip, I would imagine you'd see the fruits in your career, and possibly your ability to help others too!

"You can be what you will to be" - Charles Haanel

Have an awesome day!

Sukh :)


answered 15 Jan '11, 19:14

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Sukh Singh

Mr. Sing, are you a member of EClub? If so, I wonder why you don't display your afiliation and/or credentials... If not, how is anyone to know that you are capable of providing the services that you offer?... Then too, if you haven't checked my credentials, how do you know that I am in need of them?

(15 Jan '11, 20:22) The Prophet

@Neil - He's not offering you any services, he's just answering your question

(16 Jan '11, 12:48) Stingray

Hi Sukh, most of us truly welcome your participation and perspective. Please do continue to ask and answer questions. People find IQ for diverse reasons and some people unknowingly (obviously) have an exceptional amount to unravel... :)

(17 Jan '11, 02:45) Eddie

Mr. Singh, you are still invited to answer my questions... A lot of valuable information could be gleaned from such an exchange that would help you improve your communication process... For the most part, that's why I ask such quentions...

(17 Jan '11, 12:16) The Prophet
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Let us look at the work of a doctor: he is both a healer, and physician. His career development is being a doctor, and his work and his spiritual growth is to heal his patients. So, my point is the two are connected in every possible way!


answered 20 Jan '11, 02:32

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Inactive User ♦♦

I think it will help if you have a strong business mind. If you combine the two you are automatically ahead of most of the people in the business world just by default!

So relative to the people around you, I think you would have an advantage.

In conclusion, I believe it is helpful.


answered 20 Jan '11, 18:49

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