I've been "working" on myself nearly everyday for the past few months, meaning using various processes not just for abundance but also love, joy, forgiveness, etc. I cannot get away from this person currently but that is also ultimately one of my goals.

This person is pretty much the opposite when it comes to abundance, talking about limitation, talking bad about "filthy rich" people, and "If I had that kind of money..." scenarios in a mean way. I write/imagine about how happy I would be, look for positive aspects and other means (not rather get into that publicly) but what I do DOES feel better. I end up gaining some kind of insight or understanding.

I just try to ignore what this person says, go outside or just do something that I like. I've tried helping this person before either with actual money or lending a spiritual book to them but I've come to see that this person really doesn't want to help themselves and others whom I've spoken to say that as well.

On the flip side, this person is not detrimental 100% of the time... sometimes something intelligent comes out or they helped me a few times.

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hi @ingridstjerne257 here's something you may find useful


(06 Jun '19, 03:33) jaz

No, it does not help.

(12 Jun '19, 11:59) ingridstjerne257

thanks @ingridstjerne257 I love it when I get a real precise answer ... "no" leaves the door open to a whole lot of "yes" possibilities :)

(13 Jun '19, 04:14) jaz
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Isn't this just a case of you having buttons available to push on the subject of money?

They are actually doing you a great service - even if it doesn't feel like it :-) - by making your vibrational "fragility" clear to you.

If I was in your situation, I'd probably neutralize any emotional reaction to what they say or do - preferably tone it down to the emotional level that most people have when asking someone to "pass the salt" - and then carry on (in an unreactive state) with your practicing of an abundant vibrational setpoint.

The Rage Against My Wife process seems to work pretty well for this sort of thing.

I should probably come up with a better name for that process before this web page becomes a focal point for wife-beaters across the globe :)


answered 22 Aug '18, 14:01

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Even so, a person can affect you nonverbally.

(22 Aug '18, 16:23) ingridstjerne257

@ingridstjerne257 - It doesn't make any difference whether the influence is verbal or non-verbal...it's still a vibrational match to you. You are still the creator/attractor of your reality.

(23 Aug '18, 02:25) Stingray

I disagree. Plenty of other causes influenced me. I'm not going to argue about them.

(23 Aug '18, 09:07) ingridstjerne257

Useless answer. Nothing changed.

(05 Jun '19, 13:34) ingridstjerne257
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is it either or, or the
intent of infinity,
respecting economy,
from where comes the judgement


answered 23 Aug '18, 20:44

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Why not be happy that the person has morals and wants to speak out against greed that hurts other people?

They don't want "help" to live for greed as a slave to the money system.


answered 04 Aug '19, 11:49

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Useless answer.

(07 Aug '19, 11:48) ingridstjerne257
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