What makes them truly special and different?

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They have come forth without any previous karma.Love and Light.

(02 Nov '12, 22:55) Roy
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I have to admit that "indigo children" is a new expression to me, but having read information from greatdreams.com, indigochild.com, kryon.com, Wikipedia, and Skeptic's Dictionary, I tend to agree with the skeptics.

That said, I believe every child is unique and full of potential. I don't consider one trait or ability as being "more special" than another. Most of the characteristics ascribed to indigo children are characteristics that I see in myself, but I don't see myself as more special than anyone else, and I certainly see no need to wear a label of "indigo". I don't see how that would serve me in any way.

In an article at greatdreams.com (link above), Anna Hayes says that: "The Indigo Children are not to be considered "superior or elite" in comparison to other humans, but rather viewed as living demonstrations of the dormant abilities that are NOW beginning to rapidly unfold among ALL HUMAN POPULATIONS." But clearly, there are many adherents to this belief that would point to their "specialness" in a way that makes it difficult to avoid a sense of superiority or eliteness.

That the human species is continually developing, or evolving, into a higher state of being is a concept with which I have no argument. Certainly there are genetic traits that take hold and become more prevalent than others from time to time. But any suggestion that these children have "come here" to lead us into a new age is something that I must reject. Creation has given us all the tools we need to continually advance as human beings.

I think every child is special and that they all need our support and encouragement to become all that they can become, just as we adults should do the same for each other.


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You raised very good points John.

(24 Oct '09, 06:58) Celine

I agree with you John also. I also think their has been some genetic gene spices, altering, and adding of celestral genetics. What does this means i don't know but it is an thought. Also these children are confused and don't know what is going on with them as well. Can they saved the world No that is left up to us as individiual people according to our thoughts, speaking, actions and spiritual enlightment of our journey to finding God while we are here on earth. We much enjoy the journey and leave people and things better off than before they meet us as we go seeking along the way.

(28 Oct '09, 04:07) flowingwater

Eleanor, if you remotely knew what you were talking about you wouldn't have made this comment, as indigo and crystal children are not JUST small children that parents want to make out as special individuals. A lot of people feel they are indigo or crystal, and that belief does not come from their parents. I personally know of a case where a child was raised under extreme strict Christianity and was totally sheltered from any and all thoughts of anything different. This person knew of no such things from internet, reading, or any contact with other persons who had such knowledge or ideas. And this child SAID she was told by spirit she was indigo. Parents obviously distraught since they automatically think there child is possessed. This is a very strong psychic child who couldn't be repressed from her very devout christian parents.


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Their is no need for rejecting ANYTHING.

Human kind has started on it's ascension, which means incorporating EVERYTHING, not excluding one of the concepts.

In my opinion the thing with indigo kids is that they are diffrent they us, and they are special. Everyone is special. But you don;t have to look as being special in a matter superiority one speciality on another. I'm not a piano player, I probably will never be, but if someone plays some mean piano I give him all my love and admiration, because he is able to tap into that life force, the Source.

Indigo children are just that. They don't have so many blocks that we used to have. Their strangth is that they won't incorporate so many harmful balief systems for themselves fed by society and parents.

There role is to show us what we are capable of. Their was this notion about 50 years ago that a human being can't run a quarter mile in less than four minutes. The notion was their so nobody even tried. One day a guy beat that "magic" mark. And you know what happened? The same year over 200 people also beat that mark.

So what does it tell you about human race? We don't know what we're capable of. We NEED guides, we need friends to show us. Those kids are our friends. For mose of them it will be the first incarnation on earth. That's why they will be more in-tune with All that Is.

But we must do our part to. We must prepare the ground for thse children. If one of them seaz that she can see angels, please, don't medicate her. Just because you don't understand it and don't see it doesn't mean it's not real.

So instead of fighting against them and our own importance in the matter, just embrace them. Send them love and thanks for being here, for showing us the way. Cause the way is the journey, and the journey is tha goal ..


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Thanks for saying please don't medicate for we are so quick to medicate anyone who sees things we don't or can do things we can't or knows things we don't. It is our fear of the unknown that makes us so quick to medicate or maybe to control so between controling people and fearing people we as an human race do harm that should not be done. Children that are still under 5 see and hear things from heaven for sometimes the veil has not been completely closed for them. Thanks for your answser. Have an nice day.

(28 Oct '09, 03:54) flowingwater

Hi Celine :) We have a five year old boy Justin and he runs our house. He has come forth knowing no fear, He questions absolutely everything and demands the answer right then and Justin really does not like the word No. He asks questions like Does everybody see the world differently? He also gives you lots of answers you dont expect, Justin was moving into his own room for the first time and our daughter Nicole asked him, was he going to be scared to be alone? He let out this huge laugh and commented, are you ever silly you are never alone your Angels amd God would never leave you! I kwow this may not answer your question but Indigo and Crystal Children are just wanting the truth sooner,there DNA as well as ours is constantly changing. There organs are different to what ours are(they are able to digest greasy foods easier, thats scary)There are many changes taking place everywhere and Im really excited.Heres a link you might like Ive gotten a lot of answers here http://www.crystalinks.com/index.html Talk soon Love and Light


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Hi Roy. I think Justin and my 6yr old son will get along really well. My son bombarded me with questions the other day such as,why did God create the earth? where can i meet God? He'd always tell me that he's not afraid of anything...

(25 Oct '09, 02:17) Celine

Thanks for the link, Roy.

(07 Feb '11, 04:06) flowingwater

the concept of indigo or crystal children is pure hokum- all parents seek distinction for their children- was christ a crystal child? was da vinci an indigo child? chances are a child may be precocious or mentally advanced- but other than that well, all i can say is, dont believe the hype


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eleanor sawitsky

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