Why is it that we have the desire to have kids? Are there additional spiritual merits in having kids as opposed to not having kids? Does it add an extra dimension to our spiritual journey? Do we have a stronger connection to infinite intelligence if we do have kids?

What are your thoughts?

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I feel that being a parent and raising children is the ultimate spiritual practice you can have on this earth.

We need to remember that nothing is more sacred than ahything else. Everything you do CONCIOUSLY IS spiritual. Is it breathing, eating, working out, laughing, crying, wathicng TV, reading a book. We tend to associate spirituality with things like meditating for hours on end and running from the world. But the truth is that the world is here to BE experience, to BE loved and to BE praised. Just looking in anothers one eyes, feeling the connectindness, the unconditional love is a blessing.

And the truest and purest of manifestations of the Infinite are children. They LIVE in the NOW. They don't carry there burdans as adults do. The first sounds they make, like gugu gaga is really the language of the Infinite. One child is the entire cosmos combined into one expression of life.

So why do we have the desire to have kids? Because we made agreenments in the non-physical planes with beings to parent them, to bring them to this world and let them experience the beautiful gift of physical experience, all the joys, wonders and moderations of life that can be found only on this planet. We bring babies here by there won concent, by their won will and willingness to explore this world. It's an unbelivable experience for the soul to be right here, right now.

Is someone who has kids more spiritual than another? Not at all. As I said being spiritual is far more greater than being a "saint". Is being who you truly are, raising your vibration to your highest potentail and ACTING as if you are the ONLY person in the world, meaning that every other person is just another expression of you, which means we are ALL ONE. Is having kids a way to experience this? Of course. But without is can be experienced too. We are all made of light. Emotional signature of light is excitement. By living your excitement to the fullest to the best of your ability your living with the consensus that you would be living your highest truth when you came to physicality. Many of us have been so lost in playing the game of "living" that we simply forgot, but NOW is the itme of the great awakening of human potential. By living your highest truth your letting everyone else "rub off" your higher vibration and by that letting them know that they can live their higher truth.

How do kids help grownups be more spisitual? Just by being present with a crying or smiling child, not judging or interpreting what is happeninng right now (as a child does) and experiencing this moment as the only one it is, it serves us to KNOW that we can be child like in our "adult" lives. It doesn;t mean childish, but being curious, being excited, tretating everything as something new, something unbelivable. It's our birthright and kids intuitevly know it.


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I think you have some good points there. Thanks for your answer.

(03 Nov '09, 17:26) Pink Diamond

The desire to father or mother a child is a materialization of the desire for fulfillment-one of many that happens to be predominant within physical reality. Generally speaking, those completely focused in physical reality will look for their prime fulfillment within it. They will also have children. Those who are not completely focused on physical reality will look for other ways of fulfilling their needs. As a rule with other issues taken into consideration, they will not have children.

Source: The early sessions (Book 8)


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We desire to have children because we're wired to reproduce. It's built into our genetic makeup.

That said, it is my understanding that having children can be a very spiritual experience. Many of my friends who have had children have told me that it was the first time in their life that they became truly "unselfish," since they brought this fragile, sacred life into being, and now they are totally responsible for its well-being.

They have also told me that parenting is the one thing from which they have learned the most about life, who they are, and what their purpose is.


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