A law is usually irrefutable and proven. Has this law been fully proven? Is it more a Theory of Attraction?

In my opinion using the word LAW is a pretty big leap.

Commets? Answers?

Now for those who do not know my view on this subject. Here it is.

We can call it what ever we want. The only law I know is that I exist and that is debatable. But from my experiences, I have found out that when I change my perspective and my thoughts by raising my vibration...MY ACTIONS CHANGE.

When I "manifested" a flat stomach, it did not happen magically. I thought about being healthier and looking better and WITHOUT trying, my actions changed to CREATE that outcome. When I manifested my promotion (which I did not take), it was from my attitude about doing well which led to ACTION.

Though I do like to play devils advocate, I do have a small issue with the misrepresentation of LOA. To the new comer or the casual reader of The Secret, it might look like al you need to do is think nice thoughts, put stuff in a box and throw pixie dust in the air (Sarcasm). Do I think it is a "Law"? Well yes when you look at it from an action standpoint, yes absolutely. When I feel positive and think of raising my vibration, good things happen. That is only because this vibration creates ACTION in a higher vibration.

Do I think that when I start thinking good things that the universe "hears me" and starts a plan of action to take care of me? No Do I believe if I follow my emotional guidance system that I will be led to better situations? Yes

Now I see from a couple of answers (maybe) some got defensive about this subject. That is with most ideology, ego creeps in and a defensive standpoint is taken. Certainly no need for that here. If I am mistaken than I apologize.

Finally to me LOA is not an overnight fix to ones belief system. This takes a lot of work and love.

Be well


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jim 10

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The law of attraction is just one of the seven laws of the universe, the laws were revealed to a man known in ancient Egypt as Thoth the Greeks called this man Hermes Transmigratus meaning Thrice Great Hermes. These are called laws because it is observed that whether you believe in them or not they always follow the same path to the same conclusion.

The laws are:

Law of Balance (LOA), Law of Rhythm, Law of Cycles, Law of Opposites, Law of Sex, Law of Correspondence, and the Law of Determinism

All of these function whether you know or believe in them or not, even if humans didn't exist these would still be working in nature.

Read chapter 13: The Secret Doctrine Of The Rosicrucians http://www.sacred-texts.com/sro/sdr/index.htm


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Wade Casaldi

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Thank you Wade. I plan on reading The Secret Doctrine. I am looking forward to it.

(21 Jan '11, 02:20) jim 10

Oh you are very welcomed, I have the book in hard back, it is very old. It is a good book, I think you will like it. :-)

(21 Jan '11, 05:13) Wade Casaldi

Yes, as above so below is what got me started on the path to this site.

(10 Apr '11, 21:43) Fairy Princess
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Has any Law been "fully proven"?

Everything in your reality is just a mirror of your beliefs, or the beliefs of the general consciousness at the time period into which you have projected your perspective.

This means the Laws (I presume you are referring to Natural Laws) change as your perception evolves. See: Do scientists just make up their own answers?

Funnily enough, the only Law that doesn't change (that you can use practically) is the one that you don't want to call a Law...the Law of Attraction :)

Bashar sums up the state of affairs pretty well, I think. According to Bashar, there are only four basic laws in creation:

  • Law 1. You exist.

  • Law 2. All is One and One is All.

  • Law 3. What you put out is what you get back (i.e. the Law of Attraction)

  • Law 4. Everything changes except the first three laws.

If it makes you feel better, call it a "theory" instead of a "law", or call it something else completely...religions have many different names for it. It's just semantics.

Whatever you decide to call The Law of Attraction, the underlying principle always remains the same: ...what you put out is what you get back


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Thank you Stingray. Something for me to ponder more...:)

(21 Jan '11, 02:25) jim 10

Yes, thanks Stingray. Bashar's explanation resonates best with me :)

(24 Jan '11, 08:56) Eddie

Yes, those 4 laws do resonate within me too. Thank you. namaste

(17 Mar '11, 17:54) daniele
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Good point.

But i would say more correctly its the theory OF the law of attraction.

If most of us on this site are right then LOA is a law,but because its not proven absolutely it is a theory to a great number of people.

When you go thru life and see people always attracting the same types of people and experiences into their lives it does seem to back up what LOA is about.

Its personal experience that leads me to believe theres something in it.Can i prove ot.....no.

Do i want to prove it to people....again no.

Im happy for LOA to be a theory to some people,im happy for God to be a theory to some people.



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Monty Riviera

Yes, Mr. Cook a personal experience for sure. :)

(21 Jan '11, 02:22) jim 10

The Law of Attraction has been proven in a physics laboratory. The spin of an atom has been directly linked to the intent of the observer of the atom. Also photons introduced to Human DNA in a dark room within a vacuum retains the shape of the DNA after removing the DNA creating a hologram of it. We are creating our world in thought.


answered 27 Jan '11, 08:18

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The Knights Alchemy

Nice answer! thank you

(17 Mar '11, 17:56) daniele

Never knew this, but another 'one up' for LOA.

(24 Aug '11, 14:31) Nikulas

Law of attraction is NOT a law nor an attraction. LOA is NOT a property of life, is THE property of the source energy.

There is a little marketing feeling in me when I hear the law of attraction words.

Why is this NOT attraction ? Really nobody attracts nothing. Here it is. We note that time/space contruction is just an illusion. When you define attraction as a term you only can think about that process with finite time for taking place. But we agree that only NOW exixts.

OK, what is this if not an attraction? Why it is not a law ?

I got the answer in my meditation and have some nice flash of it. We are as a spirit or an observer we are EMPTY, we are so vacuum. Nothing just pure love energy. Think about you as an empty white canvas. When we focus on something we accept that creative vibration to be a part of us then we start to resonate on that very specific vibration. And what ?

The source as the only Creative Force as we are, ALWAYS rearrange itself by THE property of itself that says, like vibrations are gathered to one (place). This is a summoning power like a vacuumed place what always wants to be filled up. It's a self organizer mechanism of the source that we are. This is the property of our origin and the tool for the game. It's takes no time at all to happen. This is an immediate response of the self.

Our bigger part that remains the outside of the time/space illusion and ALWAYS gather the natural response of the self and put inside to the vortex we all have. Accept that our bigger part always wants us as great as HE/SHE is and always focus on what we want to be. This is why important for us to be in sync with our Self.

We experience the summoning property as attration by two main factors.

  1. We are not fully resonate on what we want, eg. searching for the outcome. (with doubt)

  2. Time/space construction defines a little time for compressing matter for matter, moving us to time/space coordinates for specific events and so on. Think about that as an "overhead" time of the process. I suggest you to agree the idea that unfolding always be at a perfect time.

Abraham says that when you fully vibrate on your desire, you just arrived.

Have a nice Day!


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Tibor S.

I like your answer Tibor! thank you

(17 Mar '11, 17:59) daniele

Well, call it the Theory of Attraction, then. Laws can be broken, whereas Einstein's "Theory" of Relativity is pretty much accepted as fact.

I interpret the Law of Attraction this way: Your brain is a goal-seeking mechanism; it moves toward that which you focus on. It should come as no surprise that, whatever you put your focus on becomes the goal which the mind is drawn to and seeks to achieve.

It follows that, if you focus on failure, then failure will be your dominant experience, and if you focus on success, then success will be your dominant experience.


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I agree, very nice. Words schmurds what we call it doesn't matter. I just want people to not think there isn't any action involved.

(21 Jan '11, 02:22) jim 10

I agree, I would like to say that there are possible exceptions and derivations to this concept of "LAW of attraction".

By normal conventions this would not constitute a law....or at least in theory of law.

So my answer is that law may be too absolute of a word for this "concept".

Others feel it is either a law or not, black or white.

I see it as a gray area, a very very gray area, only because we don't truly have access to all life's questions.

I would re-name it to the "Practice of Attraction". (Like Doctors who "practice" medicine)


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It might look like I put much weight into the words of this theory, only because it sometimes looks like it is a law (for the good) that does not need work. Thanks B2B

(21 Jan '11, 02:24) jim 10

Good question! I have my own thoughts on this subject matter, but I think it would be of interest to perhaps have a vote to see how many people on Inward Quest believes that it is a Law, and then perhaps, we will have a better understanding to its’ meaning, based upon the outcome of the majority!


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Inactive User ♦♦

Careful Vee, dangerous territory :))

(21 Jan '11, 06:17) jim 10

@ Overman, I get your point, thank you!

(22 Jan '11, 02:25) Inactive User ♦♦

in this physical world we live in all is subject to cause and effect, which some call the law of attraction. others may say that it is reaction, for every action we do or thought we have there will be an opposing or attractive force placed in motion. this was part of the teachings of arcane wisdom.


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Well put Fred. Thanks :)

(22 Jan '11, 03:12) jim 10
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