Is it possible to manipulate the entire human race?

Before you say...No, that's impossible because we deliberately create our own realities and we only receive what we've created etc. etc....hear me out... :)

I apologize in advance for the length of this question but since this is something that has fascinated me for nearly two decades now and it is a very controversial subject, I thought I should make an effort to make myself clear.

Before I go further, let me state that I am a fan of David Icke who believes that there has been a deliberate manipulation to our mass human consciousness so that a small elite (commonly called The Illuminati) can control the world's population and steer us away from our divine nature.

But when I say I am a fan, I mean fan in the sense that I admire the man and his convictions (I've met him in person and he's as genuine and sincere a man as I've ever met) but I've had doubts that the human race can be manipulated because of our personal self-interests combined with the way that the Law of Attraction operates.

Abraham (the ultimate Law of Attraction "good guys") say that the vast majority of questions they are asked revolve around people and the small events of their daily lives, rather than any particular interest in a more uniting broader world view. So there seems to be a built-in self-serving safety valve within all of us there that prevents mass manipulation of human consciousness.


...the thing that keeps me interested in what David Icke says (as a curious spectator only) is that most people are sloppy in how they consciously focus in their lives.

Firstly, most people in this world will happily give away their own creative power to anyone that offers to make the world a better place for them in a quick, easy way. And so, we get the rise, for example, of corrupt governments and political systems that manipulate wars to serve their own ends.

And secondly, our global media (especially through the dominance of television) has become so powerful that relatively insignificant events like the 9/11 tragedy in New York City become major focal points for world interest.

Let me be clear here. When I say insignificant in that last sentence I do not mean to upset anyone...I am not referring to the obvious horror of the events themselves, I'm just using that word in the sense that many, many, many hundreds of thousands in another obscure part of the world can die, say, in an earthquake or famine in a fairly unknown region and we (the global consciousness) can often barely notice because of the relative lack of media and political interest.

It is as though it is more valuable for certain elements in our society to have our consciousness focused on terrorism, which causes us immense fear in our daily lives because the random, human-driven nature of it makes us feel more vulnerable, rather than a natural disaster, which is a much less emotive topic for us because we feel more accepting of's an "Act of God" in some faraway country, we tell ourselves.

So, since the human race as a whole tends not to accept responsibility for itself, this seems to open up the possibility for others with their own hidden agendas to step in and, through the manipulation of our sloppy focus, lead us into living realities that do not serve us.

What do you think?

Is it possible to manipulate the entire human race?

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This was a question that made you ponder your thoughts.

(18 Oct '09, 15:48) flowingwater

I looked up David Icke. You have got to be kidding me. Hillary Clinton is a reptilian from the constellation Draco? I knew it wouldn't take long to find a Hitler reference:

(19 Oct '09, 19:05) Vesuvius

I don't necessarily agree with everything that David Icke says otherwise I wouldn't be asking the question. But I also know that if you had told me 20 years ago that I would now be believing that every moment of every day is nothing more than a reflective vibrational pattern set into motion by the thoughts I think, I would have fallen off my chair laughing at you. I guess I've learned over the years to not dismiss any idea anymore at face value. Even if it's not part of my personal reality, I'm in no position to say that someone isn't creating it as part of their own.

(19 Oct '09, 19:28) Stingray

It's his own personal reality, all right. He's every conspiracy theory I've ever heard, wrapped up in a single package. Surely there are better role models to choose from.

(19 Oct '09, 19:42) Vesuvius

I like reading David Icke and I am always open to ALL possibilities.

As odd as his theories sound, you can not prove them wrong. Or right for that matter.

(24 Dec '10, 19:53) jim 10

Hi Stingray. Let me quote your own words, “I guess I've learned over the years to not dismiss any idea anymore at face value." These are great words my friend. I feel absolutely the same way about these subjects. I asked one day for the Creator to reveal to me all that has been hidden from humanity, and as a response to the request I found myself stumbling upon practically every conspiracy out there. I have probably read almost every one of them. The most difficult one for me was reading Cathy O'Brien's experience. I don't know for sure if all of this is true, but I don't trust the mainstream

(25 Dec '10, 06:50) The Traveller

I believe that already there is a certain level of influence that the controlling few have on the masses. It is widely known that 97% of the world's resources are controlled by just 3% of the population. Before we even get into any esoterical theory of mind control...these numbers alone suggest the possibility. Just look at the Catholic Church as one tiny example of influence over the masses in a direct way. The indirect methods are even more powerful and largely unnoticed by the masses. Maybe what saves us perhaps is that the controlling few have yet to unify as one entity...

(17 May '11, 16:37) streetsanto
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I am an avid follower of Abraham Hicks teachings too, and I also found and watched David Icke's talk at the Oxford Union some time back - you can watch the whole thing here:

(I am Brit who was in the UK when he moved from journalism to the currently pursued path and I remember how he was treated then. Interesting to see how things have changed and he is talking at the Oxford Union!).

Now while I think he has some good points and I agree, people ARE sloppy in how they consciously focus their lives (yes, guilty!), and I agree with some of the basic tenets of what he says about other things, I also have some reservations about how far he goes in some other aspects. I am still thinking about it, so the jury's out with me about some of what he says.

Remember I also am not someone who believes, for example, that 9/11 was a government conspiracy as some want to make out - those people who have a political agenda by saying that this was the case - just as they are making out the government at the time was supposed to have had had by supposedly causing it; and I do believe that the holocaust happened which some people want us to remove from our history for political reasons "in case it offends people" or, in the case of Iran's leader, he says it didn't happen because of his agenda with Jews. The Holocaust was part of an agenda by Hitler, someone who manipulated huge tracts of society, and remembering that it happened is a reminder of that. This is how mind control happens, the editing of truth to fit an agenda.

So let us consider this - Hitler fooled a lot of people with an agenda that caused a world war for several years. The Bible also has an obviously very different agenda and has been used to affect people's thinking for centuries, as have other religious teachings around the world. Governments have agendas, history books have agenda, religions have agendas, everything comes with an agenda of thought. Yes, you can control peoples thinking on a huge scale. Whether you can call it fooling them is another matter and depends on whether you think what they are telling us is false. And whether you can fool all of them all of the time? There's a saying that goes 'you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but not all of the people all of the time'.

Your question is interesting. It points out that we are willing to be hypnotized into handing over our thinking to others and get to a point where we just don't think things through, preferring to believe what we read, hear and see in the media. On the other hand if we are not there to see for ourselves, we do have to confer a degree of trust on the media that tells us, though we all should know by now how that is controlled by the thoughts of those who convey the information some of whom are more open minded and fair than others.

When I did my photography degree in London, we spent some time on the way that advertising and propaganda works. It is very easy to manipulate people's thoughts, emotions and responses with words and pictures in a society that depends on them for information and entertainment.

You ask some thought provoking questions - good stuff! And I'm watching the video of the link you put up.... which mentions this which I had also seen ...

That link of yours is a VERY interesting interview - thank you!


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For sometime, it's possible. but forever? I don't think so. within us, is an all knowing - divine - spirit/mind. this mind is impposible to manipulate. it will find a way to reveal the truth. only one man is needed. one mind. and a mental domino effect would start until everyone knows the truth. of course, when this is done .. another plan of manipulation would need to start as well. and the game goes on. :-)


answered 18 Oct '09, 10:22

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Yes, it is possible. In these times, it is so obvious, we are whitnessing the manipulation every given day :) Our society is so unnatural and out of balance, there must be some kind of manipulation going on...


answered 19 Oct '09, 14:19

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Paul 4

To some extent we are being controlled/manipulated by the media on daily basis,without even being aware of it. However by being aware of this and by understanding and finding things out for ourselves in what is true and what is not true, we then begin to think for ourselves and start to control our own life, instead of being controlled by it. We all have free will. It is up to us how we use it or not use it.


answered 21 Oct '09, 04:46

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A lot of the human race is manipulated every day by the few at the top. And personally I am tired of people saying that if you disagree with a certain belief system, you are a "nut" or worse "conspiracy theorist"

All possibilities are possible. Do not forget that.

Why else do people seek POWER? To control.

Power of Love~Huey Lewis



answered 24 Dec '10, 19:57

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jim 10

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as long as there is one enlightened person existing on earth the answer is no.
and i believe there are many, and 'the times they are a changing'


answered 25 Dec '10, 02:53

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We are controlled by commodity prices (gas Etc.). The news usually stinks. There are companies that are trying to gain control of prices and distribution of grains. I believe that many large companies are trying to control our choices. I don't think there is any one person or group behind any conspiracy. Unless we are bombarded by subliminal messages "they" will never control the individual or will of mans mind. We need to unite and through out those who do not represent our wished. We need to make our Democracy work. If there are enough demonstrations our ideas will be enacted. In the mean time "they" can not stop us from manifesting our desires and realities. "They" can not over power Universal Laws.


answered 25 Dec '10, 03:12

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Only if all possible realities exist in an infinite number of parallel universes, otherwise no. I assume you mean all at once? Certainly, everybody can be manipulated or has been at some time, but all at once? No. Perhaps we could even all be manipulated at the same time if you mean various people being manipulated in various ways, all at once. But manipulated in the same way all at once, no. I'll probably add some more on this after further reflection, but that's my short, immediate answer.


answered 18 Oct '09, 11:57

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Well, let me see my answer would be NO to the whole entire race but YES to an large percentage of it.Let's not forget someone told me that Great Britian rule 3/4 of the world at one point an time!

Because what we are failing to understand this is not done at one time or with one person let just per sa that maybe say back in 1600's decide they want to take over and control the world or people there is no way to do it over an short period of time but you run your ideas with an number of people perferable people who have money to extradite your plans, form an group, society, organization, club or whatever you want to call it, keep it secret or make it public you decide. Bringing more people into the fold as to say and only keeping the very idea of the plan to your immediate and trusting 12 or 15 people and the rest on an need to know basis.

Now you have already have discussion what you want to do is control the masses maybe not all but an very large percentge now you must figure out how and this continue on getting more money, bringing in more people (which by the way you manipulate and control them) you get the best doctors, scientist, genis people and either control, bribe, or blackmail and get to brain storming to do this thing you want on an large scale. One of the main things you must do is accumulate an lot of money for power to manipulate the powerful people and everyday people so this goes on and as you are getting old you bring young blood in and have them to carry on after you die. Now this continues on through hundreds of years and you place people in certain positions of power to implenment your plan through money, power control of the people in power now you are geting close to bring the plan to forfilment.

You control most of the media, some politics, other countries powerful people by what ever means your continue on genis and scientific people have come up with though the years maybe you even have sold your soul to the devil and made an deal with him to give you extra power anyway what ever. Now you are continueing moving people in place , adding more people and perserving the true knowledlge to only a few very trusty members. Now you have learn how to control people's mind or something and you have found out fear works to help you move things into place quicker, fear there is going to be an war,fear of diseases, fear there is going to be more attacks on America, and on other countries, fear there is you can't make enough money to pay your bills, fear the countries are running out of food or water, maybe you destroy those who come up against secretly all through the ages that had enough power to do something, you keep the people in the dark to the world.

Now you appear to be an very good person you give to charities and help businessman with their business for them not know they are indebited to you now and have learn and have many people aboard now who are on top knowing about very power stuff making even remote viewing and maybe you have found an way to go back in time and gather information or change a few things or collect more money to make you more powerful. Now the time has come you have bought up most of all of the media from televison to satilites, you control most of the banks, and now you are ready to herd the people where you want them to go like cattle to an slaughter.

Yea, there are still some people in power and out who you have not been put under your wings but you have people working for them that will put an drug in their coffe or give them an shot or something and than here it is 2035 you(which the man at the time who is in charge) are very old now but you have an younger man in charge and you watch as he takes over the world and controll the masses of people because you had them so busy trying to survive they were not watching an paying attention to what you were doing until it was to late.

So can it be done yes, will it be done probably and I hope not but who knows, free will gives everyone a chance to make choices and may be this is an choice of someone. Why has it not succeed because a few people have woken up and did something about it maybe and are working hard to wake the people up for they are in an sumble sleep of working hard and trying to survive their self. We as humans have gotten into (I), myself and the heck with (You) if it is not happening to me than I don't care not realizing it is heading your way Soon,maybe, I don't know this is only and hypothesis of thought.

So No it has not happen but is it happening I don't know you be the judge of that. The bible says pray and watch, pray and watch or you watching and praying. Remember to WATCH. Who knows it might be something to think about! Great question to make you think!

But whatever is happening to any situation God is all powerful and loving and we just stay strong in faith and as I am learning to hold that postive co-reality of goodness we are all I hope are trying to create and lets heal Mother Earth with our postive thoughts, please.


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I agree with most of what you say, provided you're not talking about some goofy conspiracy theory, like the one that says we caused 9/11 ourselves because our government needed to distract people from the real issues.

But you don't need to go into the spiritual realm to find powerful people and organizations who want to manipulate the public en-masse.

Our elected leaders certainly have a vested interest in keeping us content with our televisions and our video games. Why else would there have been so much hand-wringing over the whole transition to digital television (other than the content providers whining about piracy again in an effort to preserve an obsolete business model)?

If CSPAN were the only thing available for people to view, the public would be so outraged by how our government runs that they would vote half of their elected leaders out of office.

You could say that education is the answer, and that an informed public is an empowered public, and you would be right. Yet there are many powerful political forces that want to shape education to influence the public in ways that meet their political ends.

But you're right. Most people really don't know enough (or care enough) to grasp who's really pulling the strings, and those that do feel powerless to change it for the better. Ultimately its up to individuals to be informed and make up their own mind.


answered 18 Oct '09, 23:46

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There are scientific manipulations that can be used to a certain degree on humans, but in general it would become a huge responsibility to undertake to manipulate the entire human race at random!


answered 25 Dec '10, 03:16

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