I have been feeling good and happy and cheerful for the past few days, heck I've even noticed I'm smiling when I'm alone. But I am surounded by people who are negative and pessimistic, and even though I try to focus on the positive I find myself being drained and fighting hard to feel good. What do I do in these circumstances?

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I Think Therefore I Am

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You have to leave them with their feelings.

It makes no sense to push against this; you will only cause more resistance. As long as you focus attention on those negative people, they will continue to have a reason to be negative (attention-seeking behavior).

So instead of focusing on the negative people in your life, continue to focus on the things that make you feel good. In time, if you are persistent and consistent about this, maybe some of those negative people will see that you are having more fun than they are, and come over to your side.


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Agree with your answer and comment.

(06 May '10, 22:00) Gleam

I think you attracted people with negative vibrations into your life when you use to feel that way yourself. Now that your vibes are shifting you will find that you will start to attract new people in your life. Dont worry about how it will happen, it just will. Keep some positive affirmations with you always so you can pull one out when you the negative energy tries to surface.

Another thing to be aware of is that as you start shifting your energy you will get resistance from the people around you and even from yourself. In the beginning it feels like the greatest enemy is within. I recommend that you read the book "A New Earth" from Oprah's Bookclub and you will understand even more the role that the Ego plays in our life and the reaction that comes when you make the shift to spirituality.

One thing for sure is that once you start the journey there is no going backwards only forwards so you are in a good place.


answered 06 May '10, 23:03

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To remain constantly happy around those that are negative is easy. Simply do a tapping session for a few moments each day using the Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT. There are many videos on it with scripts on YouTube and the manual for the history and tapping points is available free from www.emofree.com Enjoy & be Happy! Life was meant to be lived that way.

EFT works on the Chi, releasing pent up energy stored from every negative thing we've heard, done, seen or thought in our lives. Even if it was just something you watched on TV. The subconscious mind does not know fiction from reality and accepts all things into it's memory bank. By tapping the EFT points, the Chi is released forever on the issue you are working on, being it depression, PTSD, illness or disease, phobias & fears.

LOA won't work if you have stuck Chi, because you will have an unconscious belief that you aren't deserving of abundance. You must get the Chi unstuck and release the energy. EFT is the fastest (and permanent) method of doing this.

Negative people are actually living in sin. Negativity is a sin on our souls. Introduce people to EFT and if they don't get it, then avoid them like the plague, but pray for them.


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I did try EFT today when I was particularly down and you are right it did work. Whether EFT is a placebo like some believe or if there is really science behind it, who cares I worked for me:-)

(06 May '10, 19:15) I Think Therefore I Am

Just to be clear, the placebo effect is real. Doctors sometimes give sugar pills to help people cure themselves. But EFT is not a panacea, any more than a sugar pill is. My guess is that the "tapping technique" is a distraction. It causes you to focus on something else besides the problem, and there is genuine therapeutic benefit to that.

(06 May '10, 20:22) Vesuvius

Can I just say that my understanding of LOA is that it works 24/7 whether or not we are "aware ' of it :-) I like EFT , to me is like knocking on the subconscious door and say "hey listen up , take this onboard" but negativity being a sin ( going upstream to use an Abraham term ) or that Universe stops working because of blocked chi , doesn't quite resonate with me, just my opinion of course :-)

(12 Dec '12, 18:36) Starlight
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When I am speaking with a negative person I "switch off" my mind out of the conversation and in due time, when I think it isn't rude to do it, I change the topic to one that both me and that person can laugh about, so I tackle the negative conversation into a happy or amusing one.


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I've revived this question because I believe that it can be really difficult to remain positive in a negative environment- sometimes it feels like I am swimming upstream against the current when I am surrounded by negative people.

But I do think that remaining as positive as possible has its rewards; they may not seem tangible, but I believe that this is what God wants for us to be. Perhaps I sound a little like a "Mary Poppins" here, but I have to hang onto the belief that being positive despite those days when everything seems to be going lousy is really, really important. I perhaps cannot say exactly why it is important, but I think it is.

Some people, within their faiths, call this "testing". I do not know if this is what it is or not, but it sure feels like that sometimes.

I have not been writing as much on IQ as would like to have been doing lately, and I believe that getting back to that may also help my "fight" against the (tongue-in-cheek) "dark forces" that seem to be around me sometimes. I had major back surgery a month ago, and am feeling better than I have in a while.

But I do believe that we must try to be as positive as we can be, despite everything. I think that life makes no sense if we do not try to be positive.

God Bless you all,



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what you do in those case is experience and enjoy. try to help people that you can. to solve the problem that cause the negativity in the first place. there always is problem to solve. at least it gives you something to work on. if you do not solve the problem it is still there and will come back again and again. once the problem is solved you can move on to something else. some time we win and lose and some time we lose and win. if you can understand why you lose and learn from it next time you will win. and even if you do not win you will learn something else. but if you are negative i lost poor me i am a victim,i better forget about it ,delete it ,suppress it. it will come back. take it for what it is a learning experience. no one knows all in this world. but you have the potential to learn and grow. nothing is dark is you can understand the truth about it. light up a lamp in the dark and it is not dark anny more. the light came to the world but the darkness as not understood it. so let there be light,Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.




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