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Is separated within together without form?Remember this: whatsoever you are doing, do it so alertly, with full awareness, that your consciousness is there; it is not allowed to move. Then only will you come to know what awareness is. Moment to moment, move in the present. Don’t go away from the present or you will have gone into dreams. This awareness makes you totally different from ordinary humanity. You are alert. You have become more than man.THE KNOWLEDGE WHICH IS NOW YOURS IS ONLY YOURS BECAUSE YOUR SOUL HAS BECOME ONE WITH ALL PURE SOULS AND WITH THE INMOST. So don’t get egoistic about it in any way, don’t think that you have now gained a superhuman state because you are alert. You are alert only, you are aware only, you have transcended humanity only, because now you are becoming one with all the great souls. You are becoming one with IT IS A TRUST VESTED IN YOU BY THE MOST HIGH. This awareness is a trust vested in you by the Most High, the innermost one. BETRAY IT.... You can betray it still; you can fall back again. You are still fluid; you have still not crystallized. The old state has gone, the new is still forming – it is in a fluid state. You can go back, you can fall back. The transformation has not happened in its totality. Only in part are you different. Part of you is still the old. It is a trust. BETRAY IT, MISUSE YOUR KNOWLEDGE.... You can betray it. If you become egoistic – if you say, ”This is my knowledge,” if you say, ”I have come to know. I have realized. I have known God. I have become this and that,” – if you claim, you have betrayed. The claim shows that the ego still persists in you; the ego is there behind it. You have fallen into the trap again. The one who has known will not claim that he has known. There is no need to claim. Any claim comes from the ego; claim means ego. If you claim, you are betraying it. MISUSE YOUR KNOWLEDGE.... You can misuse it. You can use it to exploit others, you can use it to dominate others, you can use it for ends which are not spiritual, but then you will fall back. Knowledge is dangerous because knowledge is power, and if you use it for ends which are not right, you will lose the grip; you will fall back. That which has been given to you can be taken back. No one takes it back from you – you, yourself, lose it. Or, NEGLECT IT. You can neglect it. If you neglect it, it will stop growingexistence itself.

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Very true! thank you Darrell! namaste

(22 Jan '11, 12:42) daniele

Profound - Thank you :)

(22 Jan '11, 15:44) Michaela

This information appears to be copied from: Please quote your sources in future

(22 Jan '11, 19:11) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Darrell: This is a question and answer site. Please don't copy information here that you found elsewhere on the internet; that is not the purpose of this site, no matter how relevant the information might seem. Try asking a question instead. See also

(23 Jan '11, 16:02) Vesuvius
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I enjoyed reading the paragraph/statement you have posted, very profound, but again you failed to ask a specific question, why is this?

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