Can someone tell me how to bend spoons and wine glasses useing mind power or energy. I have noticed when Dynamo bends the wine glass it seems to be pushing the flesh in his hand back through to his bones.

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using energy, quite simply. Pre-heat the object and apply sufficient force afterwards. The object will bend.

(09 Jan '13, 14:33) CalonLan

Remember seeing Dynamo on telly last Christmas, would love to have a chat with that guy, hes awesome..

(09 Jan '13, 16:10) Monty Riviera
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Hello Wazza

"Not everyone can bend metal but you might want to try ... choose an old spoon or fork. Hold the spoon or the fork in your hand. Now psych yourself up by focusing all your power and energy on trying to manipulate the fork or spoon with physical strength. Feel a warmth passing through your arms into your hands. Really believe that you are altering the molecular structure of the metal and that it is going to bend. You might be amazed to find that it becomes like soft plastic in your hand and that the metal will twist. If you are successful you can try the technique that i use, which involves stroking the neck very gently to make it bend or melt. This is much more difficult ... i have days when my powers are very weak and you'd think i'd never bent a spoon in my life"

The above paragraph on how to bend silverware is an extract from Uri Geller's Mind Power Book

have fun ... bb2


answered 08 Jan '13, 05:21

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blubird two

If you can see the smallest part of the whole,add a little belief,you can have the most wonderful wind chimes.Love and Light.


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I once downloaded James Twyman's Spoon Benders course.

If you are really interested you could download that. I believe it may still be on the Web someplace.

It came through my email years ago.


answered 09 Jan '13, 12:39

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Wade Casaldi

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