If everything is energy and thoughts are energy, can we harness the energy from our thoughts to produce electricity?

Edit 7/17/11 I just found this example of the energy produced by the brain. Now, how do we harness that for use?

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With the electrical impulses running through your brain and your body most people are able to generate enough electricity to shock another human being a little bit and maybe even some can light a light bulb. Some people may be able to gather the energies of others in a total heighten energy field and others may feel weak from the energy transfer. Like being around negative people how they make you feel weaker.

Your thoughts are energy so yes your thoughts come to life through the spoken word. Electrical impulses are constantly generating through your body producing electricity.

The nerve cells, or neurons sends coded messages to the neurons in the brain through electrical impulses to be decoded.


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I had completely forgot about this!!! Wow you just sparked a memory, remember the cube flash bulbs cameras used to need? One time one of those went off in my hand pop! they all went off before I could put it on the camera! lol

(16 Jul '11, 16:22) Wade Casaldi

Opps I am showing my real age! Cube flash bulbs, cameras that need film what is that stuff, never heard of such things! lol

(16 Jul '11, 18:22) Wade Casaldi

Yes, it is all energy but it is energy at different rates of vibration.

When you travel to different countries with, say, your hair dryer, you may find that the standard electrical voltages in some countries are different to what it requires.

And before you can use it, you need some kind of transformer to change the rate of vibration of the electrical energy in that country to one that your hair dryer naturally accepts.

Similarly, trying to run your hair dryer directly from the energy in your thoughts is probably going to leave you with wet hair...your thoughts operate again at a different rate of vibration to what it naturally accepts.

However, there is still a transformer available for running hair dryers from your thoughts - and that "transformer of thought" is you.

In this case, the required transformation may come in the form of an inspired impulse that causes you to take action to buy an appropriate electrical power transformer that will now cause your hair dryer to operate in the country you have visited.

In effect, your non-physical thoughts have generated an outcome in your physical reality that now causes your hair dryer to work. To put it another way, you have focused the energy in your thoughts to produce the correct kind of electrical vibration, through manifesting an appropriate response in your physical reality to bring it about - in this case, a physical action to buy something.


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We do, that is exactly how our brains work, on electrical impulses. That is how you can move your arms and fingers and how you can think, everything functions on electrical impulses.

alt text alt text


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Wade Casaldi I like the picture of the electrical impulses firing off in the brain as different activities of the central nervous system and thoughts are activated throughout the brain.

(04 Apr '11, 07:18) flowingwater

I think the question is mis-worded. I believe that God is a being of light and that we are a part of his creation. If one can accept this as a base for the theory that the brain is not separate from God, the energy that exists in thought is not generated through the nervous system or from the brain itself. We are simply a part of his form in which light exists in our emotions. The original question is partly correct in that if the emotion of love is exhibited, it has the potential to ripple from one to another thus making the body of God cleansed from the sickness of things like greed, envy, hatred, or anything that does not exhibit love and goodwill towards one another. There is negative energy or black matter and there is a blinding light. The more we create negative energy the more we take from God. The more love we exhibit the less we take from him. Therefore, those greats in the world like Mother Teresa shine because God reduces in her because she he (?) does not have to expend energy to sustain her. It is unity of love in God that creates energy in others, like myself. Those who exhibit violence upon one another lose the light and become negative energy and their lives reflect it by having death in life.


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