Are we as humans getting worse in terms of our thoughts, actions, spiritual growth and manifesting what we want or are we actually getting better with time?

I have not made my question too specific as I want know what people's different view points are on this subject.

asked 24 Oct '09, 14:04

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Pink Diamond

Well how do YOU feel? I think you know the answer to this one, don't you? ;-)


answered 24 Oct '09, 22:18

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We are as human beings begining to get better with manifestation, thoughts, spiritual growth, and action. But it seem to be an long lost art or gift that we are just begining to learn how to do all over again.

As long as we don't forget that God is the creator and Jesus is our Lord and savior and we are God's children we will do find as co-creators.

Even the gifts that we have are buried deep within us is like going to look for lost treasure it is there and it is deep inside of us. We may need to learn a few rules or laws how to do something but it is there we can do it.

I think we as human being are coming from the worser and going now towards the better but we were bogged down in non-understanding and lack of knowledge. Now that a few have come forward with the knowledge and shared it with the world. We are awaken to the possiblities of what we can do that has since been lost ages ago and now we are finally finding our way.

Now we are begining to realize the importantance of our thoughts and words we say.

Jesus told us all things are possiable through Jesus not some but all and he said ask and it shall be given, seek and yea shall find, and knock and the door shall be open. He said their was power in the tongue of life and death. We are just coming to the full understanding of what he was really saying of how powerful the tongue speaking or manifesting the word and the mind thinking the thought. But we are getting it now and more and more people are trying to get it.

Now do we have full understanding of how to really manifest now and fast as for me the answer is no but I am learning. My manifesting is not as fast as I want it to be but I am getting there slowly.

But as people shall more and more of their own understanding and knowlwedge than we all will understand more and more.

With more knowledge we check it out and than decide to discard it or add to our files of knowledge we already have.


answered 25 Oct '09, 04:16

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edited 26 Oct '09, 05:38

Yes, I think our understanding of thought and manifestation is probably getting better at a global level. Let's hope so anyway...

(25 Oct '09, 10:45) Pink Diamond

I believe we are ALL getting exactly what we believe we will get. Unfortunately I think we have given over far too much of our belief and creative power to the media (of all kinds) and advertisers that are constantly in most peoples' faces wherever they go. I have tried to remove myself from much of that for some time now with some success and feel far better for it!

Teaching such as this helps too ... all powerful stuff and so true ...


answered 24 Oct '09, 14:57

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edited 24 Oct '09, 20:23

Agreed. We are all too quick to believe whatever the media presents to us these days. And how much of that is realy true...

(25 Oct '09, 10:48) Pink Diamond
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