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Does intelligence breed coherency having understood the separation must avoid uncertainty in order to satisfy individual experience, HAVING OBTAINED THE USE OF THE INNER SENSES, HAVING CONQUERED THE DESIRES OF THE OUTER SENSES, HAVING CONQUERED THE DESIRES OF THE INDIVIDUAL SOUL, AND HAVING OBTAINED KNOWLEDGE, PREPARE NOW, O DISCIPLE, TO ENTER UPON THE WAY IN REALITY. THE PATH IS FOUND: MAKE YOURSELF READY TO TREAD IT. HAVING OBTAINED THE USE OF THE INNER SENSES.... We know about our outer senses, but each sense has a double dimension. For example, eyes. They can look out. This is only one dimension of their functioning. They can look inward also. That is their other function. Or, ears. You can hear what is happening outside. That is one function, one dimension. You can also hear what is happening within. That is another function, another dimension. Every sense has two doors. One opens into the outside world; the other opens into the inside world. Each sense is both outer and inner, but we use our senses in only one way.

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Only by embracing uncertainty can we really move forward - the ego does not like uncertainty :)

(22 Jan '11, 15:49) Michaela

I see we've attracted another "Prophet."

(22 Jan '11, 18:32) Vesuvius

This information appears to be copied from Please quote your sources

(22 Jan '11, 19:09) Barry Allen ♦♦

Darrell, I think we are going to have to take the view that if you continue to copy and paste from other websites without any explanation or comment, then we will start closing these "questions" of yours. Inward Quest is intended for spiritually-related questions and answers. If you have questions about the passages you are quoting then please ask them.

(22 Jan '11, 19:24) Barry Allen ♦♦

well darrel what if you become the gate and use what you have in harmony with the world. would you not be a good shepard?

(03 Oct '11, 02:20) white tiger
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You are talking about the astral plane, not only does this quantum world exist in the mind we can travel in it to the source. Once we reach the source we can travel anywhere in the universe. Yes there are sites sounds feelings etc in this world, and we even go to this world at times in our sleep but most do not remember it. It is very colorful and very unstable like it is made of water, and this is why water was used by the elders to describe it.

Such as crossing the River Stix by the Egyptians for example or going through the universe in a boat.

Edit More added because I was asked.

There is the lower and upper planes of existence in the astral plane lowest would be similar to what is described of hell and highest similar to what is described as heaven. I remember there were colors everywhere like everything was made of shimmering light but not steady but wavy light like it was also like water. This is existence everything you see including your own hands if you move them they leave streaks that catch up and then pass off back and forth until balanced again. I remember trying to walk down a hallway but the walls and floor were all wavy and moving colors. Get a fog machine fill a room with fog then turn on a disco ball with the colors of the spectrum shining on it now move around in the fog, see how the colors sort of move with you? That is as close as I can think of for this place. Everything is alive with motion and movement even a rock you can look at and it is wavy with colors everywhere.

My teacher Earlyn Chaney used to say everything we see has a duplicate but this duplicate is finer and this doesn't stop that has a duplicate and it is finer and so on until it reaches source.

The sounds you hear are another thing they can either give you great elation or scare the living daylights out of you! I was reading of a guy that started to astral project and he was shocked awake he thought his hot water heater had blown up it was such a loud bang! He asked his wife what was that loud bang? She said what are you talking about, what loud bang? The loud bang was on the astral plane he had heard.

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Do tell more...

(22 Jan '11, 18:09) all2gethernow

I can read what you have written, but I think you have forgotten to ask the question that you want answered; instead you are sharing a statement with us!

It is an interesting excerpt, thank you for sharing!

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