If you want to manifest a million dollars in eight weeks, and what are some of the specific tools required to jump start the process?

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Well, it has been exactly a year later. Did you get the million dollars? (or 2,739.72 a day since)

More importantly. Are you any better as a person now compared to then? Would that million dollars made you any happier than you are now?

We might not know what that money would have done for you and your life situation. I for one would be afraid that if you did get the money, you might not be on this site anymore and that would bring me sorrow :)

Money Shmuny


(22 Jan '11, 16:28) jim 10

@ Michael, I absolutely love your answer, and you made me laugh! The LOA has been very generous to me and I have had many magic in my life since, and I am still dedicated to sharing, and learning with everyone at Inward Quest. I am a great believer in “two heads are better than one,” and I enjoy reading your questions, and answers. I am a fatalist, so basically, I take one day at a time, because I do not know what tomorrow will bring forth, but I am always thankful for each new day! I am still breathing, so all is well with me! Thank you.

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Ha ha. Thanks, I always say "I'm good as long as I wake up on this side of the dirt"

(23 Jan '11, 13:03) jim 10
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Simple. You take the TWO million dollars you already have and go and have a lot of fun with one million of it for the next two months :)

This is not as facetious a comment as it first appears. We are all in different vibrational places going in different vibrational directions. There is no method that will work for everyone all of the time because of that.

It depends where you currently are, what your beliefs currently are, what your intentions currently are, and so on.

If you live your life with a dominant intent of thinking thoughts that feel good and taking actions that feel good then all of your unique vibrational aspects are automatically taken into account and you'll been drawn towards your own unique set of tools.


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I'm not quite sure where the 2 million came from ?

(18 Jan '12, 23:07) kakaboo

@kakaboo - I'm sure a clever chap like you will figure it out eventually ;) Here's a clue, courtesy of Richard Branson: "If you want to be a millionaire, start with a billion dollars and launch a new airline." ;)

(19 Jan '12, 05:28) Stingray

@Stingray - oh yes Richard Branson a real magician and a master in the game of tenfold return :)

(20 Jan '12, 00:07) blubird two
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Why does it have to be eight weeks? Can it be five years instead, if you knew you could do it in that time frame?

Most people cannot manifest a million dollars in eight weeks because, although they may desire the million dollars, their mind says it can't be done in eight weeks. So they lack the necessary belief.

What do you want the million dollars for? Do you really want a bunch of green pieces of paper with dead presidents on them, or do you want what the million dollars will buy you? Vacations? A second home? A nice car? Those are just possessions.

How about peace of mind? Freedom? You don't need a million dollars to have those things. You just need to change your mind.

Now I'm not saying you can't have a million dollars. You can. But money is a measure of the value you provide to other people. What value will you be providing?


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I'd say listen to my CD collection very carefully and follow it exactly, that is the hard thing to do I have listened to them but applying the released knowledge it is like I need to get around to it some time. lol

Anyway anyone can buy the CDs now even off of Amazon a lot cheaper than I paid for mine through the Society Of Secrets.

"Your Wish Is Your Command"

This is the best on manifesting directly from the Illuminati, the Skull and Bones, the 33rd Degree Masons this is the real stuff. It has the missing parts that were left out of the movie the secret. Also the book Ask and It Is Given by Ester Hicks her book is very close even closer than The Secret actually.

But you must listen over and over and actually apply the knowledge seriously, I believe people like Brian Tracy, Joe Vitale, Bob Procter, did exactly that, they got so desperate that something snapped in them and said that is it I am going to make it, I will put myself into this fully with God's guidance and grace I will make it.

Read their history, you will see each had been at a point of homelessness or near it in their lives, a point that the only way left was up.


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Great answer, very informative, and very inspiring, and can you post the name of your CD Collection? Thank you.

(23 Jan '11, 06:01) Inactive User ♦♦

Your Wish Is Your Command

Amazon sells it now. I am happy you liked my answer vee. :-)

(23 Jan '11, 07:52) Wade Casaldi


(23 Jan '11, 07:55) Wade Casaldi


(23 Jan '11, 07:57) Wade Casaldi
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Its very possible. Especially with the internet these days. If you have an extremely valuable service or product its very easy to provide that and rack up customers instantly if it is providing them with something that is worth more than they will pay for it, even if you are providing a 10,000 dollar package of sorts- you better be teaching people something that's going to change or drastically create a better life for themselves.

8 weeks shouldn't be difficult at all if you are in deep alignment with your desires and source and can bring all the tools together to reach the people who need you or your service/product NOW. Its very easy to get off tracked or to get stuck in ego or a lower vibration in your path to trying to provide value to people in order to get your riches. Everyone deserves riches because that is what provides us the necessary tools we need for expansion and for providing the best of ourselves and our gifts to the world/universe.

Do you think you would shine brightly as a light if you were starving and worried all the time about housing or clothing yourself or feeling like you can't do certain things? No. We all desire riches and rightly so- and even more rightly so if we have a specific reason for why we desire them- a specific mission or purpose and its to our benefit to be in tune with that purpose, but if you use $$$$ as support for the best of your own expansion, your own light (not so much material or ego centric items- showing off luxury etc. for selfish reasons)- but if you use your fortunes to give and be your best self for others that's what the real value in having a million + dollars is- its really a support for you to share your mindset, share your light and confidence and act as an example to help other people shine their own light- in whatever way works best for you- the opportunities are endless.

There are actually several millionaires out there who live fairly simply- they basically just fund their dreams and give very graciously. Sure they have a self-funding system set up but its for the benefit of tons of people and thats what sustains their structure. And truthfully a million dollars actually isnt that much, and even more so you actually DONT need it at all, which is the kicker. You can buy a nice house and a car and pay off a little debt and that would be about it..Which is all great and glory- but when can you really start to make a big impact, change the world shine your light? You can do that when you are poor even, or at any state!

And if you shine it bright enough the universe will have no choice but to bring you the support you need. But in terms of material things, a million dollars really isn't that much- with more than a million- When you start getting past 3, 5 million that's when you can really start to do big, big, big stuff- start huge charities- fund medicinal programs for third world countries, teach people a very specific skill (and have the marketing to reach them)- its up to you- but no question you can already be doing whatever it is calls in your heart at present whatever state you are at. You can do big stuff on any scale, but after a million you better be serving some people by being your best and shining your best light to inspire or aid other otherwise the fortune will be in vain, and it may possibly diminish because of that- or will stress you out greatly!

There are lots of people who amassed their fortune through struggle and cheating and you can bet that they either don't keep it that long or they are very insecure human beings or they are suffering in some other way. There is a right way to amass fortune for the greatest of all but you must be in alignment with source and service. Remember though, service isn't sacrifice, like most people believe, service is a natural biproduct of you being your best happiest, glowing and giving self---- And this giving is what actually serves you the greatest out of everyone in a paradoxial way as well- because it channeles the energy into this cycle of love that keeps giving back onto its self and multiplying on itself and its insane amazing!.

And sacrifice is not sacrificing yourself or your desires or health or anything, its actually the opposite- sacrifice is rather letting go of things that don't presently serve you, letting go of things that don't keep you happy or in a state of joy in order to make way for what you will become:the best you can be presently in this life. Thats the true definition of sacrifice that often gets messed up in our culture. There's some book that states the 20/80 rule it says: what 20% of things are bogging you down right now that take up 80% of your time? if were cleared would make all the difference.

It could be one bad client that actually isn't a big client but takes up all your time,distracting from all your best clients, or one person who is a drag that isn't that beneficial a friend for you but who also takes up all your time or makes you feel worse being around them than not, and then you can't focus on your best friends. Find those 20 percent and weed it out, make some "sacrifices" in order to better the picture and that will keep you in allignment, in the flow and being the best, doing the expanding work(not really work more like play) for the greatest good of all


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@Kanda Great answer! I really like the way you approach this, definitely sounds like a "millionaire mindset" to me :)

(12 Oct '12, 22:39) LapisLazuli
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