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Lets say that money was devolved. A new resource based system is put in place. All of your needs are met. What would you want?

asked 14 May '11, 07:35

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I like this question :)

(14 May '11, 09:50) Michaela

I often think about this scenario. Nice Q :)

(14 May '11, 12:27) realityVSimagination
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Love and health.

The cars,boats,bills and houses are looked after. That for me only leaves the other two.

Love,health and wealth. Nice trinity.

I would use the financial freedom to concentrate on Love,which in return would yield me more and more Joy.

And more Joy is reason enough for me to live and remain conscious.


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answered 14 May '11, 10:28

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Monty Riviera

edited 14 May '11, 10:45

The joy derived from a sense of purpose

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answered 14 May '11, 07:41

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The Traveller

awesome (to me) thanks pal.

(14 May '11, 07:54) you

Meaning... That's it.

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answered 14 May '11, 09:47

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To explore my full potentiality on all levels and enjoy true community spirit

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answered 14 May '11, 21:16

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Susan 1

No money in other words,the use of a currency exchange for goods and services no longer exists. Its hard to say I think my answer is there at that moment.
Like right now I have no need or use for money.
At this moment.
I have music in my ear and the smell of fresh baked cinnamon rolls fills the room. You should see my smile.

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answered 15 May '11, 09:01

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