Wow, this is an interesting video taken last week of a ufo over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Video

Here's another one. What do you think?

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Never trust a video or picture on the Internet. Don't even waste your energy or time.


answered 06 Feb '11, 07:44

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And not only that, always doubt what you are told.

(26 Jul '12, 10:27) CalonLan

The light seemed to go behind the temple some place and disappear then fly back up. This could be real or it could be a test for the world government Project Enoch. Then again it could just be fake to have a few kicks at others gullible expense.

That and so many others we'll really never know even when we see it ourselves outside with our own eyes it will be hard to trust if it is real or Project Enoch.

I didn't realize there were two links there, the first seems to come down over the dome, the second one seems to disappear behind the dome someplace.


answered 06 Feb '11, 00:51

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Wade Casaldi

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Its hard to know what's fake and what's real on a vid.Would love to see a day light HD video of a craft instead of late night telephone videos. If you look at my avatar it too looks like a ufo picture .(I think its just the sun reflecting in the lens of the mobile phone camera lens).This lady has loads of videos on youtube and you wonder ok Who are they and what do they want?


answered 06 Feb '11, 16:45

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Government aircraft testing for sure.


answered 06 Feb '11, 16:06

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The villagers of Jerusalem would offer more insight into what they experienced that night.


answered 07 Feb '11, 03:12

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There are certainly enough of these instances happening all over the planet that one has to assume that this is a genuine phenomenon....


answered 26 Jul '12, 10:21

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