There have been news stories with people that say they saw a UFO... "Unidentified Flying Objects"... This is a euphemism that covers up the truth... maybe...

So many times you see television shows that talk about this person saw a UFO or that person saw a UFO... Even NASA and some Air-Force pilots talk ambiguously! There are news stories that say people believe they saw a UFO.

I think this seems to be to protect people, "Oh now wait a moment! We never said Space Ship! We said UFO! It could have been a balloon or bird or pie-plate!" I think they should stop with these kid gloves and call them what they really are: Space Ships and Space People!

What would the implications of telling this truth be when the news shows describe these?

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Wade Casaldi

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Barry Allen ♦♦

See you on board brother :)

(03 Aug '11, 03:03) Eddie

I know what you are saying and to an extent I agree. The term U.F.O. denotes a flying object that is unidentified, not unidentifiable, and more often than not the U.F.O. is a craft of some kind. Witnesses use this established term simply because they do not know what they are witnessing. After all, the U.F.O. could be from inner space and not outer space. The U.F.O could be an energy or surveillance orb. The U.F.O. could be terrestrial, extra-terrestrial, multi-dimensional and/or from a parallel reality. The U.F.O. could be remotely controlled and unmanned. The U.F.O. could be a group conscious energetic manifestation that takes form in the shape of a physical craft in our density. The possibilities are enormous and exciting! :o)

The fact that people come forward to share their experience(s) should be implication enough to form a conclusion. You are dwelling too much on semantics :o)

Many months ago I saw what many would label a U.F.O. I had just got home from work, greeted my two dogs, and went upstairs - as per usual - to my office/lounge where my computer is. I went to the window to open it to let some fresh air in, and before I did open the window, I was distracted by my observation of how close the Big Dipper was to the Earth (or vice versa). Not more than a few seconds later, a craft of some kind, tilted and no more than 250 feet or so above my rental house, intruded my vision of the Big Dipper and was moving northward. Truth be told, I had wanted to experience a U.F.O. close up (more closer than this) for years now, and suddenly I was. I say suddenly, but I was most certainly meant to witness this. Anyway, what I saw was a craft using Nano technology, for I only saw a semi-ring of dim white lights, indicating a round circumference of white lights. The craft made absolutely no sound. After a few seconds of witnessing this, I immediately ran downstairs and into my front yard to get a greater view. Alas, the craft was nowhere to be seen.

I'm going to leave what I said open-ended.


answered 19 Feb '14, 00:14

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Wow great answer!

(19 Feb '14, 05:41) Wade Casaldi

I think calling them UFOs is already a perfect solution on many levels. Using that description leaves those people who are not ready for certain truths about reality an easy opt-out option. All they have to do is simply believe that a UFO is a weather balloon or a meteor or whatever else; rather than being forced into a corner by being told the actual truth that we are not alone.

Let's be realistic about this. From certain points of view, probably the majority of people's points of view at the current time, the reality of extraterrestrial beings and the reality of their interactions with humanity for millennia will blow their minds. And I'm sure our cosmic brothers and sisters do not want to be the cause of such an affect; hence their lack of solid contact at this time.

If you view this in terms of NOW being the one and only eternal moment it’s not so difficult to understand that past, present and future realities all exist now. And that all other possible and probable realities, including advanced parallel earth realities, all exist simultaneously. As such, unintentional bleed through from other realities is possible and may be another explanation for UFOs.

A mind that’s open, reasonable and rational is necessary for contact to even be possible. It’s probably quite obvious to many participants of this site that extraterrestrials and a variety of their technologically advanced spaceships are real, but not everyone’s ready for this truth. Thus using the term UFO does serve a purpose on multiple levels.

Think about it: are you really 100% ready for open contact with beings from another planet or another dimension, can you get your head around that? How about someone who sits with a six pack watching sports every night, are they ready? And if you were an extraterrestrial would you want to land your ship in such a place as war-zone planet earth? Listen to 'Starman' by David Bowie, maybe he's a contact-ee :)


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Ooow good point Eddie! Maybe they are not even from space, maybe from another dimension or time! In that case calling one a Space Ship would be like calling a Submarine a Bicycle.

(03 Aug '11, 03:20) Wade Casaldi

I and my neighbor went cycling down a bicycle trail and we were resting at the end of the trail when we both observed a shiny metallic object dart across the sky at a very high speed.

It was high up in the sky and it was a clear day. I live fairly close to a major airport and there were also planes in the sky at the same time so it was easy to compare and see how a plane behaves.

This thing was definitely not a plane because it didn't look like one. It looked more like a very shiny ball because there was a continuous glint of reflection as it reflected the sunlight.

I have also observed the international space station move across the sky many times at night and I am quite familiar with the speed at which it moves across the sky.

This thing moved much faster than that, maybe about 3 times faster.

I have never seen anything move so fast, and I am some-what familiar with most of the things that fly because I have been to a few air shows and I am a fan of Aviation.

This thing also did not make any noise whatsoever.

The important part is that I couldn't identify what it was.

It was definitely un-identified and it definitely flew across (or moved) the late afternoon cloudless sky, and it was simultaneously witnessed by me and my neighbor.

So by definition I saw a UFO.


answered 02 Aug '11, 20:23

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The Traveller

Why wouldn't you just call it a space ship and be done with it instead of wondering what it was?

(19 Oct '12, 10:01) Wade Casaldi

well wade ufo describe it well. if you cannot identify something in the sky it is ufo. they have seen ufo that change shape and form. so is it a space ship? is it a energy field that warp space? is it a energy being? is it a space ship hiden under a cloud? is it a light in the sky? is it a natural phenomena? is it a falling star? so you see until we know more ufo is the best term. experience and enjoy.


answered 03 Aug '11, 00:34

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white tiger

good question...for me ufo's are projections of the collective human is well known in human psychology that any energy that is not integrated into the personality has a good chance of being projected our collective consciousness expands new energies become available to us and if they are not used in a constructive manner they roam around as a poltergeist.


answered 02 Aug '11, 05:54

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blubird two

Interesting from all the re-enactment television shows that show a big metal ship in the sky you don't think they are space ships but just energy projections of thought? I never thought of that, maybe this needs to be looked into deeper?

(02 Aug '11, 14:03) Wade Casaldi
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