today for the first time I saw thousands of small little lights in the morning sky.. the sun was bright.. it was nice out... they kinda look like little sperms playing around the sky.. it was quite a show.. I kinda like it.. does anyone have information about this? do any of you see them aswell?.. do they have a name? are they common? thx and have a good week everyone..


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Barry Allen ♦♦

well i dont know if u know that i am a channelr,, but klook into thsi session of what he explained love n light , rob

(21 Sep '11, 23:01) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE Rob, that link says the video is private - I'd be interested to see it if that is possible.

(06 Dec '12, 04:12) Catherine

lovely people, is there any place where w can chat on this subject. looks like i finaly find some folks that had same experience i did....

(27 Jan '13, 22:05) rrr

"kinda look like little sperms playing around the sky"

Your description made me think of this ~

Blue sky sprites ?

"are they common?"

"Most people are able to see this phenomenon. However, it is rather weak, and many people don't notice it until asked to pay attention."

(27 Dec '15, 23:05) ele
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The energy that you are seeing is the energy picked up in a semi psychic way. I do see that from time to time as well, but the reason we see this at sun up is the angle of light in the atmosphere makes that violet color. AND that is the highest vibrational color. When that color pics up teh intense energy of the sun, it magnifies the ability to see it anmd to feel it. It is a time of great energy and great psychic awaking. I want to explain that my source had helped em see mnay great jumps pf consciousnesses in humanity, and this is another lovely jump my friend, enjoy it !

love n light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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thx rob.. :) I would love you to explain

(21 Sep '11, 19:53) jinxx

well i dont know if u know that i am a channelr,, but klook into thsi session of what he explained love n light

(21 Sep '11, 23:01) TReb Bor yit-NE
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They were the first energy that I have seen continously for almost four years.I really don't know what their real name is. I believe that they could very well make up our current reality.In my first Kundalini awakening I saw myself as small as what they are and at the same time I knew that they were also the smallest part of me, I felt like I was literally going to explode.I saw them in my head as individual balls of light in the colors of the spectrum but they could change instantly, say to the violet quintessence symbol or anything else for that matter.The one thing that stood out even more than the light show was the overpowering feeling of love emminating from them.I swear I could see these balls of light smile at me very and light


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thx roy you are always so helpful.. I hope someday we can talk further.. this was a first for me and I was so in awww that I wasnt scared I was looking at the sky with my mouth opened.. have a good week :)

(19 Sep '11, 23:40) jinxx

Hello jinxx

I've experienced this phenomenon since i was a child and can "see" these constantly moving particles of colored energy at will ... i also experience a whistling noise in both ears which i find quite pleasant ... for me these two phenomena are linked.

Technically these particles are a virtual projection, in a similar way that we see a virtual image of ourselves in a mirror, caused by neurological stimulus, of our own blood corpuscles streaming through our capillaries in the retinas which transforms photons of light into electrical impulses ... the humming sounds are also due to neurological stimulus, this time in the cochlea which is a hollow bone,snail shaped full of liquid and tiny hairs that transform vibrations into electrical impulses, it's the sensing part of the inner ear ...

I agree with the spiritual interpretation given by rob, "it is a time of great energy and great psychic awakening"

8 dec update;

Apart from looking at the sky, whether cloudy or bright, another good way of perceiving these energy particles is to sit quietly in a dark room ... very quickly a whole mass of colored moving spots can be seen dancing that become clearer and clearer after a few minutes and they can be seen even with eyes shut ... have fun :)


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blubird two

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I have seen them! When I became awaken I looked up in the morning sky saw all these little balls of light dancing in the sky by the thousands it was like a bunch of stars bouncing around and almost dancing. Amazing that I am not alone in this! Thank you


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Melodie Brown

There are Angels of Pure Love around.

Source/God is Love and is teaching everyone to shine their Light and Love.

Feeling greed and lack leads to the illusion of emptiness and darkness.

Love brings meaning and fulfilment (satisfaction/joy).


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I am so glad to have read the question and the answers because only had that happened to me once in November this year didn't know what it was but two days later achieved enlightenment so the answers fit well with this had forgotten about it till reading this so much was happening at that time was so stuck with trying to complete stage seven on everything becomes one THANK YOU ALL


answered 01 Jan '16, 07:00

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