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I have not seen this but after I heard about it I did watch the skies to see what I could see and as of yet I have not seen this. A man said he saw a flying horse with wings and a little one coming behind him and he had only meet one other person who had seen this.

But I did watch the skies to see if I could see this I admittedly thought of a Unicorn because they are suppose to have great magical powers for healing the waters the earth I don't know about humans. I did not believe in them until I read about them in the bible I just thought they were a nice fairy tale to read sometimes as a child.

Someone presented on this sight great information of angels and gave links to pictures of them presented in the sky. It was such an interesting read. I think it was an answer to a question but we have so many questions and answers now this was back in the beginning of this metaphysical site.

Again don't tell no more than you want to tell keep yourself protected at all times. So, now when you watch the skies what have you seen?

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I am an Idealist who believes in possibilities; as an Idealist, I acknowledge that essence precedes existence. Essence is to metaphysics as Inquiry is to cognition--what is worth knowing, what has value is ultimately contingent upon one's experiences, culture, and language. Once upon a time in America, before we evolved into a time-starved, instant gratification society, we enjoyed the luxury of time and the opportunity to opine, to ponder, to consider--about what . . . possibilities!

Thoreau, Emerson, Wordsworth, et al. embraced the philosophy of Transcendentalism and the theory of Humanism in the mid1800s in a futile effort to advance "the value of the individual." America found herself "between wars" when Thoreau wrote his final essay "Walking" (1820, published after his death). Thoreau, in this essay, sought to persuade America to rethink her organization of people, of culture and of workforce because he was fearful of too much government, too much consumerism, too much status quo--Thoreau, as an Idealist, understood that Reality is not defined by the person standing next to you--that might be his/her Reality, but it need not be yours--unless, of course, you are being strong-armed by those who believe that Reality is measurable and tangible. Period. For the Realist, existence always preceds essence--silly, how can you think of something that doesn't exist?

I embrace the value of the individual and the world of possibilities and as such walk alone much of the time--experiencing my Reality, interacting with my Reality. Availing myself to opportunity avails itself to possibilities and therefore I have seen and know to be true: a flying man (no sound, no obvious device), a high-speed flying object in space (quick 45-degree turn), a green, pulsating sky (no clue on this), bats, stars and planets--I enjoy looking at the night sky the most. Daytime, I see chemtrails (weather control, population control), unusual flying objects (not a plane, not in space, travels high speed), hot air balloons, blimps, birds, insects.

I am an Idealist whose openness to the world of possibilities has caused them to beat a beeline to my door. This testimony is true; the universe will present itself to you if only you ask!

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