I believe that we are here to improve and evolve ourselves(our character) to the highest degree. To do that, I would like to get a better understanding of what is character or what is the character? I would say it has to do with our conduct of oneself towards others. In other words, our behavior. Is character how we perceive ourself or how others perceive us? Maybe I'm way off.

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you are your character, ever experiencing and re-interpreting
that part of ego or i that carries the flame,
have you ever noticed that some are of more light


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The ability to use wisdom upon action.


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the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.

one such feature or trait; characteristic

moral or ethical quality: a man of fine, honorable character

Basically if you want to have a strong character you need to put yourself first in situations outside of your comfort zone.Second thing is in my opinion character is built trough experience although you can speed up the process with Good friends , books , life style , job etc.



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So it seems that our combined traits of behaviors, philosophies, experiences, emotions, people we hang around, life style, etc make up our character?

(11 Oct '09, 08:59) RPuls

In essence, character is an evaluation of a person's moral qualities (both positive and negative), such as honesty, integrity, courage, loyalty and others. As we grow and learn, we (hopefully) get better at accentuating the positive qualities and eliminating the negative ones.

Not everyone agrees on what is considered positive and negative moral qualities. As some of these qualities are culturally-bound, what might be considered a good quality in one culture could be considered a bad quality in another.



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I agree, culturally there are higher standards of character than other cultures. Which cultures are higher on the scale of spiritual development? These cultures then would have higher qualities of character.

(16 Oct '09, 10:46) RPuls

I would say that cultures that respect the integrity of the individual are higher on the spiritual ladder than those which seek to be more controlling and dogmatic.

(14 Nov '09, 23:08) Vesuvius

I would say that characterisitics are the distinctive qualities of our mind that make up the individual personality we become.

Because we always have the ability to change our mind, we have the ability to change our character accordingly and thus affect the person we become.


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Your character could be a good one, whereby people respect, and think highly of you, or your character could be a bad one, whereby people see you as a negative person who has no respect for the rules of the law.

The character of this person is a great ambition to succeed in their chosen career in life, and to be of service to humanity. Therefore this person could be a doctor saving lives everyday!


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I agree with all the answers that are here. So this answer doesn't in any way dis-agree with what is already here.

But just to stir the pot and our mind a little bit I'm choosing to focus on the duality phenomenon of creation, and how character might fit into such a picture.

Given that in and within duality all is allowed, for good and bad are both holding each other in banalce, character now becomes one extreme of preference within that scale.

Character, now becomes an illusion. It is what we want other people to think that we are, and would like ourselves to believe who we are.

But it is like the iceberg sticking out of the ocean. the part that is sticking out is what is seen as our character, however it is held in equilibrim by much that is not seen.

In a reality of duality and balance, you have a choice of balance or an imbalance with a hidden tension of what is not acknowledged.

You can be at balance, with good qualities and bad qualities of character, and acknowledge that they both exist as polar opposites of each other.

In other words You can choose to eat very good food and acknowledge that all food when eliminated ends up the same way, but choose to not make a big deal about it for it is normal.

Or you can choose to cultivate an extreme shift from the balance point and parade around as "I'm a good and spiritual person with pure thoughts" and continue to privately experience the inner tension that develops from the resulting "un acknowledged" polar opposite of everything that is good within you.

It is like saying I eat very good food and never go to the washroom, but in reality you do, it's just that you are unable to allow others to see that the "YOU" that is the clean eater also privately does what "YOU" perceive as unclean.

That is the problem with trying to be only one way and not acknowledge that other thoughts and desires that are counter productive to being that way also exist within you.

But you can only fool those who don't know the bigger picture.

and the bigger picture is this.

All that is good and all that is evil exist within YOU because the potential of the universe "or all of creation" exist within YOU and through YOU.

You are the drop in the ocean and the ocean's consciousness is your consciousess. You are the consciousness of the ocean as seen from your point of view.

And because of this all that is good and all that is bad within the ocean is available within your consciousness, for you are the consciousness of creation as seen from where you stand.

And within this reference, when you start to lie to yourself that only good thoughts exist within you, the universe will find a way for you to discover what it is that you are refusing to acknowledge as also within you.

Unfortunately this answer will most likely spin lots of "What If" questions as a knee jerk reaction.

But this is the reality of the bigger picture.


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The Traveller

Definitely a perspective worth digesting :)

(17 Oct '10, 00:55) Michaela
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