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What is something you look back and and say - "I know it could have worked out differently if I could have...."

This is not about regrets but learning from the past and others pasts, to grown inwardly.

Thank You!

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this may be a signature specific event: my space in time with my make up, may need specific parameters. for a general tuning fork, i'd recommend self-reflection at the end of each day

(23 Feb '11, 01:26) fred

Ah, the past!

If only....

It's tempting to look back...of course, they say "hindsight is 20/20...But I liked your question because you asked what lessons have you learned from the past? Now this is a whole 'nother thing, as they say back home...

I have learned so much! For example, from my failed marriage, I have learned that you must always take care of yourself, and keep a little back for yourself. You must not let it all go into the relationship. Some things are better kept just for you! I am talking about going to school, and furthering yourself, despite babies and laundry and that sort of thing. I did earn my AS degree way back then, and it served me well. I am glad I went to college, for when John said he wanted a divorce, I could immediately plunge back into college, with my AS degree in hand, having only two years to my BA degree.

One of my stupidest moves was in High School. I loved to sing, and I was a member of chorus. But my senior year, I dropped chorus so I could take both College Chemistry and College Biology. Dumb move. I would have made so many more happy memories in Madrigals and Senior Choir! But no, I chose the route I did because I was going to be a Pre-Med major in College and that seemed oh, so much more important. What I did not see was that my real love was, and is, music, among other things. I definitely needed to "play" rather than to be more serious. As it turned out, I got pregnant, and married John, and never finished college or became a doctor. But I did sing for weddings and in Church, I soloed a lot. I missed my talents completely.

I especially want to say that one must keep looking towards the future! The future is all we have, and of course, NOW. NOW is right here.

My "now" looks bright and happy today. I am completing my BA degree- just four classes away, and plan to go on to get my Master's Degree in Pastoral Counseling. Then I will be able to take care of myself. I want to open a Spiritual Retreat Center, as I have said, and help people with their lives.

The final lesson I learned is this: TRUST YOUR GUT. Trust that "still, small voice" inside of you. That voice will tell you all you need to have a happy life, if you will listen to it. That is the greatest lesson I learned.

This is a great question, and I am sure you will get many terrific answers!

Blessings, and Happy Day, Jai


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  • When disagreeing with people, explain yourself but do not get emotionally involved. No need to feel bad with anger because someone disagrees with you.

  • Do not be with people all the time, take some time to be by yourself and enjoy your alone time doing what you love.

  • Never judge your thoughts, never say "I should not be thinking this or that" instead embrace these thoughts and do not judge yourself as "lazy" or "evil".

  • Do not seek out to harm others, revenge is a wasted effort which could have been used to enjoy more moments of life rather than striving to harm another.

  • Do not see yourself as better or worse than anyone. Everyone is perfect being themselves.

  • List item

These are the most important in my opinion.


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