Jai's last question prompted me to ask this one. When we begin to walk a spiritual path it seems that we are given challenges that on first appearance seem insurmountable and as we move along the challenges seem to get bigger. Is this an inevitable part of growing spiritually or do we sometimes make it harder than it needs to be? Am I creating my own reality or is Source or the Universe presenting the challenges to aid in my growth? I think I just had a little AHA! moment while writing this but I would be really grateful for more input.Thanks.

asked 05 Feb '10, 19:36

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It is a known fact that a baby has to learn to creep, before he can learn to walk. If you are a new lamb in the Lord, then I can appreciate your questions, and concerns. But the road to becoming a Christian is very challenging, why, because Satan is at war all the time. He will tempt you, distract you, and he will make you feel that God is a liar. So, it is a journey in it self, but if you are serious about becoming a Christian, and you trust, and believe in the word of God, know that the word of God will prevail over time.

If you are really serious, about becoming a Christian, then you should become a member of a Christian Faith, and they will guide, and support you on your spiritual journey to becoming a Christian. In general, life holds many challenges, and one would have to prepare themselves to handle, and deals with these issues when they comes along.

The Bible teaches that many are called, and few are chosen. So, if you believe that you have a calling to be a messenger of the God, then, put your faith, and trust in God and he will point the way for you. He will protect you from temptation of Satan, until you become a soldier in the Lord, and until you have the spiritual strength to come against enemy.

I am not clear if you want to become a Christian, or if you are just curious of the spiritual aspect of the Christian Faith. Regardless of your reason, know that I would be most happy to give you my input, and share with you in the name of our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches: that no man comes to the father except through the son Jesus Christ. If you can confess with your mouth, that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and he was raised from the dead on the third day, and sit on the right hand of God the father, if you believe this with all of your heart you are a born again Christian.


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Thanks for your input Elsa. I was brought up catholic but right now I am not looking to become affiliated with any religion but to become aware of my authentic self and live from that perspective.

(06 Feb '10, 02:18) Michaela

It depends on how you define better or worse.

If you ask God/Source for patience, He will put things in your path that will exercise your patience. Although that may seem negative at first blush, you should rejoice in the beauty, simplicity, and wisdom of this.

All worthwhile things require that you overcome resistance; it is part of human nature. This can either be done by struggling, or by acceptance. It is your choice.


answered 06 Feb '10, 01:52

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That darn resistance again. And you are so right it does depend on my definition of better or worse, or maybe my perception of better or worse.

(06 Feb '10, 02:21) Michaela

I was bought up strict Catholic and at one stage was going to become a nun. I am now a female Freemason - yes we do exist.

I am not advocating that you become a Freemason - nor is Freemasonry a religion. Its simple stories, symbols and allegories do allow one, however, to grow in a spiritual way without the constraints on the various religions. One is left FREE to BUILD ones own spiritual base here on Earth.

Michaela, I do think you might enjoy comparing the core ideas of the various spiritual disciplines (includes religion). You will find at the very centre, they seem to be the same.

A really good book to help one understand this concept, is Fritjof Capra's book, The Toa of Physics... he actually marries science and religion. What do the Whirling Dervishes and the Atoms have in common ? You might read this book to discover the answer.


answered 08 Feb '10, 02:46

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Thanks for the book reference Lorraine and I do agree that most religions contain the same messages at the core off their teachings.

(08 Feb '10, 12:30) Michaela
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