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Most of you know me as many names. Mostly Michael. Something has changed in my thinking drastically lately and I decided to rejoin under a pseudonym. All of my views as ppf ate my own and differ from what Michael used to say but not totally. I realize the err in my being and see things from yet another point of view.

It is much more simple than we thought yet so complicated words can not express.

So my question is to this online community is, is one allowed to assume a new online identity and use a different account and not at all use the old one?

If one looks, last online of Jim is before first on line as ppf.

So what is the harm of shifting views, assuming a different name yet being sincere all throughout?

If this is wrong I will move on.

I know this must look kooky but something happened.

asked 23 Feb '11, 09:12

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hi, do you mind sharing with us exactly what happened? Only if you want to, mind.

(23 Feb '11, 13:56) Radius 7.25

Your new persona is much more direct and to-the-point. :D

(23 Feb '11, 14:03) all2gethernow
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Hi Michael,

You seem like a nice guy to me and remind me of myself in some ways… About 20 years ago, after reading Richard Bach, Carlos Castaneda and Krishnamurti, I was in a difficult position. I would say a state of confusion due to my whole world view being rocked and re-positioned into something else. The something else was not yet clear to me, but I knew that my old view was no longer satisfactory. I was stuck and still had old programs (beliefs) regarding family, friends, sex, the universe and God etcetera running, which caused much confusion in me.

The hard shell of my ego had been cracked and I (the ME) no longer knew what was what, but I felt that everything I'd been led to believe by my particular cultural conditioning was largely erroneous. I felt like a stranger in my own life. The violence, wars and total lack of love between humans seemed so out of place to me, but I was in it and no escape seemed possible. I sank into a deep state of depression, even though I had plenty of money. Later I realized that money doesn't equal happiness, instead it
represents freedom.

It can take many years to begin to understand the human ego. On this site, we can see much behavior indicative of a fixed mind set. For example, some people only vote for and/or choose the best answers based on beliefs that have been handed down to them; so for them it's more of a confirmation of what they already know (believe to be true); they're not ready to change their beliefs. Actions of others is highly transparent; they'll do anything to gain points; for example, by asking endless questions without really going into or examining past questions or through endless commenting, etc.

After my depression I decided to forget about all of my endless questions and focus on and concentrate on the physical work I was doing. This enabled me to slowly integrate the new ideas and beliefs and see, through my life experience which beliefs held up and which beliefs I could let go of, like believing in a judgmental God for example. In other words I relaxed my effort of trying to grab hold of the understanding of the many beliefs, ideas and concepts I'd picked up.

During this non-spiritual-quest period of my life, I learned much about my own ego. What I'd struggled to and failed to understand previously, now glared straight at me in the mirror of my life and was undeniable, my ego-self was fully intact and wasn't a very nice fellow :)

Maybe you will get something from my reply; I do wish that for you my friend. Using capital letters is just normal writing convention. Try replacing ‘I’ with ‘one’ as there’s no division in that :) As for one’s ego, I no longer see it as an enemy as I did in the past. My ego is my friend; it is part of who I am. Mostly, it silently and willingly does what it does in the background, to help me/us the total being do whatever it’s doing.

And understanding that God invented humor, I’m not averse to giving my ego an airing from time to time for the sake of humor. There’s no right or wrong and no judgment after all :)

Can you use different names on this site?

The rules of this forum have been made clear.

We can change our name and give the impression we’re somehow different, but ultimately, beneath the mask have we really changed? Wherever we go and wherever we now find ourselves, one thing’s certain, we take our self with us. So why not deal with that by simply observing what actually IS and take it from there?

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answered 24 Feb '11, 05:10

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Eddie your response let's me feel great joy. Not enough words to thank you. I never had the intention to switch names. Yet I thought I came to an end with IQ. Being that I feel to strongly about loa leading some folks down a misleading path. The persona change came from my egos embarrassment of changing my view point. This was not premeditated. I have been getting to the bottom of what my mind can comprehend for a while, yet am afraid to say what I feel just to be nice. I get that as a human in this density that I am stuck with the human ego and I am just trying to manage it. Then

(24 Feb '11, 05:25) you

At the same time I go against my intention and hide behind another egoic move aka ppf. So I am in this stuck place of existentialism and spirituality. My heart (?) really tells me that this loa is a crock as darcas getting things to go your way. Other than that the oneness s what I got after I thought I quit IQ last week. That made me rejoin. My "event". My souls sees everything yet my ego is very uncomfortable. I know that love is the answer. Tolerate beliefs, dispute certain facts and love all. Really all no exceptions! I can't thank enough Eddie for taking the time to make such a

(24 Feb '11, 05:33) you

Thoughtful and thought through response. As you see we have some of ourselves in everyone. And the capital letter thing was tongue in cheek. A joke I started with my fb friends. I love you Eddie. That really helped. Thanks for reaching out.

(24 Feb '11, 05:36) you

Btw Jiidu and his work has really brought me a lot of self reflection

(24 Feb '11, 05:40) you

Jiddu-iPhone keyboard

(24 Feb '11, 05:40) you

You're welcome Michael :)

(25 Feb '11, 01:38) Eddie
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one identity,it shows how we change and evolve.It isn't wrong to change our minds on things,its brave to admit it ,so stay as one person I say.

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answered 23 Feb '11, 18:24

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cats out of the bag and thank you evelyn i will. and i am one constantly evolving. thank you again.

(23 Feb '11, 18:34) you


Following on from Barry's comments, if you wish to assume an alternate identity and not inform others on Inward Quest of this change, it is entirely your choice. You are free to do as you wish in that regard.

But our policy on Inward Quest is to only allow one account to be used for posting answers at a time.

Given your indication above that you are now only using this account from now on, we are suspending the account currently called "Jim"

If you decide in future to create a further identity, we would appreciate being notified (by email, if you wish) so we can suspend the previous account.

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answered 23 Feb '11, 11:24

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Simon Templeton ♦♦

thanks sir, i'm pretty sure 2 will do :)

(23 Feb '11, 18:38) you

Michael...PPF...I have Multiple Personality Disorder- or rather, I had it, and I have resolved many of the issues that used to divide me. "All" of me is Jaianniah. This is hard for me to maintain, but I try. I try to accept my good and conflicting parts as one. I used to separate myself, but no more. I try as hard as I can to gather myself into one whole being.

As far as IQ goes, I tend to agree with you. Manifesting, to me, is a cover-up for prayer. And yes, we need to love each other and spend our lives loving. But it surely does not hurt to debate an issue, does it? Everyone sees things a bit differently. Sometimes, someone teaches me about something, and a new vision is born in me.

Do what you must. I do not see the harm. But perhaps you need to look at why you need to have different personae. That may be your real issue.

Blessings from "all" of me, Jai

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answered 23 Feb '11, 11:29

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Jaianniah, your loving kindness knows no bounds. I am fortunate to have met you. What is funny is you have all the love in the universe in you and I think you question it. Do not. You are pure love.

(25 Feb '11, 08:29) you

Michael, i am soooo glad you have decided to just "be" you! This is good. Thank you for the kind comment. You are a loving person, too! Love, Jai

(27 Feb '11, 06:30) Jaianniah

I know you know that you've had some wonderful responses here and I'm not sure if you need to hear another.

However, for some reason when I read your question, I could feel your struggle within myself - I also know Traveller felt this way last week when he answered my question, so I know I'm supposed to be answering this. I only hope I can articulate what I want to come forth.

Firstly, let me say that I can relate to your experience. While laying in bed a few nights ago I had one of my own. There wasn't any visual or any vocals .... the only way I can describe it was that for a a few seconds or minutes ( don't know which) I knew in a completely experiential way ( No conceptual mind at all ) that it was All Me. without a doubt we are all One Wow! Heard it as a concept before but this is beyond words.

However, amazing though the experience was I didn't perceive it as an indication to drop all my worldly possessions and my identity.I see it as an opportunity to have a greater understanding of my fellow human - I really think the one thing every human has in common (besides that yearning for realization of their true nature or love) is the need to be understood, exactly where they are.

The one thing I do want to stress more than any other is that it really doesn't matter what label you give yourself but you can't deny Michael. By doing so you cut yourself off from living the experience of a fully integrated being. When we first become aware of our ego and realize that it has played a role of holding us in bondage, our first immediate impulse is to deny or try to get rid of it. That's a bit like trying to get rid of a piece of jigsaw puzzle and still expect the puzzle to be a beautiful completed piece. The puzzle can only be completed and become whole when all pieces are used.Michael is a vital part of the puzzle and to disown him will only ever leave an incomplete puzzle - please don't set yourself up for more struggle along the way.I love Michael's perspective and like every other perspective here, it makes up a vital part of IQ. It really doesn't matter why or how anyone interacts here - all roles and all answers and questions are valid. Yes we are all One but we are all portaying different aspects of that Oneness and they are all equally valid.Embrace your expansion but embrace also Michael because without him you wouldn't be experiencing this expanded awareness.

I think when we have a transcendent experience, temporarily everything else becomes meaningless and we realize, without any blinders on, the game the ego has been playing. However, I think we have to remember that, that Oneness that we glimpsed is in every human being, no exceptions - even those who are totally caught up in the game of the ego.I think we have to be thankful for our own expanding awareness without expecting everyone to be at that same stage.That same Oneness loves everyone equally.

We are only reverting back to the ego again when we start expecting others to step into the sense of awareness that we've just gained. Instead I think we have to be thankful that we have had that glimpse and endeavour to start living from that experience. This does not mean trying to throw the ego out the window but rather using it as the tool that it is supposed to be. I think in New Age circles the ego has had a bad rap. Indubitably most of us have given it free rein and therein lies the problem. However, when our awareness begins to expand we can recognize that every thought and action of the ego is based on fear, but with our growing awareness our true self steps up and takes the reins and the ego becomes the subservient tool, to that higher power, that it's meant to be.

So Michael it really doesn't matter what you call yourself ( though I'm partial to Michael), just keep growing and evolving and teaching but don't deny any part of who you are. We love you just the way you are ( how could we not? )

I'd just add that Oneness doesn't care or pass judgement on those who use the LOA for material gain - it's their journey. And I do believe the Universe is limitless.

Namaste - The divine in me really does see the divine in you :)

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answered 25 Feb '11, 02:38

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Amazing answer Michaela, I really enjoyed this.

(25 Feb '11, 13:54) aquamarine


From my own experience, I can relate to your problem.

My views have shifted considerably since I first started participating here.

(But then I have shifted my perspective throughout my life)

I was so tempted to assume a different identity as well, just so that I could be much more blunt that I choose to be here.

But then I look at the situation from the other person's point of view and ask myself, Who the hell am I to assume that I am "right" to the point that I can walk all over someone else’s heartfelt perspective.

Especially considering that I held the same perspective in the past and would not have felt good about being dismissed by someone else who feels qualified to criticize me.
(Don't be fooled by that statement. I am guilty of criticizing others)

It reminds me of this statement "A mind changes against its will is of the same opinion still"

And besides, If the "I am" that we know within ourselves is the same "I am" manifesting through each and every individual, (we are all one ......and all that wonderful stuff) then in a way all the opinions shared here are in fact opinions from the greater perspective of yourself.

So your participation in this forum and your interactions with others is in fact your interaction with yourself from a greater perspective.

Whatever said and done, we are all here as human beings sharing ideas from a human physical perspective. The fact that we can even discuss these ideas here is a product of us learning something called "communication" within the confines of mostly the English language, through a medium called the internet. And if that wasn’t enough, we also have to maintain a certain social decorum while trying to discover how to break free from all these constraints of perspective.

Let me throw in some odd examples to illustrate my point.

1) If you had a gun pointed at your head and the person holding the gun said to you "If you denounce your faith I will let you live" the right thing to do at that point is to denounce your faith, just so that you can live past that moment.

2) If you were at a barbecue and the food was not particularly tasty and the host asked for your opinion, would you tell them the truth and ruin the evening for yourself and your host or would you pick the one item you enjoyed and congratulate them from that perspective?

3) If someone asked for advice on attracting "stuff" using the Law of Attraction, Is it better to point out that on the long run, "attracting" is a never ending treadmill or would you help them accomplish their immediate desire and needs.

There is nothing more satisfying (in my opinion) that to actually apply the "attraction" techniques and get actual and verifiable results from that effort. Any practitioner of the Law of Attraction, will eventually stumble upon the limitations and problems associated with it in their own way.

My take on it is to understand it as the law of reflection instead of attraction, and this way the problem is understood without dismissing the technique.(although I have posted answers that appear to dismiss it)

If we have changed our point of view over time, then chances are everyone is experiencing the same at different levels and intensities.

In the bigger picture, it is better to make everyone feel welcome here by being generous with our praise and frugal with our criticism.

After all we all secretly want our ego to be stroked. Thank God we don't purr like cats. Just imagine if we were that obvious in our appreciation?

In spite of all that I have said above, I have to say that I love the courage from your new identity. I relate to your new perspective very well. If it works for you don't change it.

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answered 24 Feb '11, 07:14

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The Traveller

edited 24 Feb '11, 07:23

As you might already know Traveler, I truly like your opinions as I like all.. In order to live a life of honesty we must pick and chose when to be blunt, side step and full on lie. I have no problem lying when it may serve its purpose. Here? is a diiferent bird. To answer your questions, 1) I would answer truthfully and know i would not die. Meaning that I would pronounce my faith and let the cards fall. 2) you are assuming that the host would take the truth and 'ruin' the evening. I would respond "would you like the truth?" that statement would let the host know without me saying. Hey, if

(24 Feb '11, 07:23) you

they are willing to ask, I am obligated to tell the truth. I try to refrain from unprovoked questions. We all need to make a relationship with our egos. And I do not want to perpetuate the opportunity by skirting the issue. Do not ask if your ego does not want to know. People that I think have a knowledge of egoism I am more blunt with. Others I truly feel need to learn. It is what bonds most of us to pain. I remember as a kid hearing "sticks and stones may break my bones... What ever happened to that? People need to know that it is not "Them" that is being attacked but their other self.

(24 Feb '11, 07:29) you

I didn't expect those answers :) Thanks for your perspective adjustment.

(24 Feb '11, 07:30) The Traveller

I would like to give you answers that would make you accept me more but that is not what I want to do anymore, yet somehow your acceptance means something to me..damn you :)

(24 Feb '11, 07:38) you

Well, you will be glad to know that your main answer beginning with "OK first let me say......" has and incredible depth of perspective that I haven't seen in many answers here and I was amazed at how well it resonated with the perspective I am changing towards. So I am secretely cheering you on.

(24 Feb '11, 08:15) The Traveller
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To be honest Michael think to a lesser extent i fit in a little to what your going thru.

Ive changed my direction and spirituality massively over the last 5 years. Friends from 6 years ago would hardly recognise me based on what i now believe,say and think important.

I think the clue to this is the word Quest in the site title.If ive got the meaning right this means a journey to discover something or do something,or moving towards a goal or detination.

This journey to me doesnt mean something that can be achieved by this time next Tuesday,its a very long term thing. And its so long term that many,if they are honest and true to themselves , will be a different person throughout many stages of this.

When honest souls have the strength to admit their previous views are no longer there own,when theyve progressed beyond what went before,this to me seems part of the quest.

Ive changed so much i have seriously thought of changing names too,not on this site but by deed poll in court. Im the same guy....but im not. Im changing and evolving all the time.

Its such a long journey that we may be on it for eternity,we may quite possibly have already seen many incarnations,and quite possibly may have millions left to explore and be in.

Whats in a name really? We transcend names, we ARE.


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answered 24 Feb '11, 10:17

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Monty Riviera

Whatever works best for you is the right answer! I will continue to look forwards to reading your intriguing, and insightful answers, so you have my support!

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answered 27 Feb '11, 05:40

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Inactive User ♦♦

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