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Hello all,

Even though I'm pretty new here @Inward Quest, I love this platform a lot. I cannot express how much you all have helped me already in this short time. I can feel that the life I desire is very close now. Thank you a lot for this!!

Here are my reasons why I love Inward Quest:

  • It puts me in my vortex each time I visit the site
  • There are so many interesting, nice and enlightened people here
  • I find almost all answers that I have been looking for most of my life
  • It's so good to have contact with similar people who don't think I'm nuts when I talk about vibrations and the universe :)
  • It has changed my life tremendously to a better one and the change goes on and on
  • It helps me realize my dreams and live the life I want
  • I can improve my language skills

I'm sure more reasons will come to my mind but that's it for now.

What are yours? I'm sure they are similar like mine, but I'm still curious :) By the way, it's an excellent method to align yourself :)

All the best,


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A few reasons that spring immediately to mind (I'm sure there are others)...

  • It's a useful barometer of how you are really feeling day-to-day because Inward Quest is a Hall of Mirrors. If you come to the site and something or someone seems to irk you, that's where you must be vibrating because otherwise you wouldn't have noticed it so much :) On the other hand, if something or someone uplifts you and makes you feel joyful then... etc. etc. :)
  • You can't hide who you really are, despite the online anonymity of many (including myself). For some reason here - perhaps it is the longish answers people tend to write, or perhaps the lesser levels of irrelevant chat and noise - it feels relatively easy to get a "feeling" for the "real" person behind the words on the screen. So it's easier to sense here who is being authentic and genuine about the information being provided which helps to separate the wheat from the chaff in these days of information overload.
  • It's an excuse to flow energy purely. This is probably my main reason for participating. In trying to write the best answer you can in the moment (without any hidden agenda), you are often putting yourself directly in touch with that broader aspect of yourself that transcends the physical self, and you allow it to flow purely through you during that time. That has an energizing and aligning effect. It's a bit like writing out a Rampage of Appreciation and I use it as a substitute on occasion. So, if I'm being honest, the person who probably benefits most from my long-winded answers is me :)
  • It helps others - but since everyone else who enters your experiences is really just a reflection of you, you're really just helping different aspects of yourself :)

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@Stingray - This answer immediately caught my attention and expresses very well just how I feel as well. It also made me feel all warm and fuzzy. (I must be manifesting some good stuff!) :D

(12 Mar '15, 12:17) Grace

Being kind of a old timer at IQ. I find it little bit like a favorite coffee shop where interesting people come and exchange ideas. Some come in and stay a while and others get a cup of coffee to go. It is comfortable to me. A place I like to be. Even when some of the guests argue , bit most of the time it is harmonious. I believe it is that harmony that keeps me coming back to drink my latte grande here


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Did I just manifest this question? ;-) I've been wanting to write something to IQ to express my gratitude to everyone and I was particularly thinking about it the last couple of days! I just wasn't sure where to write it on the forum....

I addition to all the above, I would say that Inward Quest has been my 'rock' for the past few years. There has never been a time that I haven't been helped in one way or another by someone with the answers to my questions. Whenever I have felt - who can I turn to? There's been IQ!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! - to every person on this forum.

I guess we are all on this "quest" together, no one has all the answers and we are all helping each other in greater or lesser ways. This what makes IQ special. It's the moving forward together. I love IQ. It gives me hope and is always a bright star even in the darkest night.


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Inner Beauty

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Thank you @Inner Beauty for your beautiful answer. I'm glad I co-created your manifestation :)

(09 Mar '15, 07:41) spacemetalfantasy

I love it because I have many challenges and I Q helps. I don't care for all the commercials, If you like it now you should have been here in the old days before all the adds. I guess they didn't get enough donations. Now that it's this way we will have to find a way to love it any way.


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I don't see the ads when I am logged in. And on my pc I have adbock plus soiI don't see ads anywhere. {Makes YouTube veiwing so much better}

(15 Mar '15, 05:55) ursixx
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