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For example, Peter could walk on water as long as he had faith. When he doubted, he fell in. Jesus said that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we can tell the mountain to move and it will get up and go into the ocean. He cast out demons and healed the sick. He made the blind see again and the dead live. It seems that the Church has given these powers over to the mystics and has separated it'self from the powers God gave us, that Jesus showed us and promised us. Now anyone who practices these things are considered by the church to be Holy Rollers or New Age. How do we as the church, take back the power God gave us and Jesus promised? Have you seen or done these or greater things?

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Fairy Princess

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you have touched upon one of the issues inherent of a literal interpretation of the gospels of the new testament.

(28 Feb '11, 00:00) fred

well fred some do those things but no one needs to know about it. do you need to know that someone did good works in this life and god healed them in this life with out them even knowing about it? do you need to know that some event has happen to reward some people and people think it is luck?

(15 Oct '11, 04:56) white tiger

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

(15 Oct '11, 05:00) white tiger

John 10:38 But if I do it, even though you do not believe me, believe the miracles, that you may know and understand that the Father is in me, and I in the Father

(15 Oct '11, 05:04) white tiger

(15 Oct '11, 05:05) white tiger

Any new thoughts on this?

(25 Mar '12, 19:14) Fairy Princess

Jesus said, "The pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of knowledge (gnosis) and hidden them. They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those who wish to. You, however, be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves."

(26 Mar '12, 03:06) white tiger
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While I agree with Jai on modern miracles of science, I think you are more talking about direct influence by the word and faith.

I have many times healed the sick including myself and cast out devils and demons from people. One time I was severely depressed and got to the point where I had it with being depressed and flung my arms down while saying "I have had it with this depression!" In that moment the depression flew off of me like quick silver into the ground gone, I felt great! I have many times done the same with sickness I had to get to a point of enough is enough to really get rid of sickness.

When my father was in the hospital years ago the doctors did not expect him to live through the night. I worked on him and his liver a lot when the doctors first checked him they said his liver was shot, after I worked on him for a few days when they checked again they could not explain but it seemed like he had a new liver. His hand was also crushed I commanded all the bones to return and mend, the doctors said he would never be able to use that hand again. It healed and he uses it even today, the bones are still brittle but I believe if I worked at it that could be fixed too.

I had at that time the prayers of many friends around the world with me as well.

When I was in the hospital dying years ago my kidneys were very messed up when I first went in, I was giving up, I was tired and wanted out I didn't care, but then when I changed my mind I was healed and when the specialist came in for my kidneys he found there was nothing wrong with me, he was so mad he was swearing because they must have messed up the original test he said.

I had also at the time with my kidneys many friends with me in prayer around the world.

I cast demons out of two friends, one friend said he saw me battling Satan and I defeated him, he asked me how could I defeat him. I told him that is an old battle God already won we just need to know it. The other friend I changed her whole life by casting out Satan from her.

I have seen people healed that had terminal illness, that went back in for test and the doctors have said the same thing about them, there must be some mistake on the original diagnosis.

I just remembered I worked on a friend's heart clear across the united states and she felt me working on it like I was holding her heart in love and peace, she felt this going through her body and was healed. What she felt was exactly what I was envisioning.

I have cast out demons from friends homes both in person and at distance across the states, plus even around the world I commanded them gone and they left.

As for walking on water and commanding the weather, things like this I have only done so in my dreams.

My pastor was just very sick last Monday, he was casting out and not getting better, so he stated getting mad and said "I believe in the bible why is this staying!" Then he said okay God what are you trying to tell me here? God's message was he is over working and not taking care of God's temple he needs this to stop. He said okay I get your message I'll take off the week, right then God lifted the sickness gone he was cured completely. His nose was all blocked up, he was throwing up, he was very sick his sinuses were a mess but in that instance he felt all of that lift off of him gone, he kept his word. To make sure of his faith he had sneezes three in a row over and over for three days, just to see if he would turn back his faith but he kept it and that disappeared too.

Christians do have power and authority to heal the sick and cast out devils and demons, believe it and know it, when a Christian of true faith says jump Satan asks "how high?" We need to believe that we are the body of Christ, not believe in a cross, believe in Christ!

Vampire movies and possession movies try to change your belief so you place your faith in the object graven image that represents God, that is not where it is at be the body of Christ as a Christian.

Say Holy Father I now give my self over to you to perform this miracle, Holy Spirit come forth through me now, Jesus Christ use the body temple now for your healing that is about to be done now. Let God lead you in commanding and casting, let God lead you in what to say is being healed right now by God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit! Feel the power and authority you have, take it back from Satan, you are above Satan through Jesus Christ.

You command and Satan must bow to you and do as you will, send him away! Command him gone and take his sickness with him! Be the authority and know that God is with you, if God be with you who can be against you? Remember James 4:7 if you say flee Satan must obey and will obey.

Do not fear the dark side for you are the shining light of Christ, the dark side fears you!

Watch the movies Finger of God and Furious Love by Darren Wilson. Read the books How to Heal the Sick by Charles and Francis Hunter, 100 Fold Strength by Sterling Bristol. Watch Heidi Baker, and Patricia King.


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Wade Casaldi

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I have been a recipient of Wade's healing...He is for real. Blessings to all, Jai

(28 Feb '11, 03:14) Jaianniah

Thanks Jai, actually Christ's healing but yes I was a major instrument in that process. :-D

(28 Feb '11, 05:58) Wade Casaldi

Consider: Our doctors today do miracles everyday, and we think nothing of it...They put new knees into people who otherwise would have been considered lame back in Biblical times. They treat the mad with medication, and these people become sane. They remove the cataracts from the eyes of the blind, and they can see again. Medical miracles extend all over the spectrum. Jesus said we would do these and more, and we do. We ought to treat these things as they are: miracles! For that is what they are, even though they are available through medicine. If you were the parent of a child with leukemia, and that child was healed, you would consider it a miracle, even with all the chemo and drugs. That child was returned to life!

Now we are reaching a point where we are experimenting with alternative medicine, and again, we see miracles. We do Reiki on a person who is sick, and that person gets well. We take herbs and we feel better. On and on, into the future. We can move mountains, with a bulldozer, and enough men. Just take a trip through the Rockies, and you'll see mountains that have great holes cut into them so we can journey to California by car!

I think we need to step back, and look at all the accomplishments of humanity, and applaud a bit. Jesus was right. We do all these things and more.

I need to add something, per the comment I received: last year, my right leg was whittled away by a horrible bacteria. My leg looked like a roast...And it was healed by a great doc. He saved my leg-he saved my life! I must say that it was a miracle that I lived. This is why I consider modern doctors to be a miracle-doing group of people.I guess you had to be there.

Blessings, Jai


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I appreciate your answer and I do understand what you are saying, but it is still not the same. Jesus didn't use a wine press to make the wine, He turned water into wine. He didn't use a defib. machine to revive the dead guy. I agree these are miracles, but what if we could get even closer to what He did and had in mind for us. And when we do experience the power the way Jesus did, they call it Holy Roller or New Age. Also the medical field is not the Church. It may be the church to some, but it is not the Church I speak of here.

(27 Feb '11, 17:21) Fairy Princess

Perhaps Jesus will someday give us that Power that He had...I think we are getting to the brink of it...In the meantime, we must look at what we already do compared with His times. Perhaps this is what He meant, I do not know. Thanks for the pointer, Jai

(27 Feb '11, 17:39) Jaianniah

Of course it could be that this line in the bible was the result of an exageration on the part of the author.

Im sorry to burst anyones bubble but the bible is full of exageration,its full of writings that we cant check the provinance of and frankly its been altered to suite over the ages.

Many translators have put differing words into the original documents and have often completely changed its meaning.

Now im not saying the bible isnt a very inspired work,it is by anyones standards so. BUT you cant go plucking one phrase or line from it,go on to produce a doctrine out of it and be absolutely guarenteed it comes direct from the mouth of God.

It come directly from what a man ,and i repeat man, wrote down in a book two thousand years ago. A book ,or rather a collection of writings that was given over to an organisation( the early roman church) which had every motive to change and doctor this book.

IF, and its a big IF ,all the words written about Jesus were are true and that we have the WHOLE picture from this, then lets be honest, Were dealing with a man who re wrote the very laws of physics ,chemistry and biology.He raised people from the dead,He defied gravity,He controlled the weather,He re wrote the chemistry behind fermentation and affected matter at an atomic and even for all i know a sub atomic level.

Can we do greater things than chance.

Ive not made up my mind who this Jesus fellow is,ive heard what the so called church wrote about him,ive heard what evangelical christianity preaches about him.

I never met the man, i never met anyone who wrote about him,im not in receipt of ANY of the original writings about him. I have witnessed the 30000 church organisations which purport to represent him.Ive heard the hell and damnation so called gospel which dishonours Him.Ive listened to the weird and wonderfull end time doctrine which makes a mockery of His life and frankly makes a mockery of human intelligence.

I think Jesus will stand on His own feet,He is a being in His own right who needs no understanding or human faith to prop Him up. He will stand as He is.

Debate about Him is frankly a waste of time. Conjecture about Jesus has never unified this earth.Its never blessed anyone,it never will.

Live as He lived,try to do what He did,give it your best shot.

You will never match Him.But you may do enough to help yourself, and perhaps someone else too.

Thats worth shooting for i think.



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Monty Riviera


you need to understand is message (teaching) Monty Riviera.and to understand the man will help you to understand more. it is not for him but for you or anny one that reads is message. he simplified the bible teaching and the law. yes i agree with you on everything you said that is why one needs to be carefull to get the right understanding.

(15 Oct '11, 05:22) white tiger

In the last three years of his life, Jesus taught the truth behind the Jewish law (cf. Mt 5:17): the fullness of the truth about man and his place in creation. The morality of Christ is not a set of arbitrary laws designed to keep people from enjoying life. Quite the contrary. Jesus' teachings reveal who man is, and by accepting the truth about oneself, one becomes truly free. This is why Jesus himself proclaimed, ``You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.'' (Jn 8:32)

(15 Oct '11, 05:23) white tiger
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