There have been questions posted about how to connect the LOA with the teaching of Jesus. I am wondering, how it is different? Jesus said in Matthew 21:22 that anything we ask in prayer, we will receive if we have faith.

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The faith principle does seem in harmony with the LOA however, the LOA does not require a belief in Jesus to receive all that is your birth right to receive. In Christianity, all blessings come only by faith in Jesus as your redeeming Savior from your "birth right", death eternal, thanks to Adam's garden party.


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Referring to some of Jesus’ teachings and knowledge of the LOA, there is no difference. The thing to remember is that the LOA is about laws concerning how reality works in this universe. Thus, once someone understands it they can use the words, analogies, metaphors, parables and allegories which are most suitable for the times of the reality (era) they're in to best disseminate the knowledge of the LOA.

I highly recommend reading the Jesus taught it too free ebook on PSI.

Many compassionate people throughout history have taught the LOA because they know that life doesn't need to be hard, unless we make it so. They've dug to the root and seen the true nature of reality and are eager to share information and knowledge with others; we are one consciousness after all. Each person sharing does so from their own unique perspective, so while what's being said may differ on the surface, if you dig to the root of it you'll always find the truth there :)


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Thank you Eddie. I did read Jesus taught it too. That is where I really started seeing that he did teach it.

(19 Aug '11, 13:14) Fairy Princess

The LOA is self contained, meaning there is only one consciousness, one universe, and all the laws work together in harmony to bring about the same result for all of us, so there is no difference, because everything is from the one and same energy source.


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