Consider: And is there more to life than you can see, hear, touch, and smell with your five senses?

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Of course there is more to life than just our five senses, every consciousness has vibrations (whether you think of it as a living or non-living object, they ALL have a form of consciousness), any experience that we consider "psychic" is us perceiving these vibrations. and there are many more that we do perceive than what we feel with the five senses. vibrations effect you in every way from simple tingles of the skin to a hard feeling of the actual vibration during meditation, i say that it is MUCH easier to feel and experience these with the world on stand by, for example in meditation and other sensory repressive states. i dislike the use of that last term because by "repressing" your senses you actually give them the TRUE ability to feel! love n light, rob


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We perceive with a little more than the recognized senses. But the amount we can not perceive far far outweighs the amount we can. I'm guessing infinite perspectives with infinite avenues to perceive.


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Your answer speaks volume! Thank you.

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Quite true Michael!.........

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Our five senses pick up five different frequencies. I need to use vibration as an example, it is a wave of energy and can not be picked up by any sense, slow it down and it turns to sound we can hear, speed it up and it turns to light we can see. Slow it down more than sounds and it turns solid we can feel, someplace in there is scents we can smell as well. Depending on the rate of vibration is the sense that we would perceive the existence of the thing to be as.


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@ Wade C: Great answer as usual, thank you!

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Yes there's a whole lot more of you than just a physical body, you're also a subtle being that can see, hear, feel/touch, smell and taste in the invisible world, your subtle being mirrors your physical body and it's sensitivity extends way beyond what your physical body can detect unlimited by time and space, here's a graphism

alt text

the outer layers are common to all, in other words we're all linked into together not only with with other humans but also with animals, plants, the whole of the natural world and the worlds beyond ... we live in a mental world, the bridge between the physical and subtle bodies is through mental activity.

In practice this means that you can access anything anytime. A very clear simple example is given by those that practice martial arts because they very often develop a high degree of proximity sense. Proximity sense is when you can feel someone that enters the room even though they may far from you.

We have all had at some time the feeling that we know the phone is going to ring before it actually happens, that something is going to happen and it does, this is precognition.

An excellent example of subtle energies in action is when your dog senses you're coming home long before you actually arrive home.

The possibilities are only limited by the extent of what you can imagine ...

alt text

In the following videos you can take part in a practical experience of using your virtual viewing senses


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