Does anyone else see the eye in the sky.. does anyone know what the meaning of it is?.. I hear more and more people can see it and can see it in their own heads, does this anything have to do with the change of frequency? thanks!

EDIT Clarification added

I have heard some people see an eye when they close their eyes and they see it reflected in the sky or anywhere they look.. that is what I am refering to.. I have heard it has to do with kundailini awakening.. anyone experience this?

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Eva goes with the Flow

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Wade Casaldi

Oh yes this was a satellite launched for observation, it is mostly used for military, but in a limited sense is used by civilians as can be seen in Google Earth.

Now with the clarification for the question I need to ask God if this could be inspiration for The Eye of Horus and the "All Seeing Eye" on our money. The thing that comes to mind is the Eye seems as white on the outside and black in the center which looked at in one way looks like an eye and looked at in another way looks like a tunnel. So the question could be if this eye is really the Astral Tunnel?

Another thing is we associate the third eye with an eye and thus could be projecting this image as outside rather than inside.

These are just some of my musings of what could be.


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Wade Casaldi

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Hi Eva, I believe that you are correct in saying that when you experience a psychic opening that it usally means that you have experienced a kundalini awakening of some description. The eye in the sky that you describe is the third eye starting to open. From my experiences with my third eye, it really is easier to view, when you take your focus through your heart center first. I can recommend a good book if you would like to learn how to work with these gifts,the book is called Farther Shores by Yvonne Kason. This book has helped me look at my kundalini awakening with a whole new perspective.

Love and Light


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Thank you Roy, has your kundalini awakening settle down?.. does it get better?..

(22 Nov '11, 23:29) Eva goes with the Flow

I didnt understand what was happening to me for the first two years,it has now been over four years since my first full kundalini experience,and I am only starting to feel half way normal.I feel it all the time 24/7.I have been working with a friend of mine who is a gifted energy translator and he is helping me see this energy in a whole new light, (pun intended :)

(22 Nov '11, 23:46) Roy

Is this energy positive?.. can you work and lead a nomal life? Is this a gift? pardon my questions I am just interested :)

(22 Nov '11, 23:59) Eva goes with the Flow

These energies are what you make them,if you have a positive outlook towards them,thats what they will be.I have been able to work and lead a somewhat normal life (if there is such a thing).Is this a gift? Thats up to your own interpretation,myself I feel it is a wonderful way to learn who I truly am. love and light

(23 Nov '11, 00:21) Roy

than you Roy.. I am trying to keep very positive and see it all as something cool and beautiful that was sent to me for a reason. It is good to know you haven't been harmed by any of this, that leads me to believe I won't be either, and I'll try to find a reiki master to help me through this. :D I do pray a lot and I think it has changed the way I see life in a positive way.. I seldom get angry anymore and I enjoy my fellow humans in a whole different way :)

(23 Nov '11, 00:36) Eva goes with the Flow
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Yes, I believe I see what you're referring to. This isn't something I've shared with anyone because I presumed they'd say I was out of my mind. And who knows, maybe I am. But since we're talking about it, why not share?

I believe what I see is a visual manifestation of the 'third eye' concept, and it is very difficult to explain with words what it is I'm perceiving.

I do not see this normally during the day. I have to consciously try to 'open' it, so to speak, and it is often impossible to do if I'm not centered.

In its mildest form it is easiest to relate to the 'eye worms' that people see sometimes. Not a real 'visible' color, but definitely there. Similar to the odd visual perception you get when you look at a light bulb for a second then close your eyes. (Though these images do not move unless you move your eyes.)

When I am meditating, the 'colors' become more vivid and clear. I use the word colors only because there isn't a better one here. It is like a fog, or a haze of color. I can see through it, but I still perceive that it is there.

If my eyes are open and I have relaxed myself properly, I will see this color perception over objects I focus on. For example, if I stare at a tree then I will see these subtle colors in the tree, but only in a small circle around the center of my focus. As I look up and down the tree the 'colors' will still stay in the shape of the tree, but fill the area closest to the center of where I'm looking. And if I look at my peripheral vision up or down the tree the 'fog' fades as it moves away from the center of my vision.

If my eyelids are barely closed and relaxed, I see the same general shapes as above, but without the visuals of my eyes there. Sometimes the images can start to spin, and it makes me dizzy and I have to open my eyes.

If I push my eyes closed as hard as I can, like I am scrunching my face, then I see a shape of an eye, filled with the 'colors' I described above. The colors inside are changing so it makes it very hard to focus on, and I can't look at it for long or it starts making me feel 'strained' so to speak. Like trying to lift something with an overworked muscle. Eventually it will give me a kind of 'headache', but it isn't a stinging pain or throbbing or anything like that, more of a dull drained feeling. Like a 'sagging'.

With everything I describe I have used many different words because none of them are quite accurate enough to explain what I'm trying to share.

Anyway, very faint 'colors' are the only thing I will ever see normally during the day, and usually it is at intervals I cannot explain yet. I would say 'random', but I don't believe in random anymore- I think the universe is always trying to tell us something. As for the middle and fully closed eye states, the middle part only happens if I'm in an extremely deep meditative state, nearing unconsciousness, listening to calming but powerful music, etc. The fully closed one can happen normally, but it is extremely faint and I can't even begin to bring it into focus.

So yea... That's not something I ever thought I would share with anyone. Bit odd really. Meh...


answered 26 Nov '11, 11:56

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yes, I understand everything you say.. for me I have seen energies that scare me to the point where I need to ask for someone to be with me at that time. I have also approached the Christian church for help since it can be incredibly overwhelming. The eye turned into a thousand eyes and they took over my reality and It felt not right, so I hope I can learn either to control this or to get rid of this. Meditating enhances it and praying kinda settles it down so as for now I am just praying.

(26 Nov '11, 18:27) Eva goes with the Flow

The issue of a thousand eyes is something I feel that should concern you greatly.

My perception of what you're describing is this: You're channeling other souls other than your own, and it lets you see what they see. This is a good ability, but they can NEVER be bigger than your OWN eye, otherwise they risk taking control and 'possessing' you. Not all possessions are malevolent or benevolent, they could even just be a different 'side' of YOU coming out. I STRONGLY suggest getting a 'totem', 'token', or 'key' as I call them. These are identifiers that make you who you are, in this reality[...

(27 Nov '11, 01:41) Leo

...] For me I wear a necklace a friend and I got that holds sentimental value, I have a few objects I carry on me that were gifts, and the mental image of a tattoo I plan on getting. Even memories or thoughts or ideas can be a totem, they just have to have a strong emotional bond to YOU. The more 'unique' this totem, the more power it has. For example, imagine that you could perceive alternate realities. The more 'random' and unlikely that this totem would be created in its exact form in another reality the more powerful it is. This makes 'random' purchases encouraged by friends [...

(27 Nov '11, 01:42) Leo

...] Create a stronger bond with the person, the more reliant it is on their presence to have been created. The same goes for lessons you learn, memories you make, and any object you own. If you buy a house with your wife/husband and you put your heart into taking care of it, it will strengthen the bond between you and your wife, because you are filling it with positive energy. You should have totems that not only remind you of who YOU are, but of the people who you love that helped MAKE YOU who you are. [...

(27 Nov '11, 01:44) Leo

If you 'remove' or drain the power out of EVERY totem you have, you can completely remove yourself from this reality and move your soul to a new one of your choosing. The totems you do not destroy or drain energy from are kept in place, holding you in that part of your reality, but the ones you remove are allowed to fade away. This is why it is important to not dwell on negative memories or emotions, because that will make them grow.

Anyway: More powerful totems help prevent you from being possessed, or 'losing yourself' in another reality. It is possible to become 'trapped' in a 'dream'[...

(27 Nov '11, 01:45) Leo

...] Where you forget where your soul came from or how to get back. Whatever reality your soul visits that creates the strongest totems is the one that you will 'wake up' in, whenever you are jarred from your sleep. If you have two lives that have equally strong totems, you will seemingly alternate between living the two, awakening in one when you fall asleep in the other. This makes it possible to live dual lives, similar to what is portrayed in The Matrix. The more input you're capable of handling the more you can do in each reality simultaneously. [...

(27 Nov '11, 01:47) Leo

...] Now I've gotten strongly off point: Morale of the story: Seeing more than one 'All Seeing Eye' in your head is a GOOD thing, if you can control it and are aware of it. If you have other eyes that appear that become too strong, this is dangerous because they could begin to control you more than the 'real' you. This is the difference between 'channeling' a spirit, and allowing it to 'possess' you. This is why you should avoid ever channeling the most powerful spirits in history before you are ready, because they WILL consume you if you aren't ready to accept what they have to offer. [...

(27 Nov '11, 01:48) Leo

...] For example, if people ever try to look into the 'Eye of God' or the 'Eye of Satan' without preparing themselves properly, it will consume and destroy them, likely resulting in their 'death' or 'ascension' to a higher reality. This can be good if that's where you're trying to go, but if you just allow yourself to be 'eaten up' by whatever entity you're channeling then you lose your identity, and your soul just becomes a part of them. If you want to be fully one with God, that is fine, and good, but if you aren't ready to leave this dimension then I strongly advise against it.

(27 Nov '11, 01:50) Leo

leo have you seen the eye of god?

(06 Dec '11, 00:58) white tiger
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well 8 months ago i have seen 3 symbol in the moon. the third eye symbol, the leaf symbol, and the sun symbol.also i have seen my third eye in a dream. so experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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I had an experience with this that is very similar to Roy's. You are NOT crazy! I used to see an eye looking back at me, eye-to-eye, while I was dozing, and it scared me at first until I found out through Reiki that Soul Star (above the Crown Chakra) was opening, and I was developing my Sacred Heart Centers...I wish I had known it at the time...This is why I am posting. What you are experiencing can be very frightening if you do not know what is going on; I sure did not at the time. Your Kundalini rising can also create this effect, but I'll bet you are also developing some very high Chakra centers as well.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher; this is how I know about this phenomenon.

Peace, Jai


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thank you so much.. would you mind If I could communicate with you so I can ask you a few questions?.. mostly I wish to know if this is something positive and if you are able to lead a normal life, work etc. thank you :) <3

(23 Nov '11, 00:33) Eva goes with the Flow need to read my bio and then you will be able to get in touch with me! Thanks.......

(23 Nov '11, 12:17) Jaianniah

I've always asociated the word/term "eye" with the word/term "I" Both words have the same sound and when the letters used in the creation of each word (eye, I) are converted to their respective/corresponding square numbers of the alphabet the result is either the product is the square or the square root of the original value

" e-y-e " "25-5-25" "I" "9" (3x3)


answered 06 Dec '11, 00:45

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I have heard some people see an eye when they close their eyes and they see it reflected in the sky or anywhere they look.. that is what I am refering to.. I have heard it has to do with kundailini awakening.. anyone experience this?


answered 22 Nov '11, 20:11

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Eva goes with the Flow

Oh Eva I see now, (no pun intended) what you should do is copy this and paste it in the original question. If you want I will but it is better to learn how to yourself so you will always be able to fix your questions. :-)

(22 Nov '11, 20:18) Wade Casaldi
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