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How does Prayer work in the Mind of God?

I have been asked this question, and have finally thought of a way to explain prayer using (ironically) a principle of physics.

Imagine that everything you want, everything for which you pray, as a large rock which you must push up a large hill. Now some things are not such big rocks as far as the universe goes, but some things are enormous boulders.

Every prayer sends energy to the boulder, the object of your prayer. This energy "pushes" the rock up the great hill just a bit. As the rock goes up the hill, it is accumulating potential energy.

Now, what is potential energy? Potential energy is energy that is stored in an object. If you stretch a rubber band, you will give it potential energy. As the rubber band is released, potential energy is changed to motion. But in our example, we have not released the boulder just yet. We have a "goal" in mind- the top of the hill- and we need to get our boulder to the top. Right now, our prayer is just giving the rock "potential energy".

Now, at some point, the boulder does reach the top of the hill, and there it rests, "full" of potential energy, and ready and aimed to do its work.

At this magic and exciting point, the Mind of God comes into play. God thinks, and the boulder is released. What happens?

Of course, our prayer is answered! At the moment when God "stretches out His finger", and touches the boulder, the kinetic energy of the boulder, which was created by "pushing" the rock up the hill, is released, and the answer to the prayer comes. The job for which we have been praying materializes. The money we need shows up. And so on.

But here are some mind-blowing facts about this energy, and the Mind of God....

You were not the only person or entity responsible for getting the rock up the hill. You are never alone in your prayers. Never! You just have no idea just how may other prayers went into getting your particular boulder up the hill. If you refer back to the original Mind of God post, you see that thoughts and energy are constantly "zipping" all about the Universe of God's Mind. For all you know, a prayer prayed by Unibleepsum from the Planet Zenon helped push your rock...

Secondly, as you pray, and your belief grows, that rock moves quite quickly up the hill. In fact, you might just get to the point where you become able to think correctly, and the boulder moves from the bottom of the hill, right to the top, in one flash. This brings into play The Law of Attraction. There surely has been enough written on this site about that subject that I should not have to explain this law to you...but with the LOA, if you just think in alignment with the Mind of God, what you want will appear...In the meantime, as you grow into the LOA, I find that the picture of the boulder going up the hill works nicely as a metaphor for why and how and what happens when we pray.

I hope this little metaphor helps you with your prayer-life. It is so important to pray! Never stop!

Blessings, Jaianniah

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I don't see a difference between prayer and the LOA. The only difference is where you put your faith. Jesus said that if we had the faith of a mustard seed, we could tell the mountain to get up and move and it would jump into the ocean. He didn't say, if you have faith in Me, he said the faith of a mustard seed. He said that God already knows what we want, we just have to ask. It is in the asking that we can get an answer. No question, no answer. If you read the book on Psi Tek, Jesus Taught It Too (The Early Roots Of The Law Of Attraction) by Philip F Harris, you will see the connection between what Jesus taught and the LOA. When God made man in His likeness, His likeness is a spirit, a mental being, therefore in His likeness is like Him in spirit and mind. Also read Dynamic Thought by Henry Thomas Hamblin and see that we are like God but different in degree. So if we have faith, we can move mountains. It is the same faith that allows us to direct the LOA with our consciousness. While reading Dynamic Thought, scriptures pop into my head that confirm that what I am reading is true. The Bible says that the righteous will receive the desires of their hearts. We were already given everything we want, we just have to accept it, or attract it. The fields are white, ready for harvest. We just have to harvest it. Since we reap what we sow, we sow it in our hearts and reap it in our lives.

It has been scientifically proven that people who get prayed for, regardless of religion of person praying, healed faster than those who don't receive prayer. This is done through the matrix, or the scientific term for the web that connects everything. I would say it all part of God, since God is everywhere. The Bible instructs us to pray for one another for various reasons. One is that God knows the 'rules of quantum mechanics' and instructs us how to make use of it. Science and quantum physics are just ways that people use to discover the way things work. The further we go into quantum physics, the closer we come to understanding God and eternity.

Plants respond to music, words, thoughts etc... so does water and people. Since we are all connected and really one, then our focused prayer, positive intentions, etc... can speak to the cells of other people and distance doesn't matter. So, the more good thoughts and intentions and words that we put out there, the better the plants and animals and people will feel. The law of vibration is at work in this as well and the loa is related to it, since we attract things by our vibrations. The Bible says that a righteous man's prayers are heard. A righteous person is a person who has right thinking. A person who has right thinking attracts good things that they desire, that they pray for, that they ask for. A person with negative thinking attracts like things, people, situations, etc... even when they ask for what they want, because they attract what is like their vibration. So when our vibration matches what we ask for, we get it. God already gave it to us but we have to ask for it in faith and then we receive it.

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Fairy Princess

Some very good examples of how and why prayer works, loved your response!

(18 Jul '11, 18:29) LeeAnn 1

Glad it made sense!

(18 Jul '11, 19:06) Fairy Princess

I'm not too sure I get this Jai... seems like awfully hard work to push a boulder up a hill.

For me prayer is more like lifting the boulder off my shoulders and handing it to God and his answer would be rolling it down the other side of that hill for me.

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True prayer is nothing more than 'feeling' the wish fullfilled. I suggest that you google 'secret of prayer Nevlle Goddard' for a more detailed explanation. There is no external God, God is all and in all, the all that is, all in all.

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answered 18 Jul '11, 20:10

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I love Neville's work. This is the best source of Neville stuff I've found online -

(19 Jul '11, 02:08) Eddie

Yes, I highly recommend nevillelecturehall, also if your interested in Neville I have recently joined a new mastermind group here's the link Only Believe!

(26 Jul '11, 22:44) AboveBelow

interesting jai you are just missing the free will of other people and the faith. example someone might say it is going to rain today because it always rain when x happen. well he is going to see x and it is going to rain even if the person do not want it to rain. now lets say you are going to pray so it does not rain well it is going to be the energy the most strong that is going to happen or you will have a mix of the 2 people faith. the universe or god as a balence there is many factor that make something happen or not or when. well jai experiance and enjoy.

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answered 20 Jul '11, 03:21

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white tiger

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