Consider: Jesus was a human, but Christ was a separate spiritual being!

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Yes and No Vee.

Christs biggest revelation wasnt that we could have our prayers answered,or that the law was now defunct,or that faith could move mountains.

His biggest and most staggering claim was that He was ONE with who He called the Father.

He then prayed that we would be too.Even as He was.

So He was seperate entity AND He was one with the Father.

Sorry Vee, but its another yes AND no answer.Were all seperate terminals or computers BUT were on the same world wide web so to speak.

The apostle Paul claimed that no one at any time has ever seen God. Hes right 100% and wrong 100%. When we look into each others faces we do see the Father,when we bless each other we do bless the Father.Mother Theresa of Calcutta saw Christ every day of her life,she said that she saw Him in every orphan face in the slums of India.

The Temple part of your question i see as Christs physical body. I imagine most Christian thinkers would follow this rationale.

To me Christ raising Himself from the dead is a great and powerfull feat,but i will be honest, our oneness with Source / God / Father seems the greatest blessing of all.

Many believe the one led to the other. Graham


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A well thought out answer, and I can understand your rational, thank you.

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