In the Bible it says "resist ye not evil". Also, it is said that whatever you think about you bring about, so I think about angels and light.

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Thankfully, no protection from negatively focused entities or beings is necessary. Everything we can imagine exists within All That Is, but what we decide to focus on and believe in is what our reality becomes for us to experience.

Being aware that dark and light and positive and negative exist as potential for us to experience if we so choose; is an awareness, an allowance and an acceptance of those things. And those things and those realities always do and always will exist in parallel realities, but we’re never under any obligation to experience them :)

So the bottom line is it’s always our choice of what to choose to believe in any moment. And nothing not believed in can enter or force its way into our reality because the vibrations are too far out of phase to enable that possibility.


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Well said Eddie :)

(25 Jan '11, 14:31) Michaela

Quite agree Eddie!

(25 Jan '11, 16:35) daniele

first protection is to have no fear! yes negative entity exist! and they feed on fear! so the more you fear the more power you give them!once you stop fearing they lose there power! so have no fear and have faith!why do you think you have nightmare? why do you think lucid dreaming where you face your fear and get ride of it! reduce the nightmare you have!


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white tiger

I asked the question Can someone cast a spell/curse on someone else? some good answers there (I liked Wades answer)
Kind of along the same lines as your question .



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*btw where did Wade go?

(01 Jan '11, 20:28) ursixx

Our protection lies in our thoughts. According to "Abraham" there is only one stream of consciousness. What we interpret as evil is a resistance to that stream of consciousness.


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on 'resist ye not evil', replace the thought with its opposite thus neutralizing the potential negative eneryg/karma.
on 'protection from negative entities', this is your battle ground yet you do possess the ultimate weapon: free will


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Do we need protection? Brian your vibrations are to high for any negative whatever. So no worries for you. In my opinion others my attract negative whatever. So, yes and no. Many Blessings! Happy New Year!


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Staying within a constant state of Love is the only, and best defense against anything that is of the dark. But one must understand that we live in a duality. This means that our reality will always have dark and light because one cannot exist without the other. Again, staying in Love will be your best defense, loving the dark as much as you do the light is a part of the Love ALL there is concept. Walk the middle path, the path between the light and dark in a constant state of Love, and nothing will harm you. Always come from your heart, and not your ego. Your ego only has the theory of what Love is. But your will always know what Love is, so stay within your heart, and not your ego's idea of love


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