When I read the Bible, the things they list as sin, especially in the New Testament, are feelings and emotions and actions that hurt our relationship with God, others or ourselves.

However, most Christian churches will give you a long list of Worldly things they call sin, like dancing, wearing certain clothing, drinking any wine at all, etc...

I find that the more rules they have, the less love they have. But the Bible says that God is Love. Love is an emotion or feeling. The fruit of the spirit are feelings and emotional states and behavior towards others.

Jesus said to be sober minded which in the concordance also means self control. So drunk with wine and losing self control is not the same as having a glass of wine. Jesus told them that "the law says that if you murder someone you will be judged, but I tell you that if you hate your brother you will be judged... and the law says that it is a sin to take another mans wife and commit adultry, but I tell you that if you even look upon another man's wife it is sin." (I know it's not exact, but close enough) So these again are thoughts, not actions.

I know in the Bible original text the term was to miss the mark, sin is the word they chose to represent that phrase, but it leads us in a different direction and gives us a different image than the words miss the mark.

So, what is sin?

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Fairy Princess

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juniper, seems as though sin is something concieved by mankind, those who judge. and it seems that one has more credibility to judge when backed by the bible. missing the mark may be changed with knowledge, especially when we begin to look for evidence of said relative truths.

(16 Mar '11, 00:06) fred

the only unforgiveable sin: 1)"anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven", 2) http://bible.cc/mark/3-29.htm, 3) http://bible.cc/matthew/12-31.htm

i have not found any satisfactory clarification to this. perhaps the majority are unwittingly commiting this.

i agree with the definitions of AboveBelow and jupiterios.

(23 Feb '13, 17:53) don
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Sin is a good way to keep you coming back to church. If you didn't sin would you need to church? more sins more reason to go to church. more money in the collection.


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Technically sin as defined by the bible is a failure to observe and obey the mosaic law.

Of course thats not all sin is.

I see it as the abscence of the positive rather than i thing in itself. Sins not a person ,place or thing after all.

I tend not to become too focussed on it. I must say thou that many of my friends and family do spend quite a lot of time talking about this. It appears to be a very important part of their lives and doctrine.

To me it doesnt exist. I dont worry about it,i dont focus on it and im certainly not an evil sinner because i refuse to be obsessed with it.

Its a non existent thing to me, but as with everything i realise to some its very real,very important and very much in their view of things.

And i respect their right to view it as such.I would rather not dwell upon the lack of good or virtue but rather of the existence of good. and virtue.



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Monty Riviera

I believe sin is when you do not follow your hearts guidance.


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Sin is when you deny yourSelf and your real Nature.

Sin is when you try or pretend to be someone you are not.

Sin is when you listen to other's people voice and not yours.


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I believe the modern interpretation of 'sin' is a perversion of a concept intended to serve as a guide for life.

[I forewarn you, my post is very long, but you asked about sin and in my mind sin is an extremely different subject than most are accustomed to. If you do not have the interest in hearing my opinion I strongly urge you to stop reading now.]

The question that arises in my mind is this: Why would an otherworldy God impose worldly laws upon his people? Then taking a step further... Why would an all powerful God, who is capable of speaking to all of his children directly and/or instilling in their soul the understanding they need, ever need or want to use other people to speak or write for him?

If the only thing he desires is his children to love, why wouldn't he talk to them directly like he did in the ancient Bible times? He is God, I'm not sure if you understand the gravity of that statement but the guy has done some pretty impressive things, but he can't seem to manage making a religion that is absolute and cannot be questioned? Something doesn't add up there in my eyes.

That being the case, I decide what is a sin or not in the exact same way I manifest reality, which is convenient because that is what this site is primarily about.

I believe your emotions are a compass helping you find your way, your mind a map capable of becoming more detailed when given more information to be drawn into its pages, and your body a vessel possessing all of the abilities necessary to create our own trails through life, or follow paths laid by those who traveled before us.

First, as with manifestation, you must decide what you want. Do you want to be a good person? I do. It is my first and foremost desire, one I spend every moment trying my hardest to manifest and bring into reality. If you share this desire, then your emotions will serve as a compass that will tell you if you're moving down the correct path or not.

Have you ever showed kindness to a stranger and been filled with a warmth in your heart? A feeling of good and happiness? If not, I advise you to try it some time, it is quite addicting. This tells me that my actions are leading me down the correct path to attaining my goals.

Have you ever committed a Biblical 'sin' and felt good about it? There are a few plausible explanations for this, two that I find to be most likely. Either A: You do not have your 'compass' set on the right target, or B: Maybe you have been mislead into believing it is a sin in the first place.

How about something that isn't a sin or even against the law, and felt bad? Again, you have everything you need inside yourself to guide you to what you want. If being cruel to someone truly makes you feel good about yourself you should be concerned.

Now lets make this slightly more interesting... Imagine first that you desire to be a good person. Now, imagine that you killed a man who tried to murder someone you love. How do you feel?

I would feel discomfort that I was forced to take the life of any living creature because of my respect for life in all forms, but not for a moment would I feel wrong about my decision, and I would even be joyous that I killed a man, because in doing so I saved the life of someone I loved.

But what if the person you killed was innocent and you did so in cold blood? How would you feel then? I would feel disgusted, dark, cold, empty, corrupt, confused, lost, and wrong. To me that is what it means to lose yourself, to be acting against your compass, to not be pursuing what you desire most in life.

Of course this situation is simple because murder is a very clear subject: it should only be used as an absolute last resort, when no other reasonable options exist to meet the ends you seek. Other 'sins' however may not always be so clear.



I could have answered this question using only the things I'm about to explain below, but I included the above because I believe it is more important to teach a man to fish than it is that he not go hungry for a few days. What good is it to anyone if everything is spelled out in front of them without first teaching them how to decide for themselves if they are met with an unknown or unpredictable situation?

To directly answer your question: I say the things you should be concerned with most are the seven deadly sins, because I think they are the closest thing humanity has come up with so far to what God actually intended.

Something you will notice about all of the deadly sins is that they are extreme versions of otherwise healthy emotions.

Greed is the extreme of desire. Desire is good, you should always want more, but it should never become more important to you than being a good person or the well being of others.

Wrath is the extreme of hatred, which is a part of love. True love is unconditionally caring about another being, willing to protect them no matter what wrongs they commit. Hatred is the unconditional dislike of another, superseding logic or reason. Hatred is healthy because it reminds us what it means to love. If a person dares to hurt one I care about I absolutely feel hatred towards them, and rightfully so. Hatred turns into wrath when you are willing to ignore your other desires just to harm that person in any way you can, no matter the cost to yourself or those around you.

Lust is the extreme of our desire for physical satisfaction and the euphoria created thereby. It is good to desire to be with another person, even multiple other people if that is right for you. This desire becomes a sin when you are willing to seek physical satisfaction in any way you can get it, without any discretion or concern of the consequences.

To be clear, there is absolutely a pattern here. Humans are given logic and free thought for a reason, and are expected to use it. When we forgo this gift and act purely on emotional impulse alone it is a slap in the face to the one who gave it; and that is when these perfectly healthy activities turn into a corruption that will hurt our bodies, minds, spirits, as well as those around us.

Gluttony is very similar to greed; but instead of acting because your desire is so strong that you don't care about anything else you're doing it simply because you can, not because it is something you actually need or want. For example, eating excessively is a sin because it is unnecessarily wasteful.

Sloth is a sin because the purpose of life is to live it to the fullest and most importantly to live happily. We have been given gifts, the ability to do anything in this world if we desire it enough. Not using these gifts is insulting to the one who gave them, because it shows a lack of appreciation. It is good to relax at times and take it easy, but as with all other sins not more-so than our other directives.

Envy... Dante defined this as "a desire to deprive other men of theirs." Envy in its modern English definition is actually a good thing in my eyes: the appreciation of the possessions of others and the desire to obtain similar possessions. This becomes sinful when we don't just want an idea like their's, we just want their's. Coveting thy neighbor's wife, theft, jealousy, all come together in this one sin. You should never want to take from someone else because you do not feel they are worthy, nor should you ever feel dislike or hatred towards them because they possess something you do not.

Finally comes pride, the most dangerous of all and the source of the others. The belief you are more important than those around you, either by your works, the works of those who came before you, or by some absurd 'divine right'. God made all life to be equal, and thinking that somehow you are more important than his other creations is believing yourself an equal to God, or in extreme cases greater than.

Pride is something nearly all religious individuals are guilty of. Their religions teach that if they believe in the proper deity and follow the proper rituals they are somehow entitled to something that others are not. This is the most disgusting perversion of true spirituality, and goes against the most fundamental instructions we are given to live by. Do you believe that you will go to a magical place that only you and those like you are entitled to? Do you believe that there is another magical place that those inferior to you are damned to? You are prideful, you think you are better than the people who have not done the same as you, and it is shameful.

Pride is the source of all bigotry, prejudice, war, and evil in the world. People start wars to kill and take what they did not earn, or because they think that the others do not have the right to believe as they do or possess what they do. Racism stems from the belief one's race makes them better than a race they dislike. Similarly, sexism the thought their gender is more powerful or deserving than the other.


Hopefully my answer was not too long for people to read, I can be very verbose at times. I continue to be this way however as I would much rather people hear my words in their entirety because they were willing to take the time to listen, and for those who do not have the interest I'd rather they not hear me in the first place.


answered 21 Nov '11, 00:36

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Leo, you seem to speak with absolute certainty. Where does this certainty originate? There are some flaws in your logic. Have you ever heard of syllogisms? For example: A. Being Kind to Strangers feels good. B. All strangers appreciate your kindness. C. Therefore, good feelings will always come from being kind to strangers. The flaw in this syllogism is in the assumption that all strangers appreciate your kindness. I was very kind to a stranger once; my reward for my kindness was to end up being raped! True story. Therefore, you cannot assume that kindness (continued below)

(21 Nov '11, 01:13) Jaianniah

will result in good feelings. Do you see? You said that sin is something that results when we clash with society says is right and proper. But what if society is dead wrong? Martin Luther King said that black people were not being treated fairly. He was the start of a movement that changed the basic truth of a whole society. The seven deadly sins are a safe point to jump off from; but even they have exceptions to the rule. What if perceived gluttony is actually a genetic malfunction? If we say that a person is a glutton, and a sinner, then we may be making a judgment that is dead wrong.

(21 Nov '11, 01:20) Jaianniah

I think I am getting a feeling for your way of perceiving reality; you have been deeply hurt and influenced by your upbringing. Am I wrong? If so, then your judgments may be flawed because they are based on your personal experience instead of what is ACTUALLY and REALLY true. I admire your erudition. I admire your great intelligence. Please think about the logic of your beliefs. Not all religions people are judgmental or bad...I am not judging you; I am only trying to show you the flaws in your thinking. I hope this helps. Blessings, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Nov '11, 01:24) Jaianniah

leo why do you think that we will not read your words? you must have meet alot of superficial people in your life that did not understand you, am i wrong?

(21 Nov '11, 02:10) white tiger

Hmm. The reason I emphasis so often that I do not believe in absolutes is because I truly do not. I absolutely don't think all religious people are judgmental or bad, far from it. There are good and bad people from all walks of life, and I assure you I always try to share that knowledge with my friends who are bigoted.

Whenever I share comments or thoughts directed negatively towards religion they are absolutely NEVER intended to be perceived with negativity towards those who practice said religion.

Believe me, logic is all that drives me. [cont.-->]

(21 Nov '11, 02:14) Leo

You asked so many questions that if I were to address each one with the amount of accuracy that I would like it would be another post just as large as the one you're responding to.

My absolute certainty stems from a source that you would not believe if I told you, you would think me insane if I did tell you, and you'd probably hate me. While I am considerably more open here than I am in my life and even with my closest friends, there are still many things that I am unable to share because I don't believe people are ready to hear them yet.

(21 Nov '11, 02:14) Leo

In response to your story: Everything I say is intended to be a point used for the making of decisions SECONDARILY to one's own logic and reason, NEVER authoirtatively.

When I say be kind to strangers do I mean help random people broken down on the road? Sure why not, if you're safe about it. I am a very athletic male, ~6'1", ~175 lbs, and a martial artist like your

husband. There are very few situations I will assess as being too much of a risk for me to safely offer my assistance.

Does this mean I encourage my female friends to do the same? Never. Quite the contrary, [cont again...]

(21 Nov '11, 02:15) Leo

Quite the contrary, I urge them to exert extreme caution and never do anything like that, even if the people appear to be completely

harmless. Why this double standard? I would never want anyone to put themselves at risk, and exposing yourself to a situation involving people you do not know IS a risk.

(21 Nov '11, 02:16) Leo

Regarding my upbringing, I dislike that I had a religion forced on me by pastors, friends, schools, family members, and even strangers. This dislike is amplified by my perception of the church (not just the christian church, but all religions who demand money from their followers, or dare to do God's work and condemn those who do not follow them. Incidentially, this description encompasses every totemic book I've been exposed to, especially Islam and Christianity. The perception creates inside me a loathing that I battle desparately to keep as controlled as possible. [...]

(21 Nov '11, 02:17) Leo

has for what you have writen it seams to be for the carnal men. yes i know you might judge me for saying this. jesus was also judge and put on the cross for saying the truth. so does it bother me? did it bother jesus? forgive them father for they do not know what they are doing. that was the kind of men he was. he still add hope that some would understand.and stop being stuck in duality and judgement.

(21 Nov '11, 02:18) white tiger

That being said, I often allow myself to speak with more hostility towards religion than I would like, but I'm working on controlling it better. If I were to speak freely regarding the actions of religions since the murder of Christ there would be a considerably greater amount of rage and offensive words being used. I absolutely would like to discuss each of the points you brought up, because they are excellent points, and I do have explanations for all of them. The issue is that I haven't even begun to truly respond and I've already written another 1500 words, and hit the hourly comment cap.

(21 Nov '11, 02:20) Leo

@WT: Regarding superficial people. I live in California. 99% of everyone I meet is superficial, and even more have zero interest in thinking for themselves.

So yes, I am very used to people disliking how thorough my opinions are, especially considering it takes most people I encounter take three times as long to read what I write as it takes me to think it, write it, and rewrite it. They lack the interest, and so they give up very quickly.

I want to respond more, to both of you, but as I mentioned I've hit the hourly comment limit.

(21 Nov '11, 02:24) Leo

i see sin and judgement every day. people judge other people with out all the fact. and if they would be in the person skin that they judge they would not accept it at all.are they doing to other what they would like that be done to them? i do not think so. are their though speak and action pure? and yet they think they are perfect and boost their little ego. if i see this do you think that god do not see it?

(21 Nov '11, 02:30) white tiger

I believe God sees everything, and I believe he abhors the things that man has done and said in his name. That being said, I don't believe God will ever directly intervene in this reality with his own hands, because that isn't how he intended for life to be. I believe that Earth is actually Eden. I don't believe we ever left, and surely were never 'thrown out' by God. I believe life here is as it is because we made it so, and only we have the ability to change it. I don't believe that God will condemn or reward any man directly. I believe the tools to experience heaven and hell are inside us.

(21 Nov '11, 02:37) Leo

well leo god punish or rewards man in secret but often they do not see it.

(21 Nov '11, 23:26) white tiger

That is something I absolutely agree with, but I believe it is through the laws of nature God created that this 'judgement' you refer to is distributed. I don't believe God would ever want to individually dish out punishment or rewards, because he would just give everyone everything they asked for because I believe in a truly all loving God. So to protect his students from himself he made the system enforce the rules for him, in a manner he never would be able to do himself. And so, the choice is our own.

(22 Nov '11, 00:25) Leo

well actually leo god dish out reward and punishement individually according to one deeds and conduct. and it is not because he does not love you. you have children do you not love them and yet you need to punish or reward them according to their conduct and deeds.

(24 Nov '11, 00:30) white tiger
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I do not know how I missed this question, but I did.

"Sin" is being apart from God. If you prefer, it is being apart from the God-in-You, for "sinning" always makes the sinner unhappy in the end. That unhappiness is the key to understanding what sin really is.

Anything that makes us unhappy, or fills us with remorse, involves what we call "sin". It is NOT a measure of perspective or a scale of this sin is less than that- ALL sin has its results in unhappiness and remorse.

Some people have the ability to ignore this unhappiness- they may be psychopaths or they just may be so inured to sin that they have lost the ability to feel their own unease. Sin is "edging God out (E.G.O.). And we all sin from time to time. The measure of the man or woman is how readily they admit this sin to themselves, and forgo anymore of the behavior that caused the sin.

Only a fringe of churches have those limitations you mentioned. Most of the churches I have attended had no such restrictions.

I am sure i need not say much more about sin, for God put inside of us a conscience which tells us when we sin. You know when you have sinned. Period.

The New Testament, especially what Jesus has to say about sin, is my best guide to what sin is about. I refer anyone to that. Paul's writings a a bit harsher.

Thanks for the good question. I am sorry I missed it.




answered 23 Feb '13, 19:33

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Sin is judgment. "Judge not lest ye be judged", and what is the original sin? Eating from the fruit of knowledge of good and evil - that leads to judgment "this is bad", "this is good" - it is reality and "good" and "bad" are labels.

Repentance seems to be God forgiving you, but it is you forgiving yourself of your own self-judgments and judgments of others.


answered 24 Feb '13, 02:40

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Psychology the Study of Human Behaviors shows why we behave the way that we do in given situation, and indeed we do have both strengths and weakness in our personality traits etc. So, I see sin as weakness that we all experience, but that we can improve on to grow spiritually, and to improve and correct our behavior patterns!

The Church will see sin as described in the Bible, and Christians do believe that there is sin, and have accepted it as a fact in their life!


answered 17 Mar '11, 05:13

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Inactive User ♦♦

Vee, maybe there is still hope, the Christians may find there original(organic roots), the christ-life type instead of the organization.

(18 Mar '11, 01:52) fred

@ fred: the possibilities are endless indeed!

(19 Mar '11, 01:36) Inactive User ♦♦

all bad though speak and action is a sin. judging is a sin. judgement becomes a sin. there is a saying.Don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes”. “You never really know a man until you understand things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

like i said before who has removed all veils of the mind and can judge another?


and if you sin repent. where you did a wrong do a right.

experience and enjoy.


answered 20 Nov '11, 16:10

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white tiger

Sin in simplest terms is what leads us away from God or good. Even temptation knowingly or unknowingly if it causes another to fall is sin.

Someone has big dreams and feels excited and tells you about them. You say, "Oh I don't know about this. This doesn't sound like it would work. You'd never make it." He goes off feeling like, "What was I thinking? I am too dumb. I'll never amount to anything!" Then he drops into depression. Like it or not that is what you caused.

Someone believes it is a sin to eat meat, you get a big well done deep brown stake and eat it in front of him. Really enjoying it and commenting on how good it is. He gives in and orders a stake even though to his belief that he accepts it is a sin. You feel good afterwards because it does not clash with your belief. He on the other hand has deep feelings of guilt and remorse. He feels he turned his back on God, so the both of you have now sinned.

His sin is not yours, your sin is not eating meat, your sin is temping him. His sin is eating the meat, not because eating meat is a sin but his belief that it is against God's will for him. To him it is rebelling God's wishes, just as much as Satan rebelled, "I don't have to! You can't make me!"


answered 23 Feb '13, 19:21

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Wade Casaldi

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