Aaron made this proclamation Exodus 32:6 "Tomorrow is a feast to the Lord."

It is said that Aaron molded a Calf out of Gold from the people, and said "this is your God of Israel that brought you out of the Land of Egypt." (Exodus:32:5) What was the message behind Aaron's proclamation in Exodus 32:6?

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Exodus 32 is a warning against idolatry, one of the sins set forth in the Ten Commandments.

The proclamation you refer to shows that the creation and the worship of the golden calf was not a conscious rejection of the Lord. Aaron and the rest of Israel probably thought that they could give honor to the Lord through the golden calf.

Aaron was not crass enough to say, "Let's do away with the Lord God." He simply updated things, making them more modern. In the mind of Israel Aaron didn't take away the Lord God, he simply added the golden calf.



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So do you think it was a wise thing for Aaron to add the Golden Calf? Thank you for your answer, and the Link!

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@Vee: Read the Wikipedia article on idolatry. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idolatry

(20 Jun '11, 02:02) Vesuvius

Aaron was the brother of moses and was forced to make the golden calf even if he knew it was wrong!


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@ white tiger: Yes we sometimes do things that we know that are wrong, but yet, we are unable to stop ourselves! Thank you.

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