Can anyone recommend from their experience an effective step by step method to become more successful? Or a concise reading list that would cover the material needed.

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On Simon Templeton's other website,, he has made available to us an excellent book, Charles F. Haanel's "The Master Key System", which was Napoleon Hill's inspiration to write "Think and Grow Rich." Haanel's book is an excellent source of information for many of the topics being discussed on InwardQuest. Do yourself a favor and read it, and thank you, Simon!

(08 Oct '09, 08:02) John

Yes, and Simon's other site you can read the books for free. Thanks Simon we appreciate it. please try them out.

(30 Oct '09, 07:33) flowingwater
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I've read so many books about success, but knowledge will not bring you success; action will. Even inexperienced, fumbling actions will move you closer to success if you learn from your mistakes. But all the knowledge and wisdom in the world cannot help you if you do nothing with it--if you don't take action. So by all means read, study, and learn. Especially learn by "modeling" those who have had success in your area of interest (that is, duplicate their attitudes and actions). But when you have learned enough to take your first step, take action, even if it's a baby step. Some have spoken of "analysis paralysis" meaning that we spend so much time thinking about how to succeed, that we never get around to taking action. So jump into the game of life! You'll get to your goal if you keep moving toward it. And the resources of the universe will fall into line along the way to help you from one stage to the next.


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There are many great book suggestions in the answers here, but I must strongly encourage you to set a limit to your reading time and have a specific plan and schedule to take action. I like Tony Robbin's book, "Unleash the Power Within" with its emphasis on taking "massive action." Much success to you!

(06 Oct '09, 07:52) John

The Power of your Subconscious Mind - By Dr.Joseph Murphy, and .. The Miracle of Mind Dynamics - Same Author


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Many of the books posted on PsiTek will get us on the road to success. From my own experience, the only obstacle is the self-doubt in our own self. This is the one factor that negate all the wonderful and powerful treasurehouse of knowledge that we have access to in PsiTek.


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I would suggest reading "The Law of Attraction" by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

That's about it!


I let go of most other authors for now... this stuff just works so well. I read a little of a Hicks book every day and darn... it just works so well. I'm starting to really get it.



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Always remember you're powerful energy and you're in control at all times whether you realize it or not.

The first step is to become calm and take a good meditative look at what's already going on in your life, it's important to decrease mind chatter and recognize those energies that tend to hold you back, this enables you to get your mind focused on what you really wish, on what really motivates you, to discover what you feel passionate about and have a clear image of the unlimited life of your dreams.

Once you know exactly what you genuinely desire make a detailed plan of how to reach your goals and make sure it's a plan that is joyful, stimulating and exciting, refocus again and again to build your dream life and plan so that they fit perfectly together.

Learn how to take control of your thoughts and direct your subconscious mind, refocus as above

Recognize and remove all negativity from your life, refocus as above

Recognize and remove any beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your goals ... refocus as above

Learn to live in the now, consciously and constantly being aware putting your plan into action making sure it runs smoothly and your subconscious mind working together with your unlimited inner powers will automatically create the life of your dreams

alt text


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@jaz Lovely answer jaz (I've already upvoted it) - Happy new year to you!

(03 Jan '14, 12:37) Catherine

In a simpler for read Dynamic Thought by Henry Thomas Hamblin. Very motivating. Keep in mind: IT's starts with a hunger a lust for something. It could be anything a business that you would be happy in. An old ralationship you'd like to rekindle. Just about anything. If you eat it, sleep it, dream it, treasure it, lust for it every single minute you are on earth, you can guide it to you. You'll creat a path for it to finally reach its destination. "You".
Bear in mind- it don't just come and it can take long. Ever think about somebody,suddenly the phone rings and it's them. I had a old friend ask another old friend what happened to Phil (me). We were friends 40 years ago. Now what is the chance- I found a website about my old neighborhood on the net a week after this old friend asked about me. I spotted her name and she just about freeked out. There's been so many of these lately for me that I am now a beleiver through and through. I doesn't end with "The Secret". You must keep up the reading and understand the how's and why's.


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Phil O'Brien

Yes, it is so true if you talk about someone maybe someone you have seen in an long time you will see them some how they will appear. People usually willl make an small joke about it an go on and don't even stop to think about what just has happen Phil O'Brien

(30 Oct '09, 07:42) flowingwater

I found the book n google books

(09 Mar '10, 19:41) ursixx

David, Persistent visualization is the key. Picture your success..constantly hold the image of youself having achieved your goal, reinforce the image with positive affirmations.. above all, remember...persistance pays.


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persistance does pay so true.

(30 Oct '09, 07:34) flowingwater

I've read most of the books listed above! Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of my favorites. I've seriously thought of turning it into a classroom course for high school kids. Schools teach facts but fail to teach the students how to use what they have learned.


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Albert 1

You are so right I am so glad someone has noticed that. Thank you. The children get out of school and still don't know how to be successful in life. Thank you for noticing and saying it Albert.

(30 Oct '09, 07:31) flowingwater

Think and Grow Rich was originally a college course before it was watered down into the book "Think and Grow Rich" The title is "The Law of Success in 16 lessons" It elabrates more on the subects that are in the book.

(01 Nov '09, 09:55) RPuls

I would say there are 3 steps. 1st is to go forth and gather knowledge about success from the ones who have been successful, 2nd go forth as John says just get on out there with the knowledge that you have learn, 3rd believe in your self that you will succeed and remove self doubt and negativity out of the way. Believe in you and think and speak positive about what you are doing.

Of course you will probably have more steps along the way but I think those are the main three.


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