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Hello everyone,

I found this link about 2 days ago.

It contains Wallace Wattles books, The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Well and The Science of Being Great. Not only in pdf but also in audio form, even with binaural sounds.

I knew about the existence of Wallace Wattles, but I hadn't read any of the books. I listened to 2 of them already and found them pretty good.

I'm in no way related or associated with the website, just found the material useful and thought other people here could benefit also.


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Thanks for sharing. =)

(07 Mar '12, 19:51) Snow

Thanks for the link, Kriegerd.I have started to download but looks like it will be quite a while before I am done with it. Some of them are over 1 GB so that will take a while. I read the book The Science of Getting Rich before, but it did not really resonate with me, maybe it was too long winded for my taste.I like brainwave audios. My Type of author is more Dr. Joseph Murphy or Harold Sherman, Catherine Ponder and Florence Scovel Shinn.They are more to the point and more precise in explaining.

(07 Mar '12, 20:18) PurpleRose

You're welcome @Snow and @PurpleRose. Yes, It took me a couple of hours to download them all. It takes about 2 hours to go through the whole book I was able to listen to the whole thing yesterday while working at home. Thanks for throwing in some authors, I'll research them when I get the chance.

(08 Mar '12, 01:54) Kriegerd

Thanks Kriegerd! WW is great! I have the first book, will read the others now, thanks to you!

(10 Mar '12, 09:37) figure8shape
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I put up SOGR as a blog awhile back and also a swedish translation (albeit a google translation) :if any one is interested. A good eye opening book.

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Very good links Kriegerd! I posted these links a while back here.

There are very many places for excellent books here and also audio books at these two places.


answered 10 Mar '12, 12:05

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Wade Casaldi

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