Hi everyone!

I have read in The Secret the Law of Attraction mentioned a lot together with quantum physics. Not so, not even once, in Abraham's teachings (as far as I know). I have read Singray mentioning in too in some of his post, that I have failed to find now.

Here's my bundle of questions:

1) What does quantum physics have to do with the LOA?

2) If it has something to do, is it scientifically proved? (not that I mind though).

3) Is there something really interesting (better if online) that a laywoman like me can read on quantum physics? And on quantum physics and the LOA?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter!


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Barry Allen ♦♦

for me the LOA and Quantum Physics tend in the same direction ... in a similar fashion that E=MC2 and "everything is energy, conciousness and infinite possibilities" also tend in the same direction

(08 Feb '21, 00:26) jaz

Subtle Energy Science https://subtle.energy/about/ certainly seems to show that quantum physics and law of attraction are intimately related

(16 May '21, 04:09) jaz

from a practical human point of view the quantum model states that reality is what you make it ... and consciously using the law of attraction is a means to create the life that you wish and desire ... having said that there are certainly forces/phenomena way beyond yet to be discovered ...

(22 May '21, 02:44) jaz
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Quantum Mechanics was my specialist subject at university but I don't remember writing a posting here linking it to the Law of Attraction.

Sometimes people refer to Quantum in conjunction with spiritual ideas as a marketing gimmick, such as Quantum Jumping. However, I notice you were referring to Singray, my musical vocally-based alter-ego, so perhaps it is not a surprise I don't remember writing such a posting :)

Recently I was watching Bashar's Lab and, in my view, just getting a copy of those videos will put you well beyond most quantum theorists of today. It's one of the clearest starting-from-the-basics explanations of universal principles that I've yet come across.

And, yes, it will also enable you to impress your friends at dinner parties...assuming you ever get invited back after discussing these subjects. :)

A few of Bashar's quantum theory style conclusions are that:

  • There is only one particle in the whole universe but it moves infinitely fast thereby giving the impression of the universe consisting of many particles.

  • There is only one moment in the whole universe. Past, present and future are all happening simultaneously now.

  • What you perceive as the passage of time is actually you shifting your perspective (your consciousness) into parallel universes

  • The sum of time and space is fixed. The more you move in space, the less you move in time. The less you move in space, the more you move in time. (This is getting into the area of Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity)

  • There is an energy within space-time that can be harnessed for practical usage

...and plenty more.

Like I said, just don't expect to be invited back to any dinner parties (especially those at the homes of your quantum physicist friends) if you mention these things :)


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I knew it, I knew you had a singer alter-ego! I just wanted you to confess it in this site! lol-Now seriously, there are days when I'm a very bad typist. Lack of concentration it's called. :P -So you're a specialist in quantum mechanics O.O I am astounded! I was bad at school with maths, not so bad with physics, chemistry and electronics, so I can read about molecules, atoms, particles and stuff without much fuss. Thanks for your answer and all the interesting links. I'll check them all out.-If my friends knew I've been reading on 'channelling' only that would live me out of parties :P People!

(17 Jul '10, 14:08) BridgetJones09

@Stingray- "Singray, my musically-based alter ego"- I bet you're like a kid in real life

(21 Aug '12, 08:52) Nikulas

@Stingray - "What you perceive as the passage of time is actually you shifting your perspective (your consciousness) into parallel universes". Does this mean a parallel universe is effectively a single frame? So in each moment we move from one frame to another/one parallel universe to another (each frame containing a past/present/future inside it - or a belief about what that past/present/future is)?

(04 Jul '17, 07:01) Andie

@Andie - "Does this mean a parallel universe is effectively a single frame?" - See if Is every single thought we have a parallel reality in itself? answers your question

(04 Jul '17, 09:08) Stingray

Ok thanks @Stingray - so it's not 'shifting your perspective' into a parallel universe (which already exists)... it's us actually creating a new universe which reflects our new perspective...

(04 Jul '17, 09:22) Andie

@Andie - I wouldn't get too hung up on trying to be precise with these analogies. From our limited 3D perspectives, we don't even have the language to get close to understanding these concepts so these channelled beings give us broad 3D-based analogies to get us thinking roughly in the right direction. For example, there's actually no such thing as a physical manifestation ( it's a self-created illusionary game ) but try...

(04 Jul '17, 11:28) Stingray

@Andie - ...telling that to the people who've asked hundreds of questions here about getting their "stuff" and they'll stare at you blankly ...in an internet way :) So for the purposes of broad communication and understanding, we pretend that "manifestations" exist. And, if it makes people feel better about their lives, there's nothing wrong with that :) So choose whatever definition of Parallel Universe you want because, from our human-based view, it's never going to be the real one.

(04 Jul '17, 11:33) Stingray

@Stingray - I did think that after I posted it... that we have a limited brain when it comes to understanding the notion of parallel universes. Thanks! :)

(04 Jul '17, 12:30) Andie

You wrote that in 2010, yet the book HANDS OF LIGHT written by the physicist Barbara Brennan was published in 1987. Brennan proved to herself and all those going to her college that time is simultaneous. People are inviting her to THEIR parties. That one particle that is existence itself also contains fragments. We are some of those fragment images. Constant creation supports simultaneous time, which I also found a graph for in the book THE QUANTUM WORLD written by the physicist Kenneth Ford.

(08 Dec '21, 16:06) MagicallyEternal
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Hello BJ09,

I'd just like to remind you that LOA and quantum physics are only labels which point towards certain ideas and understanding. They are useful for the purpose of communication, but IMHO it pays not to get hooked on those ideas to the point that they are exclusive and ultimate truth for you.

For example: while I love the teachings of Abraham, there are and have always been others disseminating this kind of knowledge. While Abraham states that the LOA is the only law worth talking about, I don't personally agree with that statement. Simply because understanding other immutable laws, has also helped me to understand greater reality...

What does quantum physics have to do with the LOA?

I believe that once we start to inquire into the deeper meaning of LOA, we naturally move towards or attract other ideas, such as quantum mechanics that help us to understand even more.

If it has something to do, is it scientifically proved? (not that I mind though).

It's very wise not to rely on science, religion or any idea or concept for your truth. There are many things that exist or are true that cannot be scientifically proven. Science does not have a monopoly concerning the realm of spiritual understanding or the nature of reality.

Is there something really interesting (better if online) that a laywoman like me can read on quantum physics? And on quantum physics and the LOA?

I have never promoted my website in these questions and answers. However, due to the synchronicity of your asking these questions at this time, it makes perfect sense to me to suggest that you to read this Power of Paradox page. I feel that it may enhance your understanding.

Besides, I can't be bothered to redo stuff I've already done, albeit in another medium 8-)


answered 16 Jul '10, 03:42

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@Eddie: Thanks for your reply. Would you mind sharing what other laws or teachings are you interested in? You don't have to if you don't wanna. - I never rely on only one source of information. I read things for and against with the same interest, and only take what rings true to me. I don't think anyone has the monopoly on truth. :) -Thanks for sharing your website. Looks really interesting! :) -Could you clarify this, your last sentence?: 'Besides, I can't be bothered to redo stuff I've already done, albeit in another medium' To redo what, in what medium??? Sorry, I failed to understand :P

(17 Jul '10, 14:25) BridgetJones09

@BJ09 - Sharing is my middle name :-) I totally agree about sources. I need 3 separate sources before I confirm for myself. To stay on the LOA topic, Bashar, Abraham, Neville Goddard and Mike Dooley ring true for me. Re: 'I failed to understand...' That paradox page (another medium - a website) went live a couple of days before your question. I spent a lot of time on it and it seemed to hold the answers you were looking for, so it was easier for me to link to it, rather than write all that stuff again as a reply to your question.

(19 Jul '10, 03:02) Eddie

@Thank you Eddie. I like that sharing is your middle name :) I am of the sharing kind as well. :)

(19 Jul '10, 12:24) BridgetJones09

Since quarks are constantly bursting forth spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light forming protons and neutrons, then this is the best that I have read. Before this, I read that we are light, that we come from the light. I read that at the core of this existence is waves of energy and light. We are eating, breathing, walking as these waves. Quarks must be bursting forth from these waves as us. Therefore, WE are constantly being created by quarks, not attracted. LoC

(08 Dec '21, 16:27) MagicallyEternal
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The short answer is that they may not have anything to do with each other.

Quantum physics has some bizarre and sometimes counterintuitive results, such as spooky action at a distance, the observation of a system changing the state of that system, particles that seem to know about each other, and so forth. Some mysticists ascribe mystical qualities to these results, and conclude that this is proof that the universe has metaphysical properties.

This is not "proof of the Divine," in the classical scientific sense, because it does not meet the requirements of the scientific method.

However, quantum physics does remind us that the world as we experience it through our senses is not what it appears to be. For example, a table is mostly empty space; it is the rapid movement of molecules in both your hand and the table (and the corresponding interaction with your nervous system) that give the table the appearance that it is a solid object. Your nervous system is literally creating your reality by interpreting electrical signals from your senses.

There is an underlying order to everything, and that order follows different rules than the rules governing our ordinary physical reality.


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Thanks @Vesuvius for clarification! I love these puzzling things about quantum physics! 'a table is mostly empty space' Thinking about it makes me giddy. :P

(17 Jul '10, 14:13) BridgetJones09

If substance is a response to our perception, then why would a blind person bump into anything they can't see?

(14 May '11, 15:22) Fairy Princess

Tables are not mostly empty space. They contain atoms that are electrical energy fields. These atoms are being created by quarks which are constantly bursting forth spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light forming protons and neutrons. These words come from the book THE QUANTUM WORLD written by the physicist Kenneth Ford. In the Seth books is talk of triangular images of light which are the first images of creation here, those 3 points being the 3 of quarks. We are light.

(08 Dec '21, 16:22) MagicallyEternal
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In the books of Abraham Hicks it is mentioned but not by the name Quantum Jumping. Abraham says you can make a leap into a new reality by intense desire/high emotional state (such as winning the lottery, etc) but it will not be long lasting--you will attract something to muck it up--because you haven't made any real change in your vibration. Changes in vibration are best done in stages. I think they had a term for this but I forget what it is.


answered 26 Oct '11, 10:56

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K Robb

Vibrations are energy that vibrate certain frequencies/amps. To become enlightened all at once would be a shock because so much energy would flood the body, more than it could take. You have to understand that Bashar, Seth, Abraham are trying to speak to us at a level that THEY think we can understand. BUT, when they keep on saying the PHYSICAL word they are totally wrong. NOTHING is physical anywhere because this is an electrical energy field existence. Otherwise electricity would not exist.

(08 Dec '21, 16:32) MagicallyEternal

well if u want a understanding of quantum for layperson. watch this


if u want an answer for how it is connected to manifestation and us creating our own existence. watch this


love n light



answered 21 Aug '12, 10:15

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TReb Bor yit-NE


Quantum connected to manifestation and us creating our own existence. QUARKS are the answer. "Magically bursting forth are quarks spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light forming protons and neutrons". These words come from the book THE QUANTUM WORLD written by the physicist Kenneth Ford. We all consist of 7 billion billion billion atoms, each one an electrical energy field spinning/vibrating as positive/negative poles. Quarks create us. As quarks we create our own reality.

(08 Dec '21, 16:38) MagicallyEternal

Hello my friend.

Quantum physics has nothing to do with a basic understanding of LOA.

Even an advanced physicist who knows Quantum theory will laugh in your face if you comment on LOA. They are not connected even in the slightest.

My suggestion as follows:

  1. Go study quantum theory, and thou shall see it has nothing to do with LOA
  2. Just study traditional LOA basics, and any source that mentions the word quantum, abandon that source. They don't know what they are talking about. They don't even know the direction of their argument.

answered 15 Feb '21, 00:14

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"basic understanding" ... would that be "like attracts like" ? :)

You were a teen when you answered this. Thinking about one of your recent questions and the comment you made under @Stingray answer, I couldn't help but think of the Zen story of Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era and a university professor.

So was it a puppy?

(08 Dec '21, 13:53) ele

I can see how LOA seems true. That is because those in favor of it think constant creation is even weirder. If we were physical on a physical earth, then of course we would be attracting. BUT, we are NOT physical. We are holograms in a state of constant creation. That is proven by how fast quarks and all other subatomic particles spin/vibrate/pulsate. Quantum are the smallest of the small, as in quarks. Since quarks are creating atoms, then they both create constantly. No attraction involved.

(08 Dec '21, 16:43) MagicallyEternal

Contemplating a cuppa ... is that what @whitetiger meant?

(19 Dec '21, 11:53) ele
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Since each of us is like a photon where what one knows they all know, then we create what we want immediately, not later as in attraction. Attraction assumes distance. In this reality there seems to be distance because energy seems to be divided. But there is light beaming and streaming from us instantly all the time. As quarks create us, their light beams outwards going the speed of light. This light intersects and flows through all other sources of light called objects. So we really are not separate. But all energy does vibrate at different frequencies. To speak to another in a different dimension would be to change frequency. We are ONE with this other dimension as far as energy goes, BUT we are vibrating at different speeds. These different speeds of energy is what makes everything look and behave differently.


answered 08 Dec '21, 16:50

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A theory is only a theory until it is proven true. That is why the book HANDS OF LIGHT written by the physicist Barbara Brennan proves consciousness to be true within EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. Plus remote viewing proves consciousness to be everywhere, or else how could someone pick up the vibrations of something way over there.

(08 Dec '21, 17:17) MagicallyEternal

Healing has been said to be done thousands of miles away. Proven. In one book, a Braden book, I think, I read the army was practicing this consciousness within ALL existence theory. Someone was sent miles away and then they had emotions of some sort. Their emotions were picked up by this army miles away. Plus, why have I read that THIS is not a forum, yet, here we are on a forum.

(08 Dec '21, 17:19) MagicallyEternal

It's called the frequently asked questions forum.

(08 Dec '21, 17:20) MagicallyEternal
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