There are 18 years of Jesus Christ's life between the ages of 12 and 30 that are unaccounted for in the Bible. Where was Jesus during this time?

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brian, is this written source of your infallible, or your were told the bible is althat there is of true history

(12 Nov '11, 02:55) fred

I don't think there is any factual information about that period of Jesus' life. However, I did read a very good book several months ago, by Deepak Chopra, called... Jesus A story of enlightenment.

It is written in novel form and is his interpretation of those lost years that aren't recounted in the New Testament. In his own words he writes... "I don't want the Jesus in this book to be worshipped, much less to push him forward as definitive. The events of the tale are pure fiction. But at a deeper level, the Jesus in this book feels real because we've gotten a glimpse into his mind. One flash of insight answers many prayers. "

Chopra does a wonderful job of portraying a human Jesus and the anguish and doubt he went through on his journey to self realization and his authentic identity. Well worth reading


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thanks Michaela....I will check that book out.

(18 Mar '11, 01:33) Susan 1

You're welcome Susan :)

(18 Mar '11, 01:34) Michaela

I think this answer encompasses everything that I would say if I were to respond. I think the reason those years of his life are not recounted is because they involve his journey as a man, making mistakes, growing, just like everyone else. Since religions want to paint him as a super-human, and somehow more of a 'son of god' than the rest of us, they don't want him to ever be seen as a mortal, especially not one who could make human mistakes. And so, I believe that is why the entire story of Jesus is not told. That, and because he spoke out against the church...

(26 Nov '11, 03:12) Leo
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Great question, I have wondered this myself. A recent special on public TV said there was no account they could find either.

My guess he was out chillin with his buds shooting pool.... =)


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Since the Bible is not a linear story but a book of Gospels, it is probably irrelevant what he did. The story of his Childhood mattered as did his teachings as an adult.

As an allegory some things are not important.


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I have read a book called The Equrain Gospel Of Christ many years ago where it says that Christ was in India during the missing years serving under a very holy Guru. They lived in the mountains meditating all day and received powers. Hence when he returned he was able to cure the sick and raise the dead.

People presumed he was killed and eaten by wild animals, he was given up for dead.


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James 1

I have new insight on this, because Jesus was told he was coming, he was born and brought to a place where he was taking care of until he was older,, because he was the chosen one to show us all the capability of our soul,he was put in an environment where society and beliefs would not mess him up, by a very very great sense of love, he grew like a flower instead of so many like weeds and that time,, my source speaks of this HERE.

love n light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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thank u my freind, editng 4 the good of me, lol

(26 Aug '11, 20:36) TReb Bor yit-NE

well i believe that he went to meditate! and tune in with god! but they would not put that in the bible!


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white tiger

There's a series of CDs just released called "The Secret Autobiography of Jesus the Christ" and Jesus’ Lost Years not listed in the Bible, from age 13 to age 29 and other so far secret documents.

Check out this podcast just released about Jesus' secret documents. Intriguing!


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He was about His Father's business. When He was left behind at the temple and His parents scolded Him for not leaving with the family, he stated that He was about His Father's business in a matter of fact way, like of course, what else would I be doing? So begins His journey into Himself. It would probably be the age that all the boys became men and learned their father's trade. Some say that he would have learned to be a carpenter like his dad Josheph. However, when He said that He was about His father's business, that tells us what father and what business He was following. He may have learned carpentry as well, but He tells us that He is about His Father's business.


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Fairy Princess

There is the old conspiracy theory of space alien intervention.

The other theory of Jesus being brought into the Order of the Essenes.

The other theory of him brought into the Order of Melchizedek.

The theory that he traveled to India to learn the greater mysteries.

The theory that he traveled to Tibet to learn the greater mysteries.

Until we have hard factual evidence who knows, if I were to give a least likely I would say the alien theory even if people like Eric Von Daniken say there is evidence through out the Bible that points to UFOs.

Until there is any kind of proof people can speculate all they want on what could have been.

What if he was a sleeper during those years? An unassuming good carpenter making tables, chairs and fixing doors etc...


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I just received CD#1 from the 'Secret Autobiography of Jesus the Christ' series. The information here is what I have never heard anywhere before and seem to kind of give a more complete picture and many things seem to fall into place. First CD explains Jesus’ real name, his family’s surname and Jesus’ “Lost Years” not listed in the Bible, from age 13 to age 29, when Jesus traveled to England and the Orient to study the teachings and esoteric wisdom of Enoch and other ancient “Chosen Ones”. Also part of the proceeds from each CD is going to help impoverished children which is a great idea for the holiday season.


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Aida 1

Do you think it would have made much of a difference to the world, if we have had this information as to what Jesus did between the ages of 12 and 30?

I think perhaps Jesus was just with his parents Joseph, and Mary spending quality time!

Joseph was a Carpenter, so maybe Joseph was teaching Jesus all about Carpentry and all that he needed to know to live his life as a human being, and as an adult. And Mary his mother was perhaps protecting him from unnecessary public exposure that would single him out from other male figures his age, because he was Jesus!

Otherwise, I would say we were not meant to have this information at our disposal for spiritual reasons unknown to us, and perhaps Jesus specifically did not want this part of his life documented to share with the world for very personal, private, and spiritual reasons!


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