I just saw the movie, Avatar, and was very impressed by it.

It got me to thinking about how we would react to aliens who came here. Would we try to fight them? Would we try to learn from them? What would they think of us?

I cannot but help thinking of Jesus at this point. To the people of the time, He must have seemed almost alien, saying things like, "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and those things that are God's, to God." and "Love your enemies" (who, at the time, were Romans, among others). Did Jesus seem so alien that He was put to death because of it?

Blessings, Jai

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I imaging it would depend on their level of spiritual evolution and their intentions. Remember, we are all conscious spiritual Beings, part of the Source no matter where we have decided to experience physical reality. So alien is a matter of perception.

The American Native and the Polynesians on Hawaii probably thought the white man was rather alien when we invaded their home territory. Hopefully, should any Being from other planets visit Earth, they will be more spiritually evolved than the people who invaded the New World.

Just because a civilization is technically and scientifically advanced, does not mean that they are spiritually advanced.

In addition, the Universe is multi dimensional, and conscious, aware spiritual Beings may choose to experience dimensions other than the physical one of which we are mainly aware. In that case, "aliens" could be going about their business right next to us. We are just unable to perceive them.

Besides, any aliens would be hard pressed to do anything worse to us than we have already done to each other, our fellow creatures and the planet.

Lauren Kennedy


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Lauren Kennedy

I think you have it right there, Lauren. We have other realities (with other beings) interpenetrating our own right here and now. It's a vibrational gap that keeps our worlds separate, not a physical one.

(03 Feb '10, 23:17) Stingray

Lauren, I like the part: Aliens could be going about their business right next to us. This makes me think of a couple of stories that I read in the book: The Looking Glass What do you See? by JD Bundun page 95, Water City Population and page 205, The Visitors. The Aliens, could be anywhere among us, but I guess we will never know for sure. Perhaps, you would like to read the two stories I have listed, you might find that it is something to think about!

(04 Feb '10, 07:03) Inactive User ♦♦

In my view, a spiritually-advanced, alien civilization wouldn't come to our planet, they would incarnate on it. Why upset the locals unnecessarily? :)

Perhaps they are already here. Maybe Jesus was one of them?

Perhaps the reason we are communicating today is because of the influence of these incarnated aliens?

To answer your question, I suspect that if a little green man with three bug eyes hopped out of a flying saucer and started break-dancing on the White House lawn as his preferred method of communication, he would probably be gunned down on the spot as a terrorist.

On the other hand, it has been interesting to me that there are so many TV shows and films today that treat alien beings as commonplace. Perhaps we are being prepared for a First Contact?


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Nice one Stingray. What you say jibes with what feels correct to me. Apparently 5% of sightings/contact are considered real or unexplainable, even to 'The Powers That Be'.

So maybe there are visitors who have incarnated and have always lived amongst us - even since the beginning. And maybe there are visitors who visit us both from other dimensions and this dimension...

(04 Feb '10, 05:28) Eddie

Indeed Eddie. And isn't that the real essence of the story of Avatar (the movie) anyway?...the hero incarnates into an avatar to live among the aliens without disrupting their community.

(04 Feb '10, 05:47) Stingray

I'm sure they would be totally disgusted with our aggression, wars, diseases, hunger, animal cruelty, destruction of environment, and all of the other evils we allow due to our lack of advancement. Remember, they are more advanced than we, so the governments and armies won't catch them. If they are advanced and spiritual and want to stay that way they will high tail it and get out!


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LeeAnn 1

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I agree it would be like us going back in time a 100 years deep into the jungle to help the natives, and finding they don't want our help. What they do want is to shrink our heads for a nice decoration to add to their collection! lol

(03 Feb '10, 20:49) Wade Casaldi

Thanks for the laugh, Wade! And you are so right!

(03 Feb '10, 21:12) LeeAnn 1

Wouldn't an advanced intelligence be subject to the same "rules" of evolutionary psychology as humans? IF you could solve complicated engineering problems involved in long distance space travel wouldn't the maintenance of your home planet be a piece of cake? Scientific progress needs a relatively liberal political environment. Dictatorships in the twentieth century didn't last long compared to those existing in past centuries. Little green anarchists maybe?????


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I am reminded of the old Twilights Zone episode where the man from earth on another planet says at the end, "they are just like humans after all!", he finds a sign when he goes to what he thought was his window and discovers bars and a don't feed the animals sign.

Unfortunately we are so science minded if we caught an alien which I have no doubt we have many, our government would do every kind of probe and ex-ray that they could and if the alien died they would dissect it. That is government now other people if they caught one might want to shoot and have it mounted, or like the Twilights Zone episode decide they can make money displaying this thing in a cage or something, many would pay top dollar to see a real live alien being!

So really I do not think it is safe for them to come and say "we are here", because they may have a short life if they do, some nut might even assassinate one saying it is a devil come to earth in disguise or something.

Just look at how minorities get treated mostly, an alien would be a super minority, he would probably get treated the worst, "They are coming to take over", "they are going to take human jobs away from humans" etc... Planet of The Apes movies and series was a very good commentary on this. I think at first they would be welcomed and learned from then the fears would start creeping in, "why are they really here?", "what is their real agenda?" etc...

Those are the anti-civilization but there will be those of the civilization of the universe that see these beings as their selves yet more advanced in understanding, with this these people would openly welcome and learn from as well as teach, a mutual value exchange as brothers and sisters from another planet in our Universe.


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Wade Casaldi

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*strong text

This is a question of the mind bound in separation and duality. Quiet the mind and you will know who you truly are ! Jesus is not from this world of FORMS and is alien to our mental conditioning and Fears.

Everything is you in the wholeness (Holiness) of the truth. So stop being who you're not, everything is ONE.

Edit note fixed two typos for you Armando, you had "your nut", I changed to "you're not", we all make typos. :-)


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Wade Casaldi

This question would be in the same category as "What would you do if you thought you were about to die or be killed?"

Most would probably think they might scream, cry, beg, pray, run, etc etc but having found myself in this situation 4 times

  • drowning caught in a riptide, in a light aircraft whose engine cut out over the desert, in a car rollover and being lined up against a wall with others by a madman with a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a gun in the other vowing he was going to kill one of us -

I can say that the same thing happened each time, the scene slowed right down the body and mind were calm almost serene, only in the last instant did I think "I wish I had not told the man what I really thought of him last time we met". lol now..

So for me I guess if I met an alien after the initial fright I would probably settle right down and think .. mmnn this is interesting. I might say I am not seeking to have this experience.

I do know one person who has had such an experience .. she told me that they implanted something behind her ear. I must have looked at her in an odd sort of way (she looked so normal :) ) because she took my hand and placed it where it was... small oblong metallic feeling object. She was called away at that moment and I have never seen her again to follow up on the details. Blast! Maybe that is a good thing.. I just know I would find it hard to resist talking into the thing "testing, testing, is anybody there... ?"


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Inactive User ♦♦

Cant say i believe in other civilisations. But ive not travelled the length and breadth of this world never mind the universe so i guess i cant be sure.

What would the impact on religion or spirituality be.I would say that if they has a widely held belief and it was pretty much as one of OURS would be then it would lend a little Kudos to that point of view.

If it were exactly the same as one of this worlds belief systems,with names to match i dare say that religious point of view would be a little more popular.



answered 09 Sep '10, 11:55

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Monty Riviera

All of us here on earth have incarnated many times to learn our individual lessons and overcome challenges we are here on earth to learn thru our life experiences. We are here to search for truth, see ourselves for who we are and evolve. The way the universe works which is a self-correcting machine, we go through thru (4) 12,000 yr cycles orbiting from low pressure to high pressure with each cycle. When we enter a new cycle, that means the earth being the machine that it is, is too hot in some places; therefore, to cool off, it must shift gears, which can cause catastrophic floods, earthquakes, droughts, etc… during these cycle changes and we are nearing the end of a cycle. This is quite normal and when you look at our history, we know this has happened many times before. It’s also quite normal when some of the catastrophic events happen, that sometimes we are forced to live as primitive people once again! Mankind has gone from primitive, to modern to advanced many times before but we still have not learned our lessons. Currently, we live in a modern society with quite a bit of technology. However, in the future when scientists learn how to map the inside of a particle, they will discover that we are multi-dimensional beings and we will become an advanced society with advanced technology or other dimensional technology. Let’s face it… no one truly wants to die and that’s why scientists are studying our genes, etc… (we have been here many times) but once they discover the secrets of other dimensional science and technology, they will learn there are ways to become immortal (just as this has been done in the past by Advanced Being/Aliens brothers and sisters) but it has been done in the most primitive way with “science (meaning mankind or not all known facts” advanced technology as written herein. To make a long story short… let’s just say… the ones we consider Aliens now, they screwed up by not having all the answers and making the decision trying to become immortal by man’s technology or science. There is only one way… the “right way or God’s way” to become immortal and that is by becoming a “Divine Being”, the type of person that can live in Paradise with God’s technology! This is God’s plan and these Advanced Beings made choices without knowing the whole truth or consequences of how to become immortal God’s way, to where they could still be human, happy and yes, have earth sex for it cannot be synthesized and sex with our loved one, is truly a gift from God! That is the reason for these articles we post… so that hopefully truth can finally be learned and understood… there is only one right path for us all to take and many wrong paths which we keep doing time after time because we have not learned our lessons of past and keep repeating them over and over. We are at a time now being a modern society with modern technology, that people can now finally understand this truth that is being taught in these articles if people will just read them!!! There will come a time in the future where some will be faced with these same choices that Advanced Being Aliens have made in the past of how to become immortal. And unless we search for truth and see ourselves for who we are and why we keep making these same choices; we will continue to make them again following each other into oblivion of this that we think, feel, believe or theorized to be truth… which is no TRUTH at all!!! I hope you will read Part I and Part II on Advanced Being/Alien Genetics also. We also have many other posts that give further knowledge about Advanced Beings or Aliens as we people here on earth call them. Good luck on your journey in your search for truth!


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@divineadvancedhumanbeings.com I think what you are saying sounds interesting but to be honest I had to give up because the text is too dense - could you put a few more paragraph breaks in next time?

(13 Sep '12, 03:37) Catherine

I think when they do get here (they have been waiting :)) they will say, "Good job, we knew you would make it. It just took some time for you. Welcome to the club!


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jim 10

hes an unidentified flying object you will see him in the air. hes an unidentified flying object, you will drop your hands and stare.

if there's life on other planets, then i'm sure that he must know. and hes been there once already, and has died to save their souls. larry norrman


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Rich Hamilton

It occured to me after reading several sites from paranoid and positive sources about will aliens be friendly or hostile? I tend to say friendly after all they've had the opportunity for over a century to attack or not, they have'nt. I started listening to spiritual evolution and aliens and had a thought their species is older than ours so is their soul? Our species is newer than theirs life evolves so do old souls seek a newer evolution of physical reality. after all they've been around a while we're the new model.


answered 12 Sep '12, 22:22

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chef c

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