Based on his recorded quotes that I have heard or read this far, I believe he was trying to tell us he will return............. but not in the way we have made it out to be.

I believe his second coming is him meeting us for our judgement, in death.

Anyone ever thought that?

Thank You.

asked 17 Jul '10, 20:45

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...he was trying to tell us he will return............. but not in the way we have made it out to be.

What way we've made it out to be???

I believe his second coming is him meeting us for our judgement, in death. Anyone ever thought that?

From my religious education when I was a child I always understood it that way. It's pretty clear on the Bible. Was there another way of understanding it?



answered 19 Jul '10, 12:00

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@BridgetJones09: Many believe he will be here on earth soon, in person, to take the believers to heaven and leave the rest behind.

(20 Jul '10, 01:01) Back2Basics

Many believe many things! There's no point in trying to 'enlighten' them. That 'he will be here on earth soon, in person, to take the believers to heaven and leave the rest behind', not likely to happen, if you ask me. But that's only me. ;)

(21 Jul '10, 14:31) BridgetJones09

There will NEVER be any separation from God for anybody, it is not possible. The Bible should be viewed from a psychological perspective not historical. It is written that NONE will be lost in all my holy mountain.

(17 Oct '10, 17:56) AboveBelow
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I believe that people are indeed confused about Jesus Christ’s “return”. The reason for this confusion is that people do not spend enough time in the basic study of Biblical prophecy. Even a casual reading of the Bible will demonstrate that there are various prophecies and judgments on nations and individuals throughout history. Some of these prophecies and judgments are in the past, and some will occur in the future. With just a little patience, you will notice that these judgments and prophecies can be aligned in a specific order from Genesis to Revelation in order to better understand the conditions in which GOD is dealing with mankind at specific times.

In relation to Jesus Christ, there are [2] future “returns”:

Return #1: Jesus Christ’s return for His Bride (ie. the invisible Body of Christ)

The next prophetic event in the Bible is the harvest (or Rapture) of the invisible Body of Christ [I Thessalonians 4:13-18]. This is where all BORN-AGAIN Believers (living and dead from all nations) are taken from the earth and given their glorified bodies [I Corinthians 15:51-57]. For this event, Jesus Christ only comes back to the level of the clouds. This Rapture removes the Body of Christ from the earth and ushers in the prophetic time-period of judgment called the 7-Year Tribulation.

During the 7-Year Tribulation, all true Believers will have to endure until the end by refusing the Mark of the Beast, helping the Jew, and possibly losing their lives for the witness of Jesus Christ and the word of GOD [Revelation 6:9-11; 20:4] [Matthew 25:34-46]. The rest of the world will worship the Beast (Anti-Christ) and be deceived by the lying signs and wonders [Revelation 13:1-9].

Return #2: Jesus Christ’s return for the Millennial Kingdom (ie. the kingdom of heaven)

The next time Jesus Christ’s feet actually touch the earth is at the Second Coming [Revelation 19:11-21]. This event takes place at the END of the 7-Year Tribulation. The Second Coming is where Jesus Christ comes back with His saints, makes war with His enemies, saves Israel, judges the nations, and establishes His 1000-Year Reign (the Millennial Kingdom) from Jerusalem [Revelation 20:1-6; Matthew 25:31-33].

Presently, because Return #1 has not yet occurred, GOD’s judicial condition for judgment is based on whether a person is IN or OUT of the Body of Christ. Until today, the Holy Ghost is still on earth actively convicting people of SIN and encouraging them to become BORN-AGAIN now in order to be placed IN the Body of Christ and have Jesus Christ as their Saviour. If a person’s intention is to meet Jesus Christ as their Judge, then they will be extremely disappointed in the verdict. This last statement is not a scare tactic on my part. With uncontested and exclusive spiritual authority [Matthew 9:1-8], Jesus Christ Himself often repeats that there will be much “weeping”, “wailing”, and “gnashing of teeth” [Matthew 8:12; 13:42,50; 22:13; 24:51; 25:30][Luke 13:28].

Thanks for reading.

Concerned Citizen


answered 07 Aug '10, 18:14

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Concerned Citizen

@Concerned Citizen: thanks, great information.

(09 Aug '10, 18:12) Back2Basics

I wonder why so many believe in a after action judgment


answered 19 Jul '10, 04:48

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@ECS: you mean just in general?

(20 Jul '10, 01:02) Back2Basics

GOD created man with FREE WILL. Man then chose to have the Knowledge of Good & Evil. Thus, man will be judged by the CHOICES he makes because he indeed KNOWS the difference between Good & Evil. The judgment will occur because (1) GOD has already decreed that Evil will not exist in Eternity and (2) GOD has made THE way for the salvation of men's souls. Each man must now choose his eternity. Obviously, belief systems that do not acknowledge the existence of Evil, Sin, or a Holy Creator GOD who judges these things because of His moral perfection will not see the need for such a judgment.

(07 Aug '10, 19:10) Concerned Citizen

His return Back to Basics...I wasnt aware that He had left us.



answered 09 Sep '10, 11:14

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Monty Riviera

@Graham: Yeah he said I must go with my Father...he may be here in spirit but he left instructions that he would return in person.

(09 Sep '10, 19:13) Back2Basics

I never knew that he was here in the first place. I thought that he was just one of many philosophers that wandered around and talked. Seems that people have somehow built a religion, or should I say cult, based on...., based on....., well I am not quite sure what it is based on. Neither does anyone else, althought each has their own opinions. Maybe more people here have more in common with Marshal Applewhite than they care to believe.

(09 Oct '12, 06:43) GOD the Alien

has it been insightfully translated as to what it is Jesus meant.
he gave the spoken word and dreams of spiritual life.
He does not return, no avatar does, the purpose was served, igniting a flame.
it may be reference to The Son of Man that has been presumed to be one and the same with Him.

yes what is it that is being awaited?
Jesus returned to The Father, as we can return to Paradise


answered 09 Oct '12, 22:29

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His disciples said, "Show us the place where you are, for we must seek it."

He said to them, "Anyone here with two ears had better listen! There is light within a person of light, and it shines on the whole world. If it does not shine, it is dark."

(11 Oct '12, 00:10) white tiger

His disciples said to him, "When will the rest for the dead take place, and when will the new world come?"

He said to them, "What you are looking forward to has come, but you don't know it."

(11 Oct '12, 00:12) white tiger

Jesus said, "I disclose my mysteries to those [who are worthy] of [my] mysteries.

(11 Oct '12, 00:13) white tiger

Jesus said, "Whoever drinks from my mouth will become like me; I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to him.


(11 Oct '12, 00:16) white tiger

remember the dead are not alive and the living will not die. so let there be light,be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(11 Oct '12, 00:19) white tiger
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