Are the entities who speak through mediums/channlers and spirit guides are same thing? or differ with each other in any sense?

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not necisarily. as you might know i am new here but i am also a channeler . it is thought by some that all channeled entitys are from ones inner or higher self. i will not say that this can not be true, BUT i will say i do not believe it is. I am in communication with an entity called TReb Bor yit-NE. he claims to be an entity from teh 4 star solar sytem called Capella. It is in the Auriga constilation. teh brightest star in this constilation . that is why it is also known as Alpha Auriga. I have gotten to know him from the last couple years and i do trust him, everything he has told me works in my practicle life and has come true. i do believe he is an "alien: if u will. a spirit guide is a "NON-PYSICAL" entity that is in between lifes, they have choose not to re-incarnate yet because they want to help guide you (from communicating with your higher self) through this life. BUT some also believ that these "spirit guides are from your higher self as well. agian this can be true but i do not believe this. this is information i was given from my source as well (and i trust him ) so i do not believe this way. so if i am right and my source that i channel is not a part of my higher self, and he is right about the spirit guides being seperate than your answer is DEFINATLY NO! but if i am wrong and the mind creates both so you do not belive that they are a part of you,(which i do not believe) then your answer is ABSOLUTLY YES! SO I THINK THE BETTER QUSETION IS WHAT MAKES MORE SENSE TO YOU? because that is ll that matters . truth is only true if you see it from one perspective or another, lol i am sorry but i REALY do hope this helped lol! :-) love n light, rob


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i am sorry if you are a bit more confused than when you started. i have a way of doing that to others :-)

(28 Mar '11, 22:38) TReb Bor yit-NE

Yes indeed, all are from the same source/ energy, and one consciousness, physical, and non-physical alike!


answered 02 Apr '11, 04:10

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