I would like to know whether any of the users from this wonderful site, have any opinions and thoughts regarding "Kryon" and the Live Channelling at the United Nations in November last year.

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It certainly makes for interesting reading.

The common theme in Kryon's talk seems to be the old guard dying off, and a new generation of thought taking its place. This is the way of things; it has been this way for ages in many countries, and would have happened a long time ago in the Middle East had the young not been taught that what has happened in the past is still happening today, so that old resentments and conflicts are carried forward and taught to new generations.

But prosperity has a way of making such conflicts seem ridiculous (who wants to fight when everyone has cell phones, cable TV, and enough to eat?), and new generations of young people who have new ideas will eventually come to think of such resentments as absurd, in the same way that public attitudes are gradually changing about sexual orientation.

It would be my hope that the best of new thought can be combined with the years of experience that can be offered by the old generation. The only thing worse than having to let go of old ideas is having to start from scratch, and having to learn our lessons the hard way all over again.


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At first I thought this was about a crystal of some kind, but after exploring the link, this seems inevitable and logical. I think myself the United Asia will come before United Africa though, that seems more logical as the line of thought goes for what country is becoming more cooperative, but Korea conflict could be the fly in the ointment for that happening.

But for all of this prophesy all you really need to do is follow the stream of thought to see where things are heading to. For example there may come a civil war between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria after that slaughter that recently took place, that is simple logic following the stream of thought that every action has a reaction. BTW praying for all victims and families as well as perpetrators and families either way it is a horrible thing.

So to me this Kryon message seems valid.


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Wade Casaldi

Love Kryon books ... don't know why, just do. Have not read one for years, must dig some of them out now that you have reminded me of them.


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Makes you wonder what the Govts actually know that they invite channellers along to address them ... ? :)

(09 Mar '10, 22:28) Inactive User ♦♦

Doesn't look to me like it has anything to do with any government. Seems to be a club that meets in the UN Building. I guess it would be classified under cultural awareness or something like that.

(10 Mar '10, 07:11) Stingray
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