If anyone on IQ uses this calendar I would love to hear about your experiences with it.

Thank You

asked 28 Mar '11, 20:18

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the only thoghts i have on it is it is a supperior calender to ours because it used the "natural" cycles of life. that is one reason man does not care for the watching of the sky at night (in the buiteful stars n planets!) and in the day ,. if we were all to go back to using a natural calender like the lunar or other natural time systems, then we will all be more connected back to nature and our earth ! in my heart, that can ONLY BE A GOOD THING!!!!! love n light, rob


answered 28 Mar '11, 22:43

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TReb Bor yit-NE

The Tzolkin calendar is excellent because it is a connection of our emotional response and the heavens. They have found the direct line between the two. It is as if you are counting DNA behavior in the heavens. Brilliant. To a degree there is predetermination. But also choices within that structure. This calender shows the window of Time/Behavior connection.


answered 30 Mar '11, 20:24

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